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BTree Systems offers the best PMP Certification Training in Chennai. Mentors will help trainees to learn and develop Project Management skills. The toughest PMP Certification can be cleared effortlessly by the effort our tutor shows you during the training sessions. Tutors of BTree Systems are certified and experienced experts who are enthusiastic in shaping your knowledge.

Join PMP Certification Training in BTree Systems and develop your profile and experience in Project Management Techniques. To show you are doing your best, you will have to grab the PMP certification which speaks more about being an effective manager. Companies are hiring managing level employees based on their Project Management Professional Credentials. It is so obvious that a personality with Project Management Professional credentials will handle any unfortunate situations in control.

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What is a Project Management Professional?

Project Management Professional is a credential offering by the Project Management Institute. Their standards as Project Management Professionals have been accepted and recognized universally. Managers with PMP certification play a greater role than those who don’t have this certification skill.

PMP Process-

Initiating the project
Planning the project
Executing the project
Monitoring the project
Controlling and closing the project

Section 1: Introduction – PMI, PMP and PMBOK

What is PMI, PMP, and PMBOK?
What do I get out of PMP?
How do I get certified?
Exam qualifications and PM experience
Guidelines to submit an application
PMP exam information
How do I maintain certification?
PMP costs and fees

Section 3: Project Integration Management

Project Integration Management Overview
Project Integration Management processes
Project Integration Management processes mapped to Process Groups
Develop project charter
Business case
Project Charter Content
Develop Project Management Plan
Data gathering techniques
Interpersonal and team skills
Project management plan content and documents
Direct and manage project work
Manage Project Knowledge
Lesson learned to register
Organizational Process Asset Update
Monitor and Control Project Work
Data Analysis techniques
Work Performance reports
Perform Integrated Change Control
Change control tools
Decision-making techniques
Closing Project or Phase
Benefits Management Plan
Final product, service or result transition
Final report

Section 5: Project Schedule Management

Overview and processes
Plan Schedule management
Schedule management plan
Define Activities
Rolling Wave Planning
Activity list
Activity attributes
Sequence Activities
Precedence Diagramming method
Dependency determination and Integration
Leads and Lags
Project schedule network diagrams
Estimated Activity Durations
Estimating techniques
Reserve analysis
Duration estimates
Basis of estimates
Develop Schedule
Schedule network analysis
Critical Path Method
Resource Optimization
Schedule compression
Agile release planning
Project schedule
Bar charts/Gantt charts
Control schedule
Earned value analysis
Iteration burndown chart
Schedule forecasts

Section 7: Project Quality Management

Quality theories
Overview and processes
Plan Quality management
Cost-benefit analysis
Cost of quality
Quality management plan
Quality metrics
Manage Quality
Quality assurance vs Quality control
Data gathering – Checklists
Data representation techniques
Quality improvement methods
Quality reports
Control Quality
Inspection and Testing/Product evaluation
Control charts
Verified deliverables
Some Quality terms

Section 9: Project Communications Management

Overview and processes
Communication types
5 C’s of communication
Plan Communication management
Communication technology
Communication models and methods
Major forms of communication
Manage Communications
Communication skills
Project communications
Monitor Communications
Communication channels

Section 11: Project Procurement Management

Overview and processes
Contracts and features
Types of contracts
Plan Procurement management
Procurement responsibilities and steps
Source selection analysis
Procurement strategy
Bid documents
Procurement SOW
Make or buy decisions
Conduct Procurements
Seller proposals
Bidder conferences
Proposal evaluation
Control Procurements
Claims administration

Section 13: Professional and Social Responsibility

Benefits of the code of conduct
To whom does the code apply?
General terms

Section 2: Project Management Framework

Definition of a project
Characteristics of a project
Reasons for authorizing a project
What does a project create?
Some examples of projects
What is project management?
Project Vs Operations
What is Program Management?
Portfolio Management
The relationship between projects, programs, portfolios and Operations management
Organizational structure and types
Project Management Office (PMO)
PMO Types and Functions
Role of a Project manager
Project Manager’s Sphere of Influence
Project manager competencies
Leadership styles and personality
Project Lifecycles
Project phases and gates
Project management knowledge areas, process groups and processes
Project management Data and Information
Business Documents
Environmental influences
Project Governance
Some additional topics:
Important roles of a project team
Organization structure types of comparison
Project stakeholders
Stakeholders and PM role

