Linux Course in Chennai

Our Linux course in Chennai provides the most in-depth understanding of the concept. It will assist you in learning the Linux operating system professionally and will prepare you to do tasks such as installing and configuring an Ansible control node, testing, boot processing, debugging, and script administration chores using essential tools. We provide best red hat Linux training in terms of placement, course curriculum, and practical sessions. This red hat-certified Linux administrator course will help you enhance your career by covering current topics and putting you to work on Real-time events, Case studies, and projects based on Linux.

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Tools and languages covered

  • Deploy ToolDeploy
  • Configure Ansible ToolConfigure Ansible
  • Variables ToolVariables
  • Playbooks ToolPlaybooks
  • packages Toolpackages
  • Ansible Galaxy ToolAnsible Galaxy

Overview Linux Course in Chennai

Learn how to use Linux effectively with best Linux training course. BTree provides a comprehensive curriculum for RHCE red hat Linux Certification Training, designed by industry specialists to give advanced training in various insights and technologies such as making and distributing SSH keys, management of firewall and shell scripts using various Linux tools, and so on.

The Linux Administration Course covers engaging with real-time situations and live servers throughout both classroom and online training sessions. Our Linux training is designed with the purpose of assisting students in achieving their career goals. We provide the best Linux training at an affordable price, with a 100% placement assistance.

  • The Linux operating system can be found in everything from mobile phones to vehicles, supercomputers to household appliances, and home PCs to business servers. Linux has developed to a global user base since the mid-1990s.
  • This operates the majority of the Internet, all of the world’s top 500 supercomputers, and all of the world’s stock markets. Apart from being the platform of choice for running PCs, servers, and embedded systems all over the world, Linux is also one of the most dependable, secure, and trouble-free operating systems available.
  • According to Linux Foundation Research and edX, Linux skills are the second most in demand. 74% of recruiting managers say Linux is the most in-demand expertise they’re looking for in new recruits Therefore, if you are thinking about a career in Linux, you should feel confident in your choice as it will continue to expand in the IT sector. The need for Linux-certified professionals is growing daily, and a high number of Linux red hat-certified engineers are being hired by middle to major MNCs.
  • We at BTree provide specialized embedded Linux training courses with scheduled and structured sessions based on the students’ needs. We make every effort to ensure that each individual receives the RHCE red hat Linux Certification within the course period.
  • This Course is specifically built with Basic to Advanced Linux Concepts. The course includes study materials, certification, and interview guidance. All of our training courses are 100% hands-on and include Real-time Approaches, Live Project Concepts, and Interview Guidance.
  • Linux course fees are affordable for all students, allowing them to follow their dreams by working in their ideal firm. We will assist each student in improving their soft skills for interviews during the course and we will help each student with placements.

Corporate Training Program

Enhance your employee’s skills with our learning programs and make your team productive.

The Learners Journey

In addition to teaching you how to handle Linux interviews, we will also help you through the admissions process. We will offer counseling, live demo classes, assessment, certification, interview preparation, and placement assistance to each student.

Linux Course in Chennai

Curriculum for Linux Course

Understand and use essential tools

  • Operate running systems
  • Configure local storage
  • Create and configure file systems
  • Deploy, configure, and maintain systems
  • Manage users and groups
  • Manage security

Configure Ansible managed nodes

  • Create and distribute SSH keys to managed nodes
  • Configure privilege escalation on managed nodes
  • Validate a working configuration using ad hoc Ansible commands

Script administration tasks

  • Create simple shell scripts
  • Create simple shell scripts that run ad hoc Ansible commands

Understand core components of Ansible

  • Inventories
  • Modules
  • Variables
  • Facts
  • Plays
  • Playbooks
  • Configuration files

Install and configure an Ansible control node

  • Install required packages
  • Create a static host inventory file
  • Create a configuration file
  • Create and use static inventories to define groups of hosts
  • Manage parallelism

Configure Ansible managed nodes

  • Create and distribute SSH keys to managed nodes
  • Configure privilege escalation on managed nodes
  • Validate a working configuration using ad hoc Ansible commands

Script administration tasks

  • Create simple shell scripts
  • Create simple shell scripts that run ad hoc Ansible commands

