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BTree Systems is now offering you the best and most effective AngularJS Training in Chennai with experts as your trainers. Learning Angular JS from experts will definitely make an impact on your understanding and placements. Generally, you should have the basic knowledge of Angular before you step into this advanced Angular JS but, while you are with the experts of BTree Systems, they will take care of you. The course content has been structured from scratch to favour everyone. You will be familiar with the basics like how the web application has divided and their working progress from day one. The training program will never possess you before the understanding of the purpose.

Valid placement training and mocks will be provided to the trainees to help them with their placements. BTree Systems will keep you posted on the complete job vacancies.

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Why AngularJS?

• Coding, the not so interesting part of any language. To make it special, easy and intellectual, Angular JS has come up with the motto “Write Less and Do More” to provide a futuristic template in an easy format.
• Some platforms expect you to be an expert at most languages but, here you no need to be familiar with those scripting languages since it completely features JavaScript and HTML.
• Using Angular JS is one easy yet effective thing in terms of web development.
• Set up completely in a few minutes.
• Complete support for MVC.
• Features declarative user interface.

List of Skills covered in our AngularJS Course

• JavaScript
• Angular JS
• Many Popular NPMs

Angular 8 Training

It has featured more changes and improvements from its predecessor Angular 6. Angular 8 is more user-friendly and time effective with many technological advancements. If you are already an Angular 6 user, then Angular 8 will not be that difficult for you. Even if you are new to this platform, experts of BTree Systems will take complete care of you.

Top Best Differences between Angular 6 and Angular 8?

Here are the top three differences between Angular 6 and Angular 8.
• Core framework,
• Angular Material,

Section 1: Introduction to Angular

• What is Angular?
• The difference between framework and library?
• History of Angular and its versions.
• Why Angular?
• Features of Angular.
• What is a Single Page Application?
• Differences between SPAs and Traditional Applications.
• What is MVC?
• How does MVC work on the Client and Server sides?

Section 3: Main Building Blocks of Angular

• An Overview of the below Building blocks of Angular
– Modules
– Components
– Templates
– Metadata
– Data binding – Directives
– Services
– Dependency Injection.
• What is the Module and why is it important?
• What is Root Module and Child Module?

Section 5: Data Bindings and Event Bindings in Angular 8

• What is Data Binding?
• What is Two-way Data Binding?
• String Interpolation.
• Style Binding, Class Binding.
• Overview of Event Binding.
• Element reference and $event service in Angular.
• Event Filtering

Section 7: Directives & Custom Directives in Angular 8

• What are Directives?
• What is a Different kind of Directives available in Angular?
• Differences between Structural and Attribute Directives.
• Overview of All Structural ‘Attribute Directives”.
• Difference between ngIf & hidden directives.
• How to create a Custom Attribute Directive?
• How to create a Custom Structural Directive?
• How do we pass the Input property to the customs directive?
• How do you receive Input property from the customs directive?

Section 9: Components Communication

• Overview of Components Interaction
• Share data between components by using Service
• Component Interaction from Parent to Child.
• Component Interaction from Child to Parent.
• @ViewChild decorator overview
• Components Interaction by using Event Emitter & Subject and observable

Section 11: Template Driven Form for Angular

• What is the Template Driven Form?
• Purpose of Form.
• How do I set up a form in Angular?
• What is form control and how do you set it?
• What is ngForm?
• How to Access form values?
• HTML5 Validation vs Angular form Validation.
• How do we set default values in the form fields?
• Setup One-way data binding in Angular.

Section 13: Service and Dependency Injection in Angular

• Service on Angular.
• Create a six-configure service in Angular.
• Dependency Injection in Angular.
• Singleton Object.
• Multiple DI in single Class.

Section 15: HTTP & Observable in Angular

• Establish an HTTP request on the server-side.
• HTTP Mechanism
• Methods of HTTP.
• Observable: Observer.
• Call back methods in Observable.
• Create a Custom Observable.
• Next(), error() and complete()
• Connect to any backend or APIs.
• Acquiring CORS.
• Resolve CORS errors.

Section 17: File Upload in Angular

• Angular form setup for File Upload.
• Server-side setup for Angular.
• Multer NPM in the node.
• Use Multer NPM as middleware in Node
• Attach the Multer middleware to the server-side routing.

Section 2: Angular 8 Environment setups

• What is Angular CLI?
• Purpose of the CLI.
• Angular CLI installation.
• Create a Basic Angular App by using CLI.
• Executing the Angular Application in the browser.
• What is an Angular app called Bootstrapping?
• A brief explanation of the structure of the Angular App.

