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At BTree, we provide extensive Salesforce Training in Chennai through curriculam that are especially created to meet various sales team hierarchies. We provide the Best Salesforce CRM Training in Chennai, which is industry-driven and up-to-date with the most qualified experts. This Salesforce CRM course in Chennai will teach you how Salesforce is linked with the most recent upgrades and drifts and will maintain your business to the next level in the marketplace.

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Overview of Salesforce Course in Chennai

The Best Salesforce Certification in Chennai is offered by BTree at a reasonable salesforce course fee with guaranteed placement assistance. This Salesforce certification course will teach you all you need to know about Salesforce course Lightning, the Composition of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Products, Apex Development, Administrator, App Builder, Integration, VisualForce Controllers, and many other topics.

Salesforce Training in Chennai can help you become an expert in Developing Customized Apps Using Salesforce CRM through hands-on training from Certified Professionals.

This Salesforce CRM training focuses on each of Salesforce’s key goals, which are Salesforce Developer training, Salesforce Administrator certification, Salesforce Consultant, Project Manager, Salesforce Analytics, and Salesforce Architect. The Salesforce Certification course at BTree provides multiple training alternatives such as salesforce classroom training and salesforce Online Training with trainers and Recorded Self-Paced Videos to meet your learning requirements.

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Anybody who wants to fulfill their ambition of working for CRM companies in Chennai can apply for BTree’s salesforce certification course, which offers the best CRM training in Chennai at a very reasonable salesforce pd1 certification cost. They have a highly trained staff with outstanding teaching methods.



Salesforce Architect


Software Engineer


Salesforce Architect

BTree Institute is the best for their Salesforce Certification and Training with Placement. Despite the fact that I was employed in the IT industry, I was really interested in this salesforce CRM training in Chennai because of the company’s quick growth and promising future.



Salesforce Developer


Cloud Engineer


Salesforce Developer

When I first entered the BTree Systems, I had no prior experience whatsoever. If you want to jumpstart your career with salesforce training and placement assistance, BTree’s salesforce online training is the best option. I received such excellent training from my instructors that I am now capable of handling any problems and have achieved an online salesforce certification.



Salesforce Associate


Software Engineer


Salesforce Associate

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App Development

Server-side Controller


Java Swing

Lightning Component Framework

Eclipse IDE


Salesforce Workflow

Schema Builder

Process Builder

Link Units

Quote Templates

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Curriculum of Salesforce Administration Course

Introduction to Salesforce

  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Types of Cloud Computing Services with examples
  • Cloud Computing Architecture
  • What is Salesforce?
  • Services provided by Salesforce
  • What is CRM Process?
  • Advantages of Salesforce
  • Kinds of Apps developed by Salesforce
  • Employment opportunities with Salesforce

Production and Sandbox Environments

  • Production Environment
  • Types of Sandbox Environments
  • Registering with Developer Organization
  • Salesforce Terminology

Creating a new Application

  • Steps to create the Application
  • Setting up the logo for the Application

Creating an Object

  • Steps to create the Object
  • Different options involved while creating the object

Creating a Tab

  • Steps to create the tab
  • Different options involved with the tab

Creating custom fields

  • Different Data Types involved while creating custom fields
  • Different options involved with custom fields
  • Changing the Default Currency Type
  • Field Dependencies

Custom Validation Rules

  • Steps to configure custom validations·
  • Different formula functions involved with custom validation

Search Layouts, Inline Editing, Enhanced List Views, and Record Ids

  • Enable more columns at the tab level, search results level, and look up a dialog
  • Level
  • Working with inline editing
  • Working with enhanced list views
  • Analyzing Record Ids of the components

Creating Relationships

  • Different Types of Relationships
  • Creating a junction object
  • Governor Limits in Salesforce Page Layouts and Mini Page Layouts
  • Different options available in page layout
  • Steps to configure mini page layout
  • Adding Related Lists to Layout

Record Types

  • Steps to configure Record Types
  • Creating Record Types for standard objects Field History Tracking and Activities
  • Steps to configure Field History Tracking
  • Steps to enable and create activates

Security in Salesforce

  • Users in Salesforce and enabling Grant Login Access
  • Profiles and Permission Sets
  • Role Hierarchy
  • Manual Sharing and Sharing Rules
  • Purpose of Grant Access using Hierarchies
  • Purpose of View All, Modify All, View All Data and Modify All Data
  • Apex Managed Sharing

Import Wizard and Data Loader

  • Difference between Import Wizard and Data Loader
  • Generating Security Token and Maintaining IP range using Trusted IP
  • Data Loader Settings
  • Data Loader Operations
  • Purpose of External Id
  • Purpose of Data Export

Workflow Rules

  • Difference between evaluation criteria
  • Difference between rule criteria
  • Types of workflow actions
  • Re-evaluation Criteria for Field Update
  • Types of Email Templates
  • Setting to enable Task Action
  • Different scenarios with Workflow Rules

Approval Process

  • Configuring Approval Process
  • Different options available with Approval Process
  • Creating custom hierarchy field
  • Adding multiple steps to the approval process
  • Purpose of Queues and steps to configure the Queue
  • Difference between Queue and PublicGroup
  • Working with the Queues
  • Approving the records from Email

Lightning Process Builder

  • Options involved with Process Builder
  • Advantages over Workflow Rules
  • Disadvantages over Workflow Rules
  • Submitting the records for approval automatically

Reports and Dashboards

  • Different types of Reports
  • Scheduling the Reports
  • Creating the Dashboard
  • Different Components involved in Dashboard
  • Generating Web to Lead
  • Generating Web to Case

Rules on Leads and Cases

  • Assignment Rules
  • Auto Responsive Rules
  • Escalation Rules


  • Debug Logs
  • Debug Level
  • Email Log Files


  • Bulk Data Load Jobs
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Apex Jobs


  • System Overview
  • Time-Based Workflow
  • API Usage Notifications
  • Case Escalations

Email Administration

  • Deliverability
  • Organization-Wide Addresses
  • Compliance BCC Email
  • Test Deliverability
  • Apex Exception Email

Domain Management

  • My Domain
  • Domain

Curriculum of Salesforce Development Certification

SOQL and SOSL Queries

  • Different Tools used
  • Writing simple SOQL queries
  • Using Order by, Group by and Aggregate functions
  • Difference between Limit and Offset
  • Fetching Parent Object Information from the ChildObject
  • Fetching Child Objectrecords from the Parent Object
  • Writing SOSL Queries
  • Governor Limits for the queries

Introduction to Oops Concepts

  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance
  • Exception Handling
  • Caught Exceptions
  • Uncaught Exceptions
  • Working with Eclipse ( IDE)
  • Creating Projects and capturing components from the Server
  • Collections
  • List
  • Set
  • Map
  • Working with Debug Logs

Basics of Programming

  • Comparing Natural and Formal Languages
  • Different types of Tokens
  • Types of statements to write a program
  • Data Types involved in Apex Language
  • Arithmetic and Logical Operators
  • Conditional Statements
  • Controlling / Looping Statement

DML Statements

  • Insert, Update, Delete and Undelete Customization
  • Difference between Insert and Database.Insert
  • Difference between Update and Database. update Apex Triggers
  • Difference between WorkflowRules and Apex Triggers
  • Difference between Before mode and After mode
  • Trigger Events
  • Trigger Context Variables
  • Trigger Collections and availability for the different events
  • Trigger Best Practices
  • Developing Triggers by taking different scenarios
  • Avoiding Recursive Triggers
  • Avoiding Mixed DML Operation Error
  • Purpose of Future method in Apex
  • Purpose of Future method in Apex
  • Batch Apex Classes

    • Developing Batch Classes
    • Purpose of Database. stateful
    • Scheduling the Batch Class through the user interface
    • Scheduling the Batch Class Programmatically
    • Monitoring Batch Jobs
    • Monitoring Schedulable Jobs

    Visualforce Pages

    • Types of Controllers
    • Creating Login App by using Standard Controller and Custom Controller
    • Static Resources
    • Displaying Error Messages on VF Page
    • Standard Controller – Displaying multiple records
    • using record Set Var
    • Custom Controller – Displaying multiple records by
    • Fetching from the database
    • Types of Tables available in Visualforce
    • Pagination using StndardSet Controller
    • Pagination using Limited Offset
    • Getting the governor limits dynamically using Limits
    • Class
    • Usage of the Custom Labels in Salesforce
    • Displaying a List of records with Wrapper Class
    • Custom Settings in Salesforce
    • Rendered, Rerender, RenderAsand contentType usage
    • Inline Visualforce Pages
    • Usage of immediate keyword
    • Passing the parameters between the Visualforcepages
    • Using ret URL and save URL
    • View State of VF Page and improve the performance of the view state
    • Difference between System Mode and User Mode
    • Difference between with sharing and without sharing
    • Visualforce Components
    • Visualforce and the order of execution
    • Providing Security for Apex Classes and Visualforce Pages

    “Accelerate Your Career Growth: Empowering You to Reach New Heights in Salesforce Training ”

    Training Options

    Live Classroom Training

    • 50+ hours of live classroom training
    • Real-Time trainer assistance
    • Cutting-Edge on Salesforce tools
    • Non-Crowded training batches
    • Work on real-time projects
    • Flexible timings for sessions
    Salesforce live training

    Live interactive online training

    • 50+ Hours of online Salesforce Training
    • 1:1 personalised assistance
    • Practical knowledge
    • Chat and discussion panel for assistance
    • Work on live projects with virtual assistance
    • 24/7 support through email, chat, and social media.

    Salesforce Certification in Chennai

    Btree’s Salesforce Certification in Chennai is recognized by the industry. Depending on the requirements and skill sets required for each job role, there are many sorts of Online Salesforce Certifications and we provide comprehensive exposure to salesforce tools in this salesforce course in Chennai. You can advance in your Salesforce career by enrolling in more than one course.

    There are eight different types of Salesforce Certifications in Chennai, including Salesforce Certifications for Marketers, Advanced Administrators, Developer - Commerce Cloud, Platform Developer I and Platform Developer II, Administrator, Technical Architect, App Builder, Certifications for Implementation Specialists or Consultants, CPQ Specialist Certification, Pardot Expert – Consultant, Specialist.

    This Online Salesforce Certification in Chennai confirms the completion of assignments, exercises, projects, and case studies. If you include this salesforce Certification in Chennai with your Resume, your profile will be prioritized during the interview process. It also makes a range of salesforce jobs in Chennai options available.

    Knowledge Hub with Additional Information of Salesforce CRM Online Training

    Salesforce Applications are only containers for all data, tabs, and other functionalities. It is a collection of tabs that collaborate to offer an application's functionality. With Salesforce, tabs allow users to quickly scan the data. The program shows information about items and other web stuff. It only has a name, a logo, and a logical arrangement of tabs. The Home Tab and a default logo are the only tabs present in the simplest app. In Salesforce, there are primarily two classifications of apps

    Standard Applications: The pre-installed apps that are included with every Salesforce instance. It contains, Salesforce Chatter, App Installer, Call Center, Communities, Content, Marketing, and Sales. These apps may be altered to fit an organization's needs and specifications. A standard app's label, description, and logo cannot be altered.

    Custom Applications: These are apps that are created to specifically address the demands & requirements of a company's business. By combining both common and unique tabs, one may make customized apps. It is possible to add a logo to custom apps and to alter it afterwards.

    Comcast-Spectator (Communications Sector): Comcast-Spectator uses Salesforce to keep extensive customer profiles in order to identify their best fans and promote to them more efficiently.

    American Express (financial services industry): Salesforce Sales Cloud was first used by American Express in 2010. They currently have a customer success platform on Salesforce, which links thousands of workers from various companies, locations, and time zones.

    Obama for America (governmental work purpose): Salesforce Service Cloud was used by Obama's team to deliver personal emails to users. They also utilized dashboards to obtain a real-time perspective on what the country was thinking and where opinions differed.

    Health lead (Health Care): Health Leaders are paving the road for a new healthcare paradigm with the help of Salesforce Community Cloud. Moreover, users may simply monitor and update patient data, work with doctors, and locate efficient community services via Salesforce App Cloud.

    Sony (high-tech business): Salesforce Service Cloud is used by Sony to communicate with its clients. The management of Sony's client cases as a single, unified agent experience has assisted them in maintaining their customers' satisfaction.

    Salesforce had more than 150,000 users worldwide. With a 19.7% market share, Salesforce rules the CRM industry. SAP (12.1%), Oracle (9.1%), and Microsoft (6.2%) remain far behind as its main rivals. Around 2,700 apps are available on the Salesforce AppExchange, which has resulted in more than 3 million installations. More than 70 per cent of the total Salesforce customers use one of the app exchanges listed as applications.

    Several businesses are now moving to Salesforce or creating their apps on the Salesforce platform. The need for Salesforce administrator certification and developers has expanded as a result. One of the best talents to have right now for a tech CV is the Salesforce certification course, therefore getting the Salesforce CRM Training is the perfect move.

    If you're interested in CRM, Salesforce CRM Training in Chennai is a good career choice. Salesforce is used by several businesses, including Accenture, Adidas, Atlas, Cisco, Deloitte, Godrej, Infosys, etc. Individuals who choose the Salesforce certification course benefit from excellent compensation and very high work satisfaction. Companies are struggling with a shortage of Salesforce developers as the platform's end users rise. Companies need Salesforce experts that are well-versed in the system and adept at using its many services for practical business purposes. As a result, there is a great need for Salesforce administrator certification since the number of professionals grows every day.

    Professionals with solid knowledge, skill, and experience in creating unique Lightning apps should pursue the Salesforce Platform Developer I certification. This certification covers the Lightning Platform's basic programmatic skills for developing new business logic and interfaces to extend Salesforce using Apex, Visualforce, and critical Lightning Components.

    The candidate must pass the Salesforce Platform Developer I certification test in order to get this credential. To pass this test, you must have core business logic, an understanding of how to use the Lightning Platform's programmatic skills, and real-world application of the platform's concepts and skills, which you can master in this live and online Salesforce Training in Chennai.

    For the past six years straight, Salesforce jobs in Chennai has ranked as the top Salesforce CRM supplier globally, according to the website, and its reputation as a marketable talent has only increased. As there are now more employment vacancies than ever before in both small and large businesses worldwide, earning an online Salesforce certification will advance your career.

    Recent research by the International Data Corporation (IDC) found that the number of jobs requiring Salesforce skills has significantly increased, and by 2023, it is expected that the Salesforce ecosystem will have created 3.3 million new jobs and generated over $850 billion in sales globally. There will be 3.3 million new employment in Salesforce's economy by 2023, which is 1.4 million higher than the 1.9 million new jobs anticipated in 2022. The extensive use of Salesforce on mobile devices is one of the primary factors contributing to the continuous rise of the Salesforce-related profession.

    Salesforce certification is an excellent way to advance your career by proving your expertise on one of the most popular CRM systems available today. This Salesforce Training in Chennai will assist you in launching your Salesforce career. Salesforce Certifications are built on a role-based scheme focusing on six roles: Administrator, Architect, Consultant, Designer, Developer, and Marketing. The Salesforce Certifications and certification pathways for these roles are detailed below.

    Certifications for Salesforce Administrators: Salesforce Administrator certification focuses on administrative responsibilities such as identifying user needs, modifying the platform, and assisting users in getting the most out of Salesforce. There are two levels of certification available: Administrator and Advanced Administrator.

    Certifications for Salesforce Architect: Salesforce Architects create and deploy solutions for particular organizational requirements on the Salesforce platform. This involves overseeing Salesforce's technical components, such as modifying objects, fields, and validation rules, as well as creating and maintaining interfaces with other systems.

    Salesforce Consultant certification: Salesforce provides ten Certifications for client consultants who develop and execute solutions in their field. They can also seek Salesforce marketing cloud consultant certification, which is covered under Salesforce marketing Certifications, in addition to the ten.