Create Ansible plays and playbooks

  • Know how to work with commonly used Ansible modules
  • Use variables to retrieve the results of running a command
  • Use conditionals to control play execution
  • Configure error handling
  • Create playbooks to configure systems to a specified state

Work with roles

  • Create roles
  • Download roles from an Ansible Galaxy and use them

Use Ansible modules for system administration tasks that work with

  • Software packages and repositories
  • Services
  • Firewall rules
  • File systems
  • Storage devices
  • File content
  • Archiving
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Security
  • Users and groups

Curriculum for RedHat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)

RedHat Certified System Administrator

  • 1. Understand and use essential tools for handling files, directories, command-line environments, and documentation. Operate running systems, including booting into different run levels, identifying processes, starting and stopping virtual machines, and controlling services.
  • 2. Configure local storage using partitions and logical volumes.
  • 3. Create and configure file systems and file system attributes, such as permissions,
  • 4. encryption, access control lists, and network file systems.
  • 5. Deploy, configure, and maintain systems, including software installation, update, and core services.
  • 6. Manage users and groups, including use of a centralized directory for authentication. Manage security, including basic firewall and SELinux configuration.

Our Learners Feedback

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Mentors Profile of Red-Hat Linux Course

  • Our trainers have extensive hands-on experience as well as a comprehensive knowledge of Linux tools, and its key component. They are qualified experts with at least 12+ years of experience in their fields.
  • To ensure that the students are learning as effectively as possible, our trainers use simple, understandable techniques to convey ideas.
  • Our trainers at BTree help the students prepare for interviews and build effective resumes. They help students become more confident by giving them insightful advice on how to face interviews and other crucial interview tips.
  • Our trainers provide each student their complete attention while also providing comprehensive Linux training with placement and plenty of hands-on experience.
  • Our trainers have all the expertise required to finish the RHCE red hat Linux Certification course.

Linux Certified Experts

Linux Industrial Projects

As a team, we inspire learners to think creatively, generate ideas, and gain more self-confidence. We have completed various big projects up to the year 2022. We provide extensive hands-on training programs to assist candidates in becoming highly competent. For additional information, please contact our career consultant at +91-7397396665.

Create Your Own OS Using Linux

 Own OS Using Linux

In this project, you will learn to create your own operating system using arch Linux and how to simply improve an operating system based on your preferences.

Creating Ansible Playbooks

Creating Ansible Playbooks

You will be creating Ansible Playbooks in this project, which allow you to build repeatable setups and how to create large Playbooks.

Automating Networks with Ansible

 Networks with Ansible

In this, you will learn how to use Ansible, its design principles and fundamentals of network administration, infrastructure as code, and how it works.

Firewall Management

Firewall Management

A role of system administrators is firewall management. You will learn about firewall policy, automating firewall rules, and creating new firewall rules.

Key Features of Linux Training

Real-Time Experts as Trainers

You will get the convenience to Learn from the Experts from the current industry, to share their Knowledge with Learners. Grab your slot with us.

Live Project

We provide the Real-time Projects execution platform with the best-learning Experience for the students with Project and chance to get hire.

Placement Support

We have protected tie-up with more than 1200+ leading Small & Medium Companies to Support the students. once they complete the course.


Globally recoganized certification on course completion, and get best exposure in handling live tools & management in your projects.

Affordable Fees

We serve the best for the students to implement their passion for learning with an affordable fee. You also have instalment to pay your fees.


We intend to provide a great learning atmosphere for the students with flexible modes like Classroom or Online Training with fastrack mode

Bonus Takeaways at BTree

Features of Linux
  • To help every student to accomplish their goal of becoming a Linux red hat certified engineer, we provide a student most affordable fee structure and an EMI option is also available.
  • BTree System takes the initiative in keeping track of the needs of the students during the course with the help of qualified, skilled, and determined trainers.
  • To completely comprehend the Red Hat Certified System Administrator course, we offer a blend of both theoretical and practical lessons.
  • A globally recognized Linux course syllabus was developed by professional trainers and will add one credit to your CV.
  • BTree system offers online and offline sessions with a recording system.