Section 4: Project Scope Management

Product scope and project scope
Project scope management processes
Scope in predictive vs adaptive environments
Plan Scope management
Scope management plan
Requirements management plan
Collect Requirements
Decision-making techniques
Data representation
Documentation Requirements
Requirements traceability matrix
Define Scope
Project scope statement
Create Work Breakdown Structure
Work breakdown structure template
Scope baseline
Validate scope
Accepted deliverables
Control Scope

Section 6: Project Cost Management

Overview and processes
Types of Costs
Cost estimates
Plan Cost management
Cost management plan
Estimated Costs
Estimating techniques
Cost of quality
Cost estimates
Determine Budget
Contingency reserves and management reserves
Cost aggregation
Reserve analysis
Funding limits reconciliation
Cost baseline
Project budget
Control Costs
Earned value analysis
Variance analysis
Trend analysis
Cost Forecasts
Some additional topics
Opportunity cost
Sunk cost
Benefits Cost Ratio
Net Present Value
Present Value
Internal Rate of Return
Payback period
Lifecycle Costs

Section 8: Project Resource Management

Overview and processes
Plan Resource management
Hierarchical charts
Assignment matrix (RACI chart)
Resource management plan
Estimated Activity Resources
Resource Breakdown Structure
Acquire Resources
Multicriteria decision analysis
Resource calendars
Development team
Five stages of team development
Rewards and recognition
Team performance assessments
Manage the team
Conflict resolution techniques
Control Resources

Section 10: Project Risk Management

Overview and processes
Individual project risks and overall project risks
Plan Risk management
Risk management plan
Risk Breakdown structure
Probability and Impact matrix
Identify Risks
Data analysis
Prompt Lists
Risk register
Risk report
Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
Assessment of risk parameters
Risk categorization
Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Representations of Uncertainty
Data Analysis – Simulation, Sensitivity analysis, Decision tree analysis and Influence diagrams
Plan Risk responses
Strategies for Threats and Opportunities
Contingency response strategies
Implement Risk Responses
Monitor Risks
Technical performance analysis
Reserve analysis

Section 12: Project Stakeholder Management

Overview and processes
Identify Stakeholders
Stakeholder analysis
Stakeholder categorization techniques
Plan Stakeholder engagement
Stakeholder engagement assessment matrix
Manage Stakeholder engagement
Communication skills
Interpersonal and team skills
Monitor Stakeholder engagement

Section 14: Agile Project Management

Introduction to Agile
Characteristics of Life Cycles
Hybrid approach
Agile practices and agile environment

What is the scope of Project Management Professional Certification?

It definitely gives you the clarity to follow the fundamentals. When managers own those skills there will be no issues during the execution process.
The organization has huge benefits which include on-time project delivery, cost-effective, upholding business value and minimal or zero errors.
Clearing this certification exam is not a simple task but the candidates require peculiar intelligence.

Benefits of PMP Certification Training

• Tutors at BTree Systems can help you develop and improve your project management skills
• The survey says managers with PMP certification handle and solve most of the issues and have 25% higher salaries than managers without PMP credentials.
• This certification adds a special value to your resume which attracts employers to hire you.
• The confidence level will be higher for candidates with PMP certification as they evolve it with a complete plan and schedule.

Highlights of PMP Training

• We help our trainees to get their PMP certification easily.
• We offer you the industry’s best training which makes employers hire you.
• Certified tutors will handle your sessions.
• PMP Certified managers can easily earn 20% more than non-certified trainers.

PMP Certification Career Opportunities

PMP Interview Questions

Training Classes in Chennai at BTree Systems

The training classes in BTree Systems are scheduled according to the convenience of the candidates. We offer flexible batch timings and can arrange for fast track and online modes of classes. We also provide corporate trainings and group trainings.
Get yourself trained by us through various modes of online and offline classes at your convenience.
You can take with you:

  • Free tools with lifetime access
  • Entire set of completed projects that include real time application projects
  • Industry Exposure
  • Placement Assistance

after the course completion.

PMP Training cost

Standard training at modest cost is what we at BTree Systems aim for. The candidates can learn DevOps at affordable fees with us. We also proffer instalment options to pay the fees.


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Python, a highly dependable programming language, is used by over 8.2 million users worldwide. Python was ranked

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Python, a highly dependable programming language, is used by over 8.2 million users worldwide. Python was ranked

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Python, a highly dependable programming language, is used by over 8.2 million users worldwide. Python was ranked

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Yes. You can even avail the demo session at zero cost.

• If you are a non-member of PMI, then the examination fee is 555 USD, and it will be around 37K in Indian Rupees.
• For members, approximately 10k will be reduced from the final payment of non-members.

Once every three years, you will have to renew your PMP certification.


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