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BTree Systems is the best institute for Automation Anywhere training in Chennai. Automation Anywhere is primarily a company that was founded as Tethys Solutions in California, USA. Their products combine elements like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and reading unstructured data. They include bots equipped with machine learning capabilities. So Automation Anywhere is a robotic process automation tool by this company, to automate end to end business operations.
BTree Systems located in Chennai, Adyar is committed to expert training at fair prices. The course content of Automation Anywhere is devised by industry professionals to meet the needs of the current demands of the industry.

Objectives of Automation Anywhere Training at BTree Systems in Chennai

• To gain in-depth knowledge in the subject.
• To be efficient in both theory and practical.
• To be adept in Automation Anywhere dashboard, task bots, commands and task editor.
• To use analytics and track customer behaviour
• To create automated marketing campaigns and maintain it.

Skill Level

30 Hours

15 Hours

24/7 support

What is Automation Anywhere?

It is a RPA tool developed by the Automation Anywhere Company. Nearly 500 companies all over the world use this tool for accurate results and decreased operational costs. It encompasses powerful and user-friendly RPA features that require minimum human intervention. Automation Anywhere works on building scripts instead of writing codes for repetitive tasks. It is a web based management system that works to automate business tasks for organizations. It consists of advanced capabilities to provide intuitive interface for the automation administrator, business user and bot developer. It is adaptable to future business evolutions and also makes the job easier for the digital workforce.

Benefits of Automation Anywhere

  • Improved Task editor – this contains a lot of features like over 350 actions in the likes of Windows action, Files/Folders action, Loop action, Database action, Internet action and Clipboard action etc. Further, items from the tool box could be dragged and dropped to generate tasks.
  • Extensive Report Designer – This feature enables to create custom reports and generate & print reports displaying the execution history. It also possesses Task timeline, Work flow timeline, Task run etc.
  • Cloud Compatible Architecture – This RPA tool can be installed and stationed on cloud provider platforms like AWS and MS Azure. It can also be made available on-premises. Large organizations have high deployment requirements. Automation Anywhere tool offers very high scalability and flexibility and hence provides best range of options.
  • Availability of Recorders – Recorders are used to record, save and run the testing actions by the user. This helps to create a bot easily and swiftly without writing without writing programs.

Why Automation Anywhere Certification in Chennai at BTree Systems?

We at BTree Systems provide Automation Anywhere certification in Chennai at reasonable cost. There are two certifications possible for Automation Anywhere tool. AA Certified Advanced RPA Professional and AA Certified Master RPA Professional. We at BTree Systems provide training for these certifications.

Comprehensive course content

The course syllabus at BTree Systems is based on recent industry trends and practices. The goal is to make the students adept in learning the subject with a focus into real –time projects. Further we strive to help the students get the certification. The syllabus has been framed by certified trainers to give you a 360 degree cognizance on the subject matter. Our course hours are thirty and assignment hours are fifteen.

Expert Trainers

Our trainers at BTree Systems are able-handed when it comes to training. They are working professionals in the IT sector and also the best at teaching. They possess more than a decade of experience in the IT field. Our trainers help the students through the process of training till the certification.

Course Add on

At BTree Systems we provide additional services that include Resume Preparation, practicing mock interviews, various industry exposure and placement assistance. All these features are free of cost and come after the student completes the course successfully with us.

Modest Cost

The fee amount we charge is affordable by everyone. We have priced the training so that even students can afford it to learn. The fee is also payable in instalments. We see to that our services are charged at reasonable rates but not compromising the quality.

Section 1: Basics of RPA

• Introduction to RPA
• Why RPA is trending in the IT industry?
• What are the demanding tools in RPA?
• What is the Future path of RPA?

Section 3: How to create your first bot?

• What is a Screen Recorder?
• What is a Web Recorder?
• What is a Smart Recorder?
• What are Variables?
• What are Properties, Schedules and Triggers?

Section 5: The Additional features – an outlook

• What are the different Files and Folders?
• What is String Operation?
• Managing the Database Automation
• Difference between If/Else conditions
• Learning Email Automation
• Learning Logging
• What is Log viewer?

Section 7: The Advanced Features in AA tool

• What is Image Recognition?
• Learning Object Cloning
• How to perform PDF Integration?
• What is FTP?
• Definition of Terminal Emulator
• Definition of XML and Web Services

Section 9: IQ BOTS – a brief look

• IQ bots – an introduction
• What is a Vision skill feature?
• How to train bot on vision skills?
• How to Run IQ bots?

Section 2: AA Architecture and Components – an overview

• What are the System Pre-requisites?
• Difference between Server & Client Architecture
• What is a Web Control Room (Server)?
• What are AA Client features?

Section 4: Learning Excel Automation

• How to read more from CSV/Text?
• Learning Excel commands
• Logging in to CSV/Text
• Handling Loop Commands
• Managing Data Extraction/Input (CSV and Text file)
• Managing Database Automation

Section 6: Handling Error Management

• What is Exception Handling?
• Difference between Recover and Resume

Section 8: Learning Meta bots in detail

• Meta bots – an introduction
• When to use Meta bots?
• What is Application Change Management System?
• When & how to perform DLL integration?
• How to run Meta bots?


• Preparation for AA certification
• Registration for AA certification

Significance of Automation Anywhere Certification

• Automation Anywhere is an emerging tool that is getting popular day by day. Many companies in the banking, finance, health care sectors are employing Automation Anywhere certified personnel in their companies.
• The job market for this certification and RPA is expected to reach $3.5 billion in the coming years.
• The salary of Automation Anywhere certified employees is around 108,000 USD per year.
• There are more than 2000 RPA jobs that are available in the industry globally.