Linux Certification

  • Linux Course Certification is one of the industrial qualifications that indicate the applicant has a deep understanding of the Linux platform and its applications.
  • Our Certification is recognized by all major global corporations worldwide, and we offer this certificate to both freshmen and corporate trainees, helps to enhance the skill sets essential for a competent Linux Administrator.
  • Having this certificate with your CV assists in highlighting your profile during the interview process, and it also opens the door to a wide variety of career opportunities.

Linux Certification

Placement Process

Linux Interview Process

Course Registration

Our Team will help you with the registration process completely along with free demo sessions.

Linux Job Openings

Training Stage

Every course training is built in a way that learners become job ready for the skill learned.

Linux Classes

Job Opportunities

Along with our expert trainers our placement team brings in many job opportunities with preparation.

Linux Course Fee

Placement Support

Get placed within 50 days of course completion with an exciting salary package at top MNCs globally.

Career path of Linux Course

Annual Salary

₹2.0 L
₹4.0 L
₹8.0 L

Hiring Companies

Accenture Career
Capgemini Career

Annual Salary

₹2.0 L
₹4.1 L
₹8.5 L

Hiring Companies

Cognizant Career
HCL Career

Annual Salary

₹3.8 L
₹13.0 L
₹28.3 L

Hiring Companies

Hexaware Career
IBM Career

Linux Training Options

Our ultimate aim is to bring the best in establishing the career growth of the students in each batch individually. To enhance and achieve this, we have highly experienced and certified trainers to extract the best knowledge on Linux Certification. Eventually, we offer three modes of training options for the students to impart their best innovations using the Linux & course skills. For more references and to choose a training mode, Contact our admission cell at +91-7397396665

Linux Online Training

Online Training

  • 40+ hours of e-Learning
  • Work on live Linux tools
  • 3 mock tests (50 Questions Each)
  • Work on real-time industrial projects
  • Equipped online classes with flexible timings
  • 24×7 Trainers support & guidance

Linux Classroom Training

Self-Placed Training

  • 40+ hours of Linux classes
  • Access live tools and projects
  • 3 Mock exams with 50 Questions
  • Live project experience
  • Lifetime access to use labs
  • 24×7 Trainers & placement support

Linux Corporate Training

Corporate Training

  • 45 hours of immense corporate training
  • Support through our expert team
  • 3 Mock exams (60 questions each)
  • Work on real-time Linux projects
  • Life-time support from our corporate trainers
  • 24×7 learner aid and provision
Linux Career Opportunities

Get Free Career Consultation from experts

Are you confused about choosing the right and suitable course for your career? Get the expert’s consultation to pick the perfect course for you.

Additional Information

How does Linux work?

  • Consider an operating system to be a vehicle engine. An engine may work on its own, but it only becomes a car when it is linked with a transmission, axles, and wheels. The rest of the car will not function until the engine is working properly. When you turn on your computer, you see a screen where you can do things like write, surf the internet, or view a movie. What causes the computer hardware to function in this manner? How does your computer’s CPU know you’re asking it to execute an mp3 file?
  • The operating system, or kernel, is responsible for this. Linux is one of the most popular and extensively used Kernels, therefore you’ll need it to run on your computer. Linux operating systems currently include millions of programs/applications and Linux software.

What exactly are the terms "Kernel" and "Operating System"?

  • Millions of devices are hidden underneath the Linux kernel. However, not everyone understands how the kernel handles hardware and software. The Linux kernel functions as a bridge between programs and hardware, as well as managing the system’s resources. The kernel is a component of the operating system; it is the OS’s lowest software level, controlling access to hardware, system resources, data, processes, system calls, and much more!
  • Where an operating system is a system component that acts as a bridge between the user and the machine. When a computer boots up, the first application that loads is the operating system. Your computer cannot function without an operating system. A useful distinction between the kernel and the operating system is that the Operating system as a whole stands between the user and the software, whereas the kernel resides between the program and the hardware.

What are the benefits of using the Linux operating system?

  • Linux is a free and open-source operating system that can be used to operate PCs, servers, and embedded computers. Because it is open-source and modular, it offers several distributions and modifications. Linux OS is presently at its peak of popularity, and it is well-known among programmers as well as average computer users all over the world. Its primary advantages are as follows:
  • • It provides a completely free operating system. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to have an operating system like Windows!
  • • Linux is simple to learn for beginners.
  • • After installing Linux, you no longer require an antivirus! Linux is a very secure operating system. Furthermore, there is a worldwide development community that is continually exploring methods to improve its security. The operating system grows more secure and robust with each upgrade.
  • • Because of Linux’s stability and dependability, it is the preferred operating system for server environments (Mega-companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google use Linux for their Servers). A Linux-based server could operate for a year or end without being rebooted.

