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Java J2EE is an excellent choice for intermediate if you are planning to do a course that takes you to the next level of your career. BtreeSystems has the industry’s best trainers who work with the top-most MNCs. One of the classy advantages of learning Java J2EE in BtreeSystems is you will get a chance to grab the complete knowledge through real-time projects.

No matter at what skill-set you enter BtreeSystems, while you are getting certified, you will be a complete professional. It’s easy for trainees who get certified from BtreeSystems to survive at their job since the course structure is framed by the ever leading experts.
Choosing Java J2EE is an excellent smart move and definitely learning it from the experts of BtreeSystems will help you grow along with the industry stream. The demand for Java J2EE personalities will never fail to excite you. Book your trial class now and enjoy the learning experience.

J2EE Training Objectives

• XML will no longer be tough or far from your vision.
• Gain complete knowledge of JNDI.
• Naming and Directory Services will be one of your skillsets.
• Extension of JDBC packages in Enterprise Java applications will never be a tough concept anymore and you will be able to master it.
• Work with Java Persistence Architecture API for ORM activities (JPA) like a pro.
• The implementation of asynchronous applications and MessageDriven Beans could be done on your own using JMS.
• Learn the concept of Java Transaction API (JTA).
• You can learn how to implement security in Java EE Applications.
• You can design, implement and deploy using J2EE applications on your own.
• Comprehensive SOAP, WebServices and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
• Easy to implement and grand access for Web Service components using EJB in a Java EE application

Skill Level

30 Hours

15 Hours

24/7 support

What is JAVA J2EE?

• Java J2EE stands for Java Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition.
• It is a successor or extension of the phenomenal Java SE.
• Simply put, it is a collection of APIs widely utilized to build large-scale, distributed, component-based, robust, multi-tier applications.
• In simple terms, Java J2EE is a computing platform which runs or built using the complete support of Java programming language.
• The framework of Java J2EE is constructed using Servlets and JSPs.

Benefits of Java J2EE

• Java SE is the topmost platform and it has been used to build Java J2EE.
• When you come to Java J2EE, there is no need to worry about compatibility or security functions.
• You can utilize Java J2EE anywhere if you wish to examine its versatility.
• It’s easy to create web pages and services.
• The toolsets that are available here will be smart.
• Here you will get a wonderful API.
• No need to concentrate on a single task at a time while it offers rich Multi-threaded facility.
• BtreeSystems experts will help you learn this course easily.


• Web Application Basics
• The architecture of Web Applications
• Differences between Client-Side and Server-Side
• What is Browser & Server?
• Types of Servers.
• Difference between Web Server and Application Server
• Create a Web Page using Html
• Form Elements
• Difference between “Get” and “Post”
• Applying Styles using CSS
• User Input Validations using Javascript


• Servlet Chaining
• Sharing information using scopes.
• Session Tracking & Management
• Dealing with cookies & HTTP Session
• Accessing Database through Servlet


• JSP Basics
• Architecture of JSP
• Life Cycle of JSP (Conversion and Compilation)
• JSP Building Blocks
• Directives
• Scripting Elements
• Action Tags
• JSP Implicit Objects
• Exception Handling


• JSP Expression Language (EL)
• Implicit Objects in Expression Language
• Expression Language with Java Collections
• Expression Language with Nested Bean Properties
• Tag Libraries
• Using Custom Tags


• Java Mail API
• Patterns
• Integrating with External Resources
• SOAP and REST Web services


• Introduction to Servlet
• Servlet Life cycle
• Servlet Creation
• Developing and Deploying Servlets in Tomcat Containers
• Deployment Descriptor (web.xml)
• Handling Requests and Responses


• Passing INIT and CONTEXT Parameter
• Controlling concurrent access
• User Authentication
• Programming Filter
• Filter Mapping
• Servlet Listeners


• JSP Session Management
• Interaction between JSP and Database
• Java Bean
• Use Bean Tag
• Role of JSP in Model-View-Controller-2 framework


• The Challenge of N-Tier Development
• Introduction to EJBs
• Session EJBs
• Name and Directory Services
• Entity EJBs
• Transactions and Persistence
• Java Message Service

Java J2EE Certificate in Chennai

Highlights of Our Java J2EE Training in Chennai

• Btreesystems is one of the best Java J2EE Training institutes that is providing extraordinary training trainees with any background.
• Syllabus of Btree systems is based on a thesis that helps you learn advanced programs in an effective manner.
• Rich in terms of course, content in affordable price segments.
• Since the classes will be conducted by the experts who are associated with the topmost MNCs, you will get a clearcut picture of the syllabus.
• One to one classes will also be taken.
• No issues with the timing. We specialize in making tailor-made classes
• Theories and trial models will never make you an expert, but real-time projects do. Here you are allowed to deal with real-time projects.
• The certificates that we are offering will be proficient.

Java J2EE Certification Career Opportunities

Java J2EE Interview Questions

Training Classes in Chennai at BTree Systems

We at BTree Systems value your time. We conduct training classes with flexible batch timings in both weekdays and weekends.
BTree Systems provides group classes and online classes on request. The online classes are led by instructors so that you can clarify your doubts then and there. You can upgrade your skill set at your convenience and can save up your travel time. We know that you may want to complete the course fast because of time constraints. And some of you might be fast learners, so to satisfy your pace and needs BTree Systems provides fast track classes.
After the course completion you can carry with you:
1. Industry recognized Certificate
2. Course Materials
3. Completed Project
4. Exposure to the industry and
5. Placement assistance

Java J2EE Training cost

At BTree Systems we provide quality training at affordable and reasonable costs as per the industry standards. Our aim is to offer the best instruction and coaching in a way that anybody can afford it.

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Python, a highly dependable programming language, is used by over 8.2 million users worldwide. Python was ranked

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Full Stack Developer
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Python, a highly dependable programming language, is used by over 8.2 million users worldwide. Python was ranked

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Full Stack Developer
infoapple private limited

0-4 years
Not Disclosed

Python, a highly dependable programming language, is used by over 8.2 million users worldwide. Python was ranked

Last updated Recently

Full Stack Developer
infoapple private limited

0-4 years
Not Disclosed

Python, a highly dependable programming language, is used by over 8.2 million users worldwide. Python was ranked

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Employees or students who are easy with programming techniques that include Java programming experience, JDBC, RMI, Servlets, and JSP could easily cope with Java J2EE training since it’s a higher-level course that helps you be an expert in building mission-critical enterprise software using EJB.

When it comes to a regular course, you can learn it in 4 or 5 weeks – 90 minutes of practical and theory sessions a day.

Yes. We will help you with the Assessments, model interview questionnaires, resume building and we will also conduct mock interviews.

Once you master Java J2EE development,
As an experienced Java J2EE developer, learning and enhancing the skill sets with Hibernate Framework or Spring MVC Framework or with Apache Struts Framework will help you reach a higher position of your career.


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