Our Capabilities


Data Architecture

Design De cloud-based solutions created by a group of experts who are certified and Assisting in the Automation and preparation of ETL processes to handle multi-structured data. Optimization of design for database and platforms for data warehouses and Software solutions are developed to integrate systems.


Data Ingestion

BTree Systems makes the process of moving the data of one or several sources into an intended site to further process and analyze. Data ingestion lets you transfer your data from different sources to one place so that you can view the whole picture that is hidden within your data.


Data Virtualization

BTree Systems makes data virtualization projects with evolving technology that meets your changing requirements. By putting all your information in one logical layer that is organized secure, secure, and accessible to many different users, we assist in eliminating data bottlenecks, allowing for reuse and consistency.


Data Migration

Our data engineering services have assisted businesses in solving their issues with data migration. Customers are able to navigate the digital transformation process because of this. The strategic strategies we develop are designed to produce tangible business outcomes. We take care of every aspect of data migration needs, including strategy expansion, documentation and content.


Data Governance

Our data engineering practices ensure the quality of data isn’t compromised regardless of where it’s stored or processed. We create projects with specific guidelines and policies for data governance. Additionally, we conduct regular checks to ensure that the security of data is secure.


Data Warehousing

Integration, data warehouse and enterprise data management services, data modelling and architecture and data governance, performance as well as managed service are a part of Indium Software’s services for data engineering. We understand the complexity of data warehouses to every detail by incorporating essential elements into the process.

The Process

All types of data are used by the business ecosystem.

Data Process

Who needs Data Engineering?

IT and data management

IT and data management

Aim to give users of analytics and machine learning experience.



Business teams that are aware of the effects of data-driven decisions.

Product owners

Product owners

Who wish to use analytics and machine learning to commercialise data.

Data scientists

Data scientists

who require dependable access to data in all formats.

Governance and security

Governance and security

Teams that want to promote compliance and innovation


Data Engineering services we perform

  •    Standardization and quality checks for data as well as services for standardization
  •    Cloud-based solutions that can scale to massive amounts of data
  •     Processing of batch and real-time data
  •     Optimization of databases and platforms for data warehouses
  •     Advanced analytics using data
  •     Web API & data streaming development
  •     Work process that is agile and customer-focused
  •     Data discovery & Data maturity assessment

Why BTree For Data Engineering Services

BTree Systems uses a tailored method to assist businesses in monetizing and maximising the value of their information. We build an established data foundation and then use data mining to gain insight. Our goals are to overcome significant obstacles that hinder firms from growing and turning into competitors with a data-savvy approach. Growing statistics volumes provide big achievable for agencies to generate enterprise value from captured data, provide fantastic purchaser providers and assist stay in advance of the curve in today’s aggressive international market.

Data Ingestion & Processing
Apache Kafka
Apache NiFi
Apache Spark
Apache Airflow
Apache Hive
Data Storage
Apache Hadoop
Apache Cassandra
Microsoft SQL Server
Amazon Kinesis
Amazon RDS
Amazon Redshift
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon EMR
AWS Lambda
Google Cloud Platform
Google BigQuery
Google Cloud Dataproc (2)
Google Cloud Dataproc
Google Cloud SQL
Google Cloud Storage
Google Data Studio
Azure Storage Gen2
Azure SQL
Azure HDInsight
Azure Data Lake

Benefits of Data Engineering services

  •    Finding new business opportunities through predicting behaviour based on previous data
  •    Enhancing the quality of products and user experience by analysing the data gathered
  •     Making better decisions with the knowledge you acquire from the information
  •     Reduce costs and increase profits through a streamlined data architecture
  •    The reduction in project duration is achieved by speeding up the process of gaining insights

Btree benifities of data engineering services

Python Full Stack Job Openings

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FAQ on Data Engineering Services

What is the process of data engineering?

  • ★ Data engineering is the process of the use of various tools for manipulating and storing data in conjunction. Therefore, a data engineer must be knowledgeable of various data technologies in order to select the appropriate ones for the task.

What do we do in Data Engineering?

  • ★ Our Data engineers work in a diverse range of environments to create systems that gather data, manage and convert raw data into data for data scientists and business analysts to analyze. Their objective is to make data accessible to businesses so that they can analyze and improve their performance.

What are the reasons my business needs Data Science?

  • ★ To be competitive in the current time and age, companies should employ data science in order to increase their efficiency. Every business has mounds of massive data, however, without the know-how and the technology to draw actionable conclusions that are valuable, it’s useless. Data science allows your company to make better choices and identify market trends and take action on opportunities to increase efficiency, identify your target market, and facilitate the recruitment of qualified talent – the possibilities are endless.

What would a Data Science Service engagement appear like?

  • ★ Our data science services recognize that each business is unique with different objectives timelines, structures, and indicators of performance. We begin by asking the right questions and listening instead of talking. Through our free workshop, we aim to better understand the issues and the contexts within which they occur make practical hypotheses grounded in reality, and employ the right tools and techniques to come up with the solution.

What can I expect from your Data Engineering Services?

  • ★ We guide your company on an upward trajectory from insight to impact. We develop custom-designed solutions from scratch that achieve your objectives, in addition to ensuring acceptance and a clear Return on Investment (ROI). Our goal is to not just solve your issue but to help you throughout the process our solutions are built with clear communication, a modern look in design, easy installation and support for the long-term.

How much does Data Engineering cost?

  • ★ A data science engagement fee is contingent on the scope and size of the project. This will be determined in a complimentary workshop that identifies your company’s needs.

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