What is the scope of Linux?

  • There is a lot of scope in the Linux administration field. A Linux administrator is commonly referred to as a “Sysadmin.” It has a large variety of opportunities ranging from middle-market to multinational corporations. Sysadmins will work with the team for MNC to manage the networks with various workstations and servers. Understanding Linux software provides you with a wide range of options for where you may take your career.
  • Linux may have started simply, but it has grown into a powerful competitor in recent years as now Linux is used to operate many devices. Many firms are in desperate need of red hat-certified Linux administrators. Employers are more eager than ever in hiring IT workers who understand the Linux operating system as Linux’s worth has increased. According to a report, 90% of Multinational corporations want to invest in Linux jobs, therefore there will be plenty of opportunities for Linux red hat-certified engineers throughout India’s major cities..

Is Linux a good career choice?

    • There is a high demand for Linux talent, and organizations are willing to go to tremendous efforts to recruit the best applicants. The increasing demand for Linux talent is heating up and shows no signs of the sign of slowing down. Professionals with knowledge of Linux and cloud computing are in high demand nowadays. If you wanted to make a career in Linux fifteen years ago, there were just a few firms and much fewer opportunities, but nowadays there are a number of job openings. This is because of Linux’s maturity, which has proven its pervasiveness and effectiveness in becoming the platform of choice for emerging technologies.
    • A job in Linux technology has always been incredibly satisfying for many people, and it appears to be evergreen and recession-proof. The Linux job market is booming right now, especially for people with system administration knowledge.

Are Linux jobs well-paying?

    • Because there is a great demand for Linux professionals, firms are giving numerous perks to retain and attract new workers. Candidates with the necessary skills are paid highly. From 2016 to 2026, the income of red hat-certified system administrators has been predicted to increase by 6%. Candidates with a strong understanding of embedded Linux and other cutting-edge technologies have a good opportunity.
    • In India, the average beginning salary for a Linux System Administrator is roughly 2.4 Lakhs per year (20.0k per month). The maximum annual income for a Linux System Administrator is 7.2 lakhs per year (60.0k per month).

Red Hat Certified Linux administrator roles and Responsibilities

    • Red Hat Certified Linux Administrators are experts that can handle any essential system administration responsibilities that are common to all systems. They are well-versed in workstations, servers, network devices, and other types of technology. They must understand file systems and be familiar with Linux, X Windows systems, KDE, and GNOME desktop environments. Following are a few duties of a red hat certified Linux administrator.
    • • Install and operate all server software and hardware systems, as well as manage server performance and availability.
    • • Maintain all system backups, help with the restoration of all operations, and offer all users the necessary training.
    • • Create and maintain all tools and applications for all scripts and automation processes an keep track of all capacity planning.
    • • Perform all Linux server operations, verify the stability of all server resources, and monitor daily systems.
    • • Maintain many servers, debug all tools, and offer backup for all files and script management servers.
    • • Manage all resource performance and optimization, as well as provide support for all apps and the best level of customer care.

Difference between UNIX and LINUX

    • Linux is a free and open-source operating system. This operating system is compatible with a variety of computer systems and includes a number of software features that manage computer resources and allow you to do activities. It is easily accessible in a variety of languages. It is utilized in a variety of platforms, including desktops, cell phones, mainframes, and servers. Fedora, Debian, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Android, and other Linux-based systems are some examples
    • Unix originated as a private operating system from Bell Laboratories, which eventually generated many commercial variants. Unix is a multitasking, robust operating system that acts as a link between the user and the machine. It is available only in English. It has less file system support than Linux. Unix is not completely free. Aside from certain free Unix variants, UNIX is a costly operating system. Unix systems include IBM AIX, Darwin, Solaris, HP-UX, macOS X, and others.

What are the fundamental components of Linux?

    • Linux, like any other standard operating system, includes the following components: kernel, shells and GUIs, system utilities, and an application program. What distinguishes Linux from other operating systems is that every part includes new capabilities, and all programs for them are accessible for free. The three fundamental components of the Linux system are as follows:
    • • Kernel- The kernel is the foundation of Linux.
    • • System Utility – System Utility programs are in charge of performing specialized, individual-level activities.
    • • System libraries – System libraries are functions or programs that allow application software or system utilities to access Kernel functionality.

What are Linux Distributions? How many Linux distributions are there?

    • • Both Linux and Unix are well-known operating that allow you to complete a wide variety of tasks and operations. Let’s look at some of the key distinctions between Linux and Unix.
    • • A Linux Distribution is a complete operating system that includes Linux as its Kernel as well as additional applications and other software dependent on the OS’s intended use. Distros are abbreviations for distributions. One of the most appealing features of Linux is the variety of options available. There are hundreds of distributions, each with its own set of features but all sharing the same Linux Kernel. Most distributions are designed with specific aims in mind; some are meant for beginning users like you, some for programmers, some for servers, and so on.
    • • There are now over 600 active Linux distributions. According to Linux distribution use statistics, the most popular are Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Kali Linux, Arch Linux, Linux Mint, and OpenSUSE.

Advanced benefits at BTree

Linux Training and Placement Support
Interview Preparation

Our placement team supports in interview preparation process and will also help you with technical readiness with access to questions material.

Linux Career Sample Resume
Resume Buliding

BTree has created and re-write more than 300+ job-winning resumes and job cover letters for our learners at no additional cost driven by the course fees.

Recently Placed Candidates

Name: Gunjan

Role: Linux system admin

Company: Amazon


I completed my Bachelor’s degree in commerce and was unsure if I would be able to understand anything as I am from in non-IT Background, but every trainer at BTree was so kind to me. They paid close attention to me so that I could truly understand everything about Linux from the beginning, and they trained me for interviews. As a result, I was hired by Amazon as a Linux system admin. Being hired by one of the top IT companies in a great position makes me happy. The projects I completed in the lab were really useful to my success. When I started working and had to deal with different project scenarios, the projects I had finished at Btree were very useful. Thank you so much.

Name: Anthony

Role: Linux Engineer

Company :TCS


I’d want to share my experience. I was working in the BPO industry, but I wasn’t satisfied since I didn’t want to continue this for the rest of my life. My friend recommended BTree, so I enrolled in this online linux course but because of my busy schedule. The experience I gained throughout this course was the finest experience I’ve ever had because we worked on live Linux tools, real-time industrial projects, and trainers that supported and guided me 24*7. In contrast to other online courses, the BTree system’s online course gives me complete freedom about the time I study. It also gives me access to recordings of the classes I missed, and I can ask the trainers any time about my doubts and queries, and they quickly provide an answer. I would without a doubt suggest this course to anyone searching for an online Linux course. I want to thank BTree for such an amazing experience.

Name: Sohail

Role: System Administrator – Windows and Linux

Company :Accenture

Accenture Recently

I had a three-year career gap and was unsure of what path to take. One of my friends recommended the Linux course at BTree, and the best part is that I received a demo and counseling session before enrolling, which helped me determine if this is the course I want to pursue in the future. Today, I feel like taking this course was the best choice I’ve ever made because they not only assisted me with the course but also assisted me in getting jobs and shared their experiences, all of which helped me feel more confident after a three-year break from study. They help me improve my soft skills, which help me in interviews and get me hired as a System Administrator at Accenture. Thank you to my trainer for sharing his experience, giving me more self-confidence, and inspiring me.

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Hiring Partners

Linux Job Openings

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FAQs for red hat Linux course

I don't have any IT experience. Will I be able to learn Linux?

  • You can still study Linux if you’re a complete beginner in technology. Though it might seem challenging, learning the language will make it simpler. You can learn advanced commands and perform system and network admin tasks with some training and consistent practice.
  • Since our students come from a range of backgrounds, BTree designs its curriculum with that in mind. We start with the fundamentals and progressively increase the complexity level to make sure you can comprehend all the curriculum’s topics. Additionally, by the end of the program, we guaranteed that you will acquire the technical expertise needed for six months of experience.

Is placement offered by the BTree system?

