QTP/UFT Training in Chennai

To know the complete information and the basic lucidity about the automation testing process. QTP is a unique icon-based tool which helps you exhibit and automates the functional testing process of an application. QTP could be used for both technical and non-technical functionals. In Chennai, you couldn’t find any other equally best training centre which provides equal importance to beginner, intermediate, and expert level.

Objectives of QTP/UFT Training at BTree Systems in Chennai

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What is QTP/UFT Training in Chennai?

QTP is nothing but the leading and preferable automated software for testing in the market. Get to know extraordinary things about QTP and its working traits from highly trained and experienced trainers who work for impeccable MNCs.

Benefits of QTP/UFT training in Chennai

• QTP helps the software releases in fortunate iterations and sprints.
• With deep sincerity, it would let you generate high revenue.
• It gets used to supporting any of the largest pools of development environments that include SAP, Oracle and many.
• It is essential to test many application needs with the functionalities of its application.

Why QTP/UFT Certification in Chennai at BTree Systems

It is the most utilized automated testing software which will be the first choice whenever firms are required to test their applications and software. Web interface and GUI have been used consequently to conduct functional and regression testing. In most cases, it has been utilized for user interface-based test automation, where it could also have testing for non-user interface-based test care automation.

Comprehensive course content

Expert Trainers

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Modest Cost

Section 1:

• Difference between Manual and Automation testing
• Test Automation introduction
• Why do we need automation testing?
• When should we not choose automation testing?
• Advantages of automation testing
• Disadvantages of automation testing

Section 3:

• QTP tool overview
• Menu items
• Keyword and Expert view
• Datatable and its introduction
• Active Screen
• Debug viewer
• Resources

Section 5:

• QTP Recording modes
• How to Record and Run a Test in qtp
• Normal recording
• Analog recording
• Low-level recording
• Advantages and disadvantages of recording

Section 7:

• What is Object Repository?
• Types of Object repository
• Difference between local and shared object repository
• Add objects to the local repository
• Comparing the repository
• Merging the repository
• Exporting the shared repository

Section 9:

• Checkpoint and its types
• Web application based checkpoints
• Windows application based checkpoints
• XML check points
• Chapter 10
• Parameterization and its types
• Local datatable
• Global datatable
• Random variable
• Environment variable – internal and external
• Parameterization using both keywords and Expert view

Section 11:

• Debugging
• How to debug?
• Applying breakpoints
• Watch variables

Section 2:

• Difference between QTP and Selenium
• Automation testing process
• Internal and External Add –Ins
• QTP installation using virtual machines
• QTP license

Section 4:

• QTP Framework and its types
• Linear framework
• Test library framework
• Data-driven framework
• Keyword-driven framework
• Modular framework
• Hybrid Framework

Section 6:

• QTP Objects and their types
• Test objects and how they are stored in object repository
• Runtime objects
• Utility objects
• Virtual Objects

Section 8:

• How to use Object identification in QTP?
• Configuring object identification
• Working with smart identification
• Ordinal Identifiers

Section 10:

• Action and its types
• How to create action
• Reusable and non reusable actions
• Nested Actions
• Call for existing action
• Call for copy of action
• Action input and output parameters
• Chapter 12
• Synchronization
• Why is synchronization needed?
• Types of Synchronisation
• Advantages of synchronization

Section 12:

• Descriptive programming
• Static Descriptive programming
• Dynamic Descriptive programming
• VB Scripting basics
Exercises with VB Scripting
• Regular Expressions
• Getting value from DB using VB Script
• Programs and mini projects in VB Script

Significance of QTP/UFT Certification

QTP/UFT Course Highlights

• You will get chances to learn from specialists who have previously achieved a lot more in the field of QTP testing.
• We don’t have any fixed schedules. At BtreeSystems you can pick and prioritize your own calendars and timings.
• With BtreesSystems, you can also go for online sessions that will be handled by experts.
• Grab a chance to study at the best institute in Chennai.
• Develop knowledge to solve real-time issues for user interfaces and non-user interface applications.
• The best institute that is apt for both experienced and beginner level candidates.
• Exclusive offers for students and freshers.
• Mock interviews and preliminaries will be conducted.

Who can take up this course?

Pre-requisite for this course

QTP/UFT Certification Career Opportunities

QTP/UFT Interview Questions

Training Classes in Chennai at BTree Systems

We at BTree Systems value your time. We conduct training classes with flexible batch timings in both weekdays and weekends.
BTree Systems provides group classes and online classes on request. The online classes are led by instructors so that you can clarify your doubts then and there. You can upgrade your skill set at your convenience and can save up your travel time. We know that you may want to complete the course fast because of time constraints. And some of you might be fast learners, so to satisfy your pace and needs BTree Systems provides fast track classes.
After the course completion you can carry with you:
1. Industry recognized Certificate
2. Course Materials
3. Completed Project
4. Exposure to the industry and
5. Placement assistance

QTP/UFT Training cost

At BTree Systems we provide quality training at affordable and reasonable costs as per the industry standards. Our aim is to offer the best instruction and coaching in a way that anybody can afford it.

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Python, a highly dependable programming language, is used by over 8.2 million users worldwide. Python was ranked

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Python, a highly dependable programming language, is used by over 8.2 million users worldwide. Python was ranked

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Full Stack Developer
infoapple private limited

0-4 years
Not Disclosed

Python, a highly dependable programming language, is used by over 8.2 million users worldwide. Python was ranked

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infoapple private limited

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Not Disclosed

Python, a highly dependable programming language, is used by over 8.2 million users worldwide. Python was ranked

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Specialist of BtreeSystems needs 35 hours to complete QTP testing classes which include the summations of real-time projects.

There is lots of scope of automation testing using QTP/ UFT. It also gets listed in the top 10 BEST AUTOMATION TESTING TOOLS 2018 survey list.

• Planning and Performing test plans, which would include test scripts for new functionalities.
• Assuring conventional test coverage of the entire project as per necessity.
• Experience and skills in detailed testing and requirement specifications
• Improves your logical skills and critical thinking


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