Ionic Framework Training in Chennai

Industry best experts and certified trainers are associated with BTree Systems to provide you with an uncompromising Ionic Framework Training in Chennai. Whether you are a fresher or corporate, BTree Systems will classify your stand and provide the training session accordingly. Developing a mobile app framework might be difficult for some who are not familiarized with many Scriptings. Complete authentic training on iOS, Android, JavaScript, Angular 2, HTML5, and CSS.
We also provide you with complete placement assistance, mock interviews, resume writing, interview questionnaires and mainly a strong knowledge that will help you prove yourself.

About Best Ionic Framework Training Course


  • When it is essential to develop the most interactive web application, you can’t just ignore Ionic from your list.
  • It is a completely open-source and free yet advanced HTML5 framework library of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components.
  • Knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript will help you learn Ionic easily.
  • Since Ionic Framework Training in Chennai is utilizing HTML, CSS and JavaScript, it can perform smoothly over any device.

BTree Systems Ionic Framework Training in Chennai

  • We guide you on how to build Ionic projects using various platforms with high interactivity as well as the usage of Angular for the development of navigation.
  • Here you will learn most of the session with the help of real-time projects.
  • Real-time projects give you a deep understanding of every aspect that also makes you develop your own web application at the earliest.

Section 4: Ionic Components

  • Summary of Ionic CSS Components and Navigation
  • Buttons
  • Badges
  • Icons
  • Cards
  • Grid
  • Form elements
  • Understanding Ionic Categories
  • Layout and controller
  • Working with Ionic Components
  • Impressed with our Course Content?

Section 1: Introduction

  • Mobile Hybrid Architecture
  • Types of Mobile App
  • Apps need to be built with Ionic.
  • Install generator – Ionic
  • Introduction to Scaffolding
  • Ionic project structure
  • Software Setup and Instalment

Section 2: Depth Understanding Ionic

  • Install Lab Desktop App and creator App
  • Ionic Framework Training in Chennai Command Line Interface overview
  • Create first Ionic application
  • What are emulators and how do you use emulators?
  • Discussion about Ionic Platform

Section 3: Angular Fundamentals

  • Study the angular basics
  • Installing IDE
  • Introduction to modules
  • Overview of class and functions
  • Introduction to components
  • Understanding two-way data binding
  • Events
  • Services
  • Pipes
  • Dependency injection
  • Error Handling

Section 5: Building an App

  • Understanding States & Routing
  • Summary of server architecture
  • Learnings on capacitor
  • Creating iOS and Android Apps
  • Overview of Angular fire
  • Refactoring the template
  • REST API factory
  • Creating and working with different types of Controllers
  • Types of template
  • Knowledge in development flow

Section 6: Debugging

  • Summary of Error message
  • Dev tools
  • VS code
  • Break points
  • Debugging Android App
  • Debugging iOS App

Section 7: Building an App

  • Summary of application architecture
  • Working with the Ionic Chat app
  • Testing Android and iOS Apps
  • Working with Cordova plugins
  • Study about API
  • Set up ng Cordova
  • Overview of Data structure
  • Google API key
  • Set up maps, directives, controllers, templates
  • GitHub

Section 8: To Release Ionic Application

  • Testing
  • Authentication
  • Overview of states
  • HTTP requests
  • Map modal
  • Image picker
  • Working with library applications, employee applications, etc.,