Tableau Training in Chennai

Tableau is an analysis Software which is beneficial for business intelligence (BI). It supports to generate instant visualization (vizzes) by dragging your data fields into shelves & panes. It eventually includes Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep builder, and license for either Tableau server or Tableau online- that lets protective collaboration. It is easy to explore and manage data, and quicker to discover & share insights which can modify your businesses and the IT sector. BTree Systems will let the students to create and distribute an interactive & shareable dashboard, that can illustrate the variations, density in a graphic or charts representations. Enroll your Tableau Training Course and explore the best Tableau skills.

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Tools and languages covered

  • Tableau Basic Reports ToolBasic Reports
  • Tableau Calculations ToolCalculations
  • Tableau Microsoft SQL ToolMicrosoft SQL
  • Tableau Charts ToolCharts
  • Tableau Filters ToolFilters
  • Tableau Excel Files ToolExcel Files
  • Tableau Parameters ToolParameters

Overview of Tableau Training in Chennai

As known, Tableau is the authoritative and progressive data visualization tool that is used in Business Intelligence (BI). It serves the users to bring understandable data by simplifying raw-complex data. Add-on, it helps non-technical users to customize dashboards. Tableau connects and abstracts the data stored in various fields and at the same time- pulls data from any platform conceivably. It supports simple databases like excel, pdf, to a complex database like Oracle, a database in the cloud like the Amazon webs services, Microsoft Azure SQL database, Google Cloud SQL, and much more data sources can be extracted by Tableau. BTree Systems tries to expand the student’s learning platform with quality Tableau courses.

Corporate Training Program

Enhance your employee’s skills with our learning programs and make your team productive.

The Learners Journey

We will prepare you on how to face Tableau interviews along with this you will also have the process like students enquire, counseling, live demo, admission process, evaluation, certification, interview, and placement support.

Tableau Training in Chennai

Curriculum for Tableau Certification Course

Tableau Course Material

  • Start Page
  • Show Me
  • Connecting to Excel Files
  • Connecting to Text Files
  • Connect to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Connecting to Microsoft Analysis Services
  • Creating and Removing Hierarchies
  • Bins
  • Joining Tables
  • Data Blending

Learn Tableau Basic Reports

  • Parameters
  • Grouping Example 1
  • Grouping Example 2
  • Edit Groups
  • Set
  • Combined Sets
  • Creating a First Report
  • Data Labels
  • Create Folders
  • Sorting Data
  • Add Totals,Sub Totals and Grand Totals to Report

Learn Tableau Charts

  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Box Plot
  • Bubble Chart
  • Bump Chart
  • Bullet Graph
  • Circle Views
  • Dual Combination Chart
  • Dual Lines Chart
  • Funnel Chart
  • Traditional Funnel Charts
  • Gantt Chart
  • Grouped Bar or Side by Side Bars Chart
  • Heat map
  • Highlight Table
  • Histogram
  • Cumulative Histogram
  • Line Chart
  • Lollipop Chart
  • Pareto Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Scatter Plot
  • Stacked Bar Chart
  • Text Label
  • Tree Map
  • Word Cloud
  • Waterfall Chart

Learn Tableau Advanced Reports

  • Dual Axis Reports
  • Blended Axis
  • Individual Axis
  • Add Reference Lines
  • Reference Bands
  • Reference Distributions
  • Basic Maps
  • Symbol Map
  • Use Google Maps
  • Map box Maps as a Background Map
  • WMS Server Map as a Background Map

Learn Tableau Calculations & Filters

  • Calculated Fields
  • Basic Approach to Calculate Rank
  • Advanced Approach to Calculate Ra
  • Calculating Running Total
  • Filters Introduction
  • Quick Filters
  • Filters on Dimensions
  • Conditional Filters
  • Top and Bottom Filters
  • Filters on Measures
  • Context Filters
  • Slicing Filters
  • Data Source Filters
  • Extract Filters

Learn Tableau Dashboards

  • Create a Dashboard
  • Format Dashboard Layout
  • Create a Device Preview of a Dashboard
  • Create Filters on Dashboard
  • Dashboard Objects
  • Create a Story


  • Tableau online.
  • Overview of Tableau Server.
  • Publishing Tableau objects and scheduling/subscription.

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Mentor Profile of Tableau Course

  • Tableau professionals will have a blend of theoretical & practical knowledge on Tableau & RPA training.
  • Our Tableau Trainers are certified in 100 % Industry-oriented skills.
  • They have proficiency & Expertise in the RPA Sector with huge companies.
  • Tableau Instructors at BTree Systems are Real-time Tableau Developers and they provide in-depth knowledge for the student with complete hands-on training on Tableau-related BI skills/tools.
  • Trainers are 10+ experience in this precise field and are globally certified for their proficiency at Tableau tools & handlings.
  • They have remarkably certified in training in the Tableau course and projects for small and large companies.