Section 4: Components in Angular 8

• What is a Component?
• How to create a Component manually and through CLI?
• What is the Component decorator? Describe its metadata?
• Component Structure overview.
• Component Lifecycle Hooks.
• Components Interactions overview.
• How do you pass Data from Parent to Child & Child to Parent?

Section 6: Services in Angular 8

• What are the Services?
• Why should we use Services?
• How do I create the Services in Angular?
• Singleton Object – Overview
• What is Dependency Injection?
• How to use Dependency Injection?
• What are the providers?
• What is @Injectable()?
• What is Hierarchical DI?

Section 8: Pipes in Angular 8

• What is Pipe in Angular?
• Purpose of the Pipes.
• Differences between Pipes and Directives.
• A detailed explanation of the below Pipes,
– Lowercase
– Uppercase
– Titlecase
– Slice
– Number
– Percent
– Currency
– Date
• What is the Pure Pipe and Impure Pipe?
• How to create Custom Pipes?
• What are Chaining Pipes?
• What is Parameterized Pipe?

Section 10: Event Emitters and Other Special Directives

• What is Event Emitter?
• When to use Event Emitter?
• How do I transfer data with Event Emitter?
• How to Create Custom Events and Triggers?
• View Encapsulation Overview.
• What is ng-content and its purpose?
• ng Container Directive Overview.

Section 12: Reactive Form for Angular

• Reactive Form.
• Differences between Template Drive and Reactive Form
• Sync view. Reactive from TS.
• Reactive form control.
• Attaching Dynamic Validations.
• Reactive from Values.

Section 14: Routing in Angular 8

• Routing
• Configure Routing in an Application.
• Load our components dynamically based on the URL path.
• Create Child Route.
• Navigating to other links programmatically.
• Passing Parameter to the Routes.
• Static Route vs Dynamic Route.
• Fetching Route Params.

Section 16: Authorization in Angular

• Client-side Authorization vs Server-side Authorization.
• How do you create a Guard in Angular?
• Set up Route Guard.
• Server-side Authorization by using JWT Token.
• HTTP interceptors.

Why get Angular js Certified?

Our Angular JS Course Includes

• We provide lifetime access to Course Materials which has been prepared by experts.
• You can download real-time projects whenever you need to.
• We validate you in every session which will dispense with you on what topic you are lagging on.
• Assessments will include real-time projects for every topic.
• We will keep you posted on the job updates.
• You can easily develop Shopping cart Applications using Angular, Node Js, Express Js and MongoDB.
• You will be certified at the end of the course.
• You can schedule your own timings.

Learning Outcomes from our Best Angular JS Training

• Deep understanding of JavaScript, HTML and JSON.
• Be your own expert in Single Page Applications and Two-way data binding.
• Experience in components and services.
• This allows you to create custom pipes and custom directives.
• Converting static application into Angular Application can be done easily.
• HTTP, Observable, Routing, Form validation, etc.
• Performing REST API can be done with Express JS.
• You can perform the CRUD Application with MongoDB effortlessly.
• Tightly packed real-time Shopping Cart Application by using MEAN STACK.

Angular JS Certification Career Opportunities

Angular JS Interview Questions

Training Classes in Chennai at BTree Systems

We at BTree Systems value your time. We conduct training classes with flexible batch timings in both weekdays and weekends.
BTree Systems provides group classes and online classes on request. The online classes are led by instructors so that you can clarify your doubts then and there. You can upgrade your skill set at your convenience and can save up your travel time. We know that you may want to complete the course fast because of time constraints. And some of you might be fast learners, so to satisfy your pace and needs BTree Systems provides fast track classes.
After the course completion you can carry with you:
1. Industry recognized Certificate
2. Course Materials
3. Completed Project
4. Exposure to the industry and
5. Placement assistance

Angular JS Training cost

At BTree Systems we provide quality training at affordable and reasonable costs as per the industry standards. Our aim is to offer the best instruction and coaching in a way that anybody can afford it.

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Key Features of Angular JS Training in Chennai

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of Completion

• Deep understanding of JavaScript, HTML and JSON.
• Be your own expert in Single Page Applications and Two-way data binding.
• Experience in components and services.
• This allows you to create custom pipes and custom directives.
• Converting static application into Angular Application can be done easily.
• HTTP, Observable, Routing, Form validation, etc.

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Writing JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Developing product analysis tasks. Making complex technical and design decisions for AngularJS projects.

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