    Our Student feedback

    Azure devops course


    Azure DevOps

    Azure devops certification

    Dilli Babu

    Python Full Stack

    AZ-400 certification


    Aws Training

    Azure devops training


    AWS Solution Architect

    GMB Profile

    Blue Prism Developer

    I received RPA Blueprism training from Btree Systems. They provided excellent support and encouragement, which helped me complete my training on a positive note.
    GMB Profile

    RPA Developer

    I had completed UiPath and Blue Prism certification at the institute through offline classes. The classroom was good enough with ventilated space, as the institute was in the middle of the city it was easy to commute daily to the institute. Training was given in project and job oriented method so it gave me practical knowledge on the subjects including robust, data security and exception handling. Thanks to the trainer for the brilliant training.
    GMB Profile

    ROM Architect

    I did RPA (BP) in this institution. the trainer (vignesh) is really know what to teach and how to teach and you will get learn new things in a very definitive manner. Overall it has been a great learning experience for me.

    Software Engineer

    Excellent training institute to learn AWS DevOps Course. I am from non-IT background and seek their support for IT career switch. The course councillors guided me properly. They also provided me with placement support which is super organized. Now I am attending the interviews and I am very confident that I will get the offer very soon. Thank you BTrer for all the help and support.

    Hear From Our Hiring Partners


    Lead recruiter at Wipro

    We have consistently hired learners from BTree Systems and have been impressed with their skills and knowledge. Their ability and expertise have made them valuable assets to our team. We are impressed with the professionals they produce.

    System Engineer

    Among the many good things to mention, one of the best that catches our attention about the BTree Systems learners is the all-round skills they bring on to the table. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with BTree Systems.

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    FAQs of Salesforce CRM Training Chennai

    At BTree’s Salesforce admin Training, we provide the Best Salesforce Training and placement. our students will receive a wide range of key advantages like access to the most recent study materials, internationally recognized Salesforce administrator Certification, real-world projects, 24-hour expert assistance, and career coaching. Our Salesforce course in Chennai offers all of these advantages.

    One of the Best Salesforce CRM training centers in Chennai is BTree. From all parts of the city, it has been assisting Salesforce users. You can live in any neighborhood in Chennai or any other city and have 24/7 access to our Salesforce Online Training from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

    We only accept up to 20–25 students for each small batch of online Salesforce Certification training and classroom Salesforce course in Chennai. There is also the option for a student to study alone rather than in a batch or group.

    All of our trainers are working professionals from the industry that are hired by reputable companies and have Salesforce experience. All of our trainers have years of expertise in providing Salesforce administrator Certification, ensuring that you have a wonderful educational experience. Our professors have more than 15 years of combined experience teaching our Salesforce course in Chennai. Almost 3,000 students have received training from us in the past year.

    The Salesforce industry is expecting a variety of interesting and encouraging trends, such as a rise in the use of Salesforce by small and big businesses. Based on these optimistic predictions, Salesforce is expected to rise in popularity and enter new SMB markets. As a result, learning Salesforce Certification in Chennai seems like a good career choice.

    Salesforce serves as a platform for no-code or low-code application development. You don't need any prior coding experience to operate as a Salesforce administrator.

    Indeed, we work closely with leading MNCs like Amazon, Infosys, Cisco, HCL, Tech Mahindra, Airbus, Adobe, Accenture, Microsoft, Wipro, and many more. For each and every one of our courses, our institution provides a dedicated placement assistance team. In order for students to stand out from the competition, our staff also provides resume and job site profile assistance.

    You can pay for both online and offline training using the methods listed below, and a virtual receipt will be sent to you immediately on your registered email id.

    • Online banking using a visa, Mastercard, or debit card.

    • Cash

    • Paytm/Google pay/Phone pay

    • There is an EMI option available.

    Yes, you are warmly welcomed, please feel free to introduce yourself and spend some quality time with the trainers. This can lead to a friendly manner between the trainer and the student before joining training. We do provide free demo sessions and discussion sessions.

    Undoubtedly, yes, after completing the enrollment process, we do offer hacking tools and course materials with lifelong access.

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