Tableau Certified Experts

Key Features of Tableau Certification in Chennai

Real-Time Experts as Trainers

You will get the convenience to Learn from the Experts from the current industry, to share their Knowledge with Learners. Grab your slot with us.

Live Project

We provide the Real-time Projects execution platform with the best-learning Experience for the students with Project and chance to get hire.

Placement Support

We have protected tie-up with more than 1200+ leading Small & Medium Companies to Support the students. once they complete the course.


Globally recoganized certification on course completion, and get best exposure in handling live tools & management in your projects.

Affordable Fees

We serve the best for the students to implement their passion for learning with an affordable fee. You also have instalment to pay your fees.


We intend to provide a great learning atmosphere for the students with flexible modes like Classroom or Online Training with fastrack mode

Bonus Takeaways at BTree

Features of Tableau Course
  • User-friendly manuals & Assistance.
  • Real-life projects and Hands-on practices.
  • Expert’s designed syllabus & approach.
  • Globally recognized Certification at the end of the course.
  • Acquire FREE lifetime course Manuals.
  • Resume building & Interviews Preparation Support.
  • Quality 35-hour instructor-led course/ online sessions with 100 % Placement guaranteed.

Tableau Training Certification

  • 100% Guaranteed Placement Support after Tableau Course completion.
  • Each & every concept is in practice with both practically & theoretically with real-time project experiences.
  • Leading experts to bring the best in students with exposure to MNCs as Trainers
  • Assured Post-Training Support and Guidance. Preach the best on Tableau tools, Work on live-Projects, build a portfolio, appear in interviews, and get selected.

Tableau Sample Certificate

Placement Process

Tableau Course fees

Course Registration

Our Team will help you with the registration process completely along with free demo sessions.

Tableau Training in Chennai

Training Stage

Every course training is built in a way that learners become job ready for the skill learned.

Tableau Job openings

Job Opportunities

Along with our expert trainers our placement team brings in many job opportunities with preparation.

Tableau Training with placement

Placement Support

Get placed within 50 days of course completion with an exciting salary package at top MNCs globally.

Career Path after Tableau Training

Annual Salary


Hiring Companies

HCL Career
Hexaware Career

Annual Salary


Hiring Companies

Pay Pal Career
TCS Career

Annual Salary


Hiring Companies

IBM Career
Tech Mahindra Career

Available Training modes

We are extending our learning space by introducing best three Training options for all sets of students to gain quality Tableau Knowledge at affordable fees. Our certified Trainers will take in charge in all the three forms of training with their former experiences.

Tableau Online Training

Online Training

  • 40+ hours of e-Learning
  • Work on live Tableau tools
  • 3 mock tests (50 Questions Each)
  • Work on real-time industrial projects
  • Equipped online classes with flexible timings
  • 24×7 Trainers support & guidance

Tableau Classroom Training

Self-Placed Training

  • 40+ hours of Tableau classes
  • Access live tools and projects
  • 3 Mock exams with 50 Questions
  • Live project experience
  • Lifetime access to use labs
  • 24×7 Trainers & placement support

Tableau Corporate Training

Corporate Training

  • 50 hours of immense corporate training
  • Support through our expert team
  • 3 Mock exams (60 questions each)
  • Work on real-time Tableau projects
  • Lifetime support from our corporate trainers
  • 24×7 learner aid and provision
Tableau Career Oppurtunities

Get Free Career Consultation from experts

Are you confused about choosing the right and suitable course for your career? Get the expert’s consultation to pick the perfect course for you.

Additional Information

Future of Tableau technology

  • IDC’s market analysis indicates that by the end of 2020, the amount of data could have increased by close to 50 times more than it had in the previous ten years.
  • Small and large organizations need resources that can interact with and analyze data based to acquire key insights from it because there is so much important data to deal with.
  • You’ll be surprised to learn that among IT working professionals, Tableau is regarded as the crown gem. In fact, it came in second place according to Gartner’s analysis in the market for business intelligence and data visualization.

Tableau uses

  • Data Visualization in Business Intelligence
  • Data Collaboration
  • Data Fusion
  • Query visualization
  • Real-time data analysis.
  • To import large amounts of data
  • To create no-code data queries
  • To handle large amounts of metadata

Advantages of Learning Tableau

  • A tableau is a data visualization tool that allows for complex computation, data blending, and dashboarding to create beautiful data visualizations.
  • Quickly Create Interactive Visualization:
  • Tableau’s drag-and-drop functionality allows users to quickly create an interactive visual.
  • Implementation is simple:
  • Tableau offers a wide range of visualization options, which improves the user experience. Tableau is much easier to learn than Python. Those who are unfamiliar with coding can also quickly learn Tableau.
  • Handling Massive Amounts of Data:
  • Tableau is capable of handling millions of rows of data. A large amount of data can be used to generate various types of visualization without interfering with the performance of the dashboards. In addition, Tableau has a ‘live’ option for connