Machine Learning Training in Chennai at BTree System offers hands on training in Artificial Intelligence technology stream. Being one of the top training institutes for Data Science and Machine Learning Courses in Chennai, we provide the Machine Learning training with Python and MATLAB.
Since we are living in data age, we must know handling data. The course gives importance to Data Mining as well. People are forced to be automated. Best ML Training Institute in Chennai is automating the automation. It is right decision in right time to learn Machine Learning.
Join our Best Machine Learning Training Institute Chennai, Tiruvanmiyur, Enhance your skill sets in machine Learning, Data science, Data Mining etc., and build your career.

About Machine Learning Training Chennai Course

What is Machine Learning?

The Best ML Training Institute in Chennai is a method of facilitating machines to learn by themselves without programming them explicitly. The current research in machine learning focuses on knowledge representation, pattern recognition and image processing, cognitive computing, etc. Now a days, machines collect data through senses like humans and processes the data using machine learning methods and computational intelligence tools to classify, predict, group and to make decisions accordingly.
Machine learning is applied in medical fields to detect cancer tissues. Paralysed persons communicate their wishes or needs through their brain signals.Still lot to know about Machine Learning, reach us today.

Skills you’ll gain from this Machine Learning Course?

Upon the completion of this course, you will have a thorough knowledge in the following

  • Concepts of Supervised learning and Unsupervised Learning
  • Data Mining for Machine Learning
  • Programming of Artificial Neural Network, Support Vector Machine, Linear Regression, K- means Clustering, Nearest Neighbour, Naïve Bayes.

Principles and applications of Machine Learning Algorithms

Real World Machine Learning Applications

  • Face/Speech Recognition
  • Mobility Prediction
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Detecting diseases
  • Predicting weather conditions
  • Automated Cars
  • Robo Chef
  • Translating unknown language into common Language
  • Detecting fraudulent usage of credit cards
  • Predicting the purchase of customers and so on

Benefits of Machine Learning

  • Continuous improvement
  • Improves precision of Financial Rules and Models
  • Easy Spam detection
  • Accurate sales forecast simplifies product Marketing
  • Accurate Medical Prediction
  • Recommending the right product

Machine Learning with various languages

BTree Systems offers Machine Learning course with following  programming languages,

  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Machine Learning with MATLAB

Join the Best Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai

Why join BTree Systems for Machine Learning ?

  • Graduates in any discipline(computer science, Electronics, Mathematics and Engineering) with minimal mathematical knowledge can also attend this course
  • Detailed Course Plan to help both Fresher & Experienced Professionals.
  • Flexible training sessions allowing candidates to choose between week day or week end classes
  • Skilled and expert trainer researching in Artificial Intelligence with 10+ years of experience as academician
  • Training Includes theoretical as well as practical sessions for all the algorithms
  • Our trainers demonstrate every concepts practically by which you can apply machine learning techniques to solve real world problems easily.
  • Professional teams to assist with Career guidance, Interview preparation, Mock Interviews, Placement Counselling, Resume writing and Job updates
  • Best Machine Learning training with nominal course fees.

To know more about our Machine Learning course you can also attend our free Machine Learning demo session and discuss with our consultant to know about the topics and Machine Learning projects that is included in this training program.Please Click Here

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Learning Outcomes of our Machine Learning Course

  • Strong Knowledge of Data Mining and what data or pattern to be mined
  • Detail knowledge of statistical analysis of data
  • Master in the concepts of supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement learning
  • Good knowledge in programming using MATLAB and Python
  • Ability to program the machine according to the data for classification, clustering or making decisions etc.,
  • Ability to check the models with various measures
  • Ability to generate own code in MATLAB and Python for various Machine algorithms

Machine learning Course Highlights

  • During the course, candidates are assigned with exercises to support them to acquire the confidence to work in real-world industry project.
  • Machine learning course curriculumwhich matches the current industry standards.
  • Hands-on practical assignments which can be highlighted in the professional experience
  • All algorithmsarebased on real time scenario
  • 24/7 support is provided from our experts
  • Learn Machine learning training from our Experts and become a Certified Machine Learning Professional.

Machine Learning Certification in Chennai

BTree Systems provides strong knowledge in concepts of Best ML Training Institue in Chennai which includes supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms. Our Expert training starts from fundamentals to core concepts. Training concentrates on every individual. Key points of Machine Learning algorithms will be deeply discussed. After completing your machine learning certification at BTree Systems, you automate your machine to perform desired tasks.

  1. Machine Learning (session 1)
    • Introduction to Machine Learning
    • Demand of Machine Learning
    • Applications of Machine Learning
    • Different types of Machine Learning
    • Supervised Learning
    • Unsupervised Learning
    • Reinforcement Learning
  1. Know Your Data (session 2)
    • Data Objects and Attributes type
    • Basic Statistical Distributions of Data
  1. Algorithms in Machine Learning
    • Introduction to Support Vector Machine
    • Maximal Margin Classifier
    • What is kernel function?
    • Various types of Kernel functions
    • Need for kernel function
    • Programming SVM for Linearly separable data
    • Programming SVM for Non-Linearly separable data using kernel function
    • Naive Bayes Technique (session 6)
      • Basic concepts of Probability
      • Classifying with Naïve Bayes
      • Exercise in Classifying the given test data in MATLAB
    • Nearest Neighbour (session 7)
      • Introduction to Nearest Neighbour Algorithm
      • Build a 3 nearest neighbour model for classifying the given dataset in MATLAB
    • Neural Network(session 8-10)
    • Basic structure of Neural Network
    • Types of Neural Networks
    • What is Learning rate?
    • What is activation function?
    • Types of activation function.
    • Design a perceptron for pattern identification.
      • HebbNetwork design steps
      • Exercise in Classifying the given input patterns using Hebb network
      • Single layer feed forward network design steps
      • Exercise in Classifying the given input patterns using Single layer Perceptron
      • Kohonen Self – Organizing Feature Map design steps
      • Exercise in clustering of input patterns using Kohonen Self – Organizing Feature Map(KSOFM) in
    • K means Clustering (session 11)
      • Introduction to K meansClustering
      • K means algorithm
      • Practice in 3 means clustering of given data
    • Linear Regression(session 12)
    • What is linear regression?
    • Gradient Descent overview
    • Gradient Descent calculations

Duration for Machine Learning Hands-on training is 2 to 3 months

  • Experienced professional helps you to become an expert in Machine Learning
  • Hands on assignments and projects help you to highlight  your expertise in machine learning for job search
  • E – content for machine learning can be accessed at anytime


Prerequisites to learn Machine Learning ?

  • The basic knowledge required to attend this Machine Learning Course
  • What is the course duration for Machine Learning Training?

    Machine Learning Training in Chennai:
  • Regular classroom based training: 60 hours
  • Fast Track (Machine Learning crash course in Chennai) : 15 days.
  • week day and week end classroom training
  • Why choose BTree Systems for Machine Learning Training in Chennai?

    WE are best in
  • Free demo
  • Enriched Course content
  • Real time projects
  • Hands on training
  • Mock Interview