  • We have strong connections with more than 500+ top MNCs, including Adobe, Infosys, Cisco, HCL, Wipro, Accenture, Microsoft, TCS, and Tech Mahindra. BTree organizes development workshops, including mock interviews and presentation skills, to fully prepare students to handle difficult interview circumstances.
  • Last year, more than 3000+ students were placed in India and across the world. Our placement rate is 90%, and our placement team will work with you until you are hired by a preferable MNC.

Why should I join the BTree system?

  • One of Chennai’s top IT training institutes is BTree Systems. We have provided technical training to students in a variety of sectors. The following are some of the reasons why you should join the BTree system.
  • ✔ Fully furnished classrooms
  • ✔ Practical training
  • ✔ Experts designed the course curriculum
  • ✔ Skilled trainers
  • ✔ Batch timing flexibility
  • ✔ Exposure to the industry
  • ✔ Reasonable fees and placement support

Can I meet the teacher before I enroll in the course?

  • Before enrolling in the certification program, it is usually a good idea for learners to meet the trainer. BTree Systems provides a free demo class or a discussion session with trainers before the fee is paid. If you are happy with the tutoring you received from the trainer at the first meeting, then you can consider enrolling in the classes.

What if I miss one (or more) class?

  • Each lecture is recorded by BTree Systems so that you may study them as necessary before the next class. You have 90 days of access to all or any classes with BTree Systems’ Flexi-pass, so you may plan sessions as you think suitable.

What methods of payment are available?

  • You can pay for both online and in-person training using the methods listed below, and an email receipt will be automatically sent to you.
  • Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, Visa/Mastercard, Debit Card, Cash/Check (Not for Online Training), and an EMI option is also available.

What is the certificate's validity period?

  • After finishing this red hat Linux training in Chennai, BTree Systems will give you a certificate of completion that is valid for life.

Do you offer course materials?

  • Of course, we offer tools and study materials for Linux courses with lifetime access.

Where can I make a free demo appointment?

  • You can contact us at +91 7397396665, and we will respond as soon as possible.

What kinds of projects are included in the Linux certification program?

  • The most recent, practical, and very valuable real-world projects are made available to you by BTree as part of the training program. You can apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to a real-world business. This course consists of a variety of assignments that evaluate your learning, experience, and expertise while preparing you for the job.
  • You will be working on some pretty interesting projects. Your skills after finishing the assignments will be equivalent to six months of demanding industrial experience.
FAQ on Automation Interview Questions

BTree Students Reviews

Azure DevOPs Student Imran shares his Experience at BTree Systems

Aws Student SaiNath shares his Experience at BTree Systems

Python Full Stack Development Student Dilli Babu shares his Experience at BTree Systems

Testimonial Reviews

I learned a lot from the training and got a better understanding of Linux. All of the sessions were engaging, and the trainer was a subject matter expert. He also gave great worksheets and study resources for each subject. I value the team’s efforts in providing a skilled and flexible learning environment. After the training, we provided them with course materials, sample exams, mock interviews, and full support from the trainers to help them pass the certification courses. You will surely learn a lot about your chosen industry, whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, opening the road for your career growth. Thank you BTree for creating such an amazing course.
I had no knowledge of Linux or any other operating systems. I just wanted to take this course since it has such a promising future. After enrolling in the Linux training, I am familiar with the fundamentals, and it is easy to understand. I value the time and work professors invested in making us proficient Red Hat Certified Linux engineers. I am satisfied and impressed with the trainer since he gave exceptional coaching. I enjoy the way he teaches because he always makes sure we fully comprehend each topic. The support from the teachers has helped me develop both intellectually and socially. Many thanks to BTree Systems.
At the BTree Systems, I received my Red Hat Linux training. I had an excellent experience with them. I was a fresher and the Linux course syllabus was created such that any new student could complete it without any problems. My trainer was quite knowledgeable about Linux projects, and he explained the concepts in considerable detail while maintaining my interest. Thank you to my trainer for supporting me through all of my highs and lows during the training session and handled the entire training session with a high level of enthusiasm and involvement. He was very approachable and always willing to answer our questions. Well Done, BTree Systems. I would strongly suggest this course to anybody trying to develop their career in the IT field.

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