Automation Anywhere Course Highlights

• Training focussed on both theory and practical sessions.
• Best infrastructure for learning.
• Flexibility in batches and class timings according to the candidates’ convenience.
• Best trainers in the industry for top class training.
• Course syllabus based on current trends in the industry.
• Training given for real-time projects and use cases.
• Guidance for AA certification

Who can take up this course?

In this course the candidates would be required to create bots, for case study scenarios, to automate operations and business processes. This course is for developers, business analysts, IT professionals, project managers etc. They can take up the course to obtain promotions. Further fresher from the IT and software sector can update their Resumes with this certification. They can expect jobs with sizeable salaries with this certification.

Pre-requisite for this course

Robotic Process Automation consists of around 30 tools. Automation Anywhere is one of the popular tool. Automation Anywhere runs on Python or Java. The candidate could be a fresher or an IT professional. However he/she must be good in the Python or Java programming language. And it is a Windows only tool.

Automation Anywhere Certification Career Opportunities

A certification in Automation Anywhere can make your career future-proof. There is a high and huge demand for Robotic process automation professionals in the present times. And this need will only increase in the future. Hence Automation Anywhere certified professionals can highlight their CVs with the certification.
Automation Anywhere tool is the most widely deployed intelligent automation platform. Organizations are shifting to automate their operations with the help of tools to increase the ROI of the digital work force.
After completing the course and the certification one can become a developer, associate developer and senior developer, business analyst, RPA solution architect and any person who wishes to run the company’s RPA platform. In addition to that the job security for the RPA professionals is also high.
The RPA sector is expected to reach more than $8 billion USD by 2024. There are 6000 RPA job openings in India alone. The USA, UK and Canada can vouch for more than seven thousand openings.

Automation Anywhere Interview Questions

1. What is RPA?
Robotic Process Automation is the technology in which software are used to deploy robots to operate any process without human intervention.
2. Define Automation Anywhere?
AA is one of the revolutionary and latest technologies in the domain of RPA. It can carry out powerful RPA processes and is also user-friendly. It combines RPA tools with additional features like natural language processing, understanding and reading any unstructured data.
3. What are the differences between Ui Path and Automation Anywhere?
Ui Path is a more popular tool while AA is comparatively less popular. Ui Path provides automation for desktop, web and Citrix. While AA is quite compatible and provides for automation across almost all medium.
4. What are the key features of AA?
• It offers script less automation.
• Keyboard strokes and mouse clicks can be recorded and automated
• It employs smart automation technology.
• It combines the features of RPA, Workforce analytics and Cognitive automation.
5. What is the architecture used in Automation Anywhere?
Automation Anywhere carries out Centralized Management through a Distributed Architecture. And this is employed through AA control room. Bot runners and bot creators are the two components of this architecture. They are connected to the control room.
6. Define Bot insights.
A BOT insight is used to analyse the performance of every bot. It displays graphs and statistics related to this. Time saved due to automation process can also be calculated in it.
7. Tell about the different types of bots used in AA.
The different types of bots are Meta bots, IQ bots and Task bots. Meta bots are used along with Task bots to maximize multi-level integration to automate processes.
Task bots are the important component in AA. They are used for execution of repetitive rule based tasks. They can also execute multi-step processes.
IQ bots allow addition of cognitive capabilities to the automation process.
8. What are the browsers supported by Automation Anywhere?
Internet Explorer 10&11
Chrome 49
FireFox 45
9. Say about a few error handling commands for AA.
Begin Error handling and End Error handling are the two commands for error handling and debugging.
10. Define Pre defined variables
They are the variables provided by the Automation Anywhere tool. They are also called System variables. Trigger, loop, date & time are some of the pre-defined variables.

Training Classes in Chennai at BTree Systems

At BTree Systems we conduct –
– Both weekday and weekend classes with flexible batch timings.
– Group training classes for corporates.
– Fast track classes for those with time constraints and for those who would want to complete the course rapidly.
– Online classes for the convenience of candidates with travelling limitations.
The candidates can carry with them the following after they complete the course with us.
1. Course materials and Free tools with lifetime access
2. Set of completed projects
3. Practice on mock interviews and Resume preparation
4. Assistance for placements in MNCs

Automation Anywhere Training cost

The institute offers quality training by charging fees appropriate to the industry standards. We aim to serve the aspirants the best coaching that is affordable by everyone.

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Python, a highly dependable programming language, is used by over 8.2 million users worldwide. Python was ranked

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Python, a highly dependable programming language, is used by over 8.2 million users worldwide. Python was ranked

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Python, a highly dependable programming language, is used by over 8.2 million users worldwide. Python was ranked

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We at BTree systems are equipped with all kinds of infrastructure and expert trainers who possess rich experience. Our trainers are accomplished IT experts. We provide methodical training, certification guidance and job assistance all at affordable fees. Click Here to know more.

The institute has trained more than hundred students and they have been placed successfully in many leading organizations.

Yes. You can meet the trainer before joining the course. We always encourage that.

If a candidate misses a particular session the institute makes arrangement for the missed classes. That particular session could be covered in some other batch or it could be arranged during the convenient time of the candidate.

Since AA is a RPA tool it is better if the candidate is good in any programming language like Java, Python etc. AA is compliant with Mainframe and Oracle. Please refer the course contents for a clear understanding. Click here to know more

The Automation Anywhere tool is provided with the course with life time access.

The AA course is not tough to learn with the knowledge in basics got right.

At our institute we coach the students till the certification exams. We impart both theoretical and practical knowledge to them. So the candidate can shine well technically in the interview and in the job. Hence while you complete the course with us you would have gained a high level of proficiency in the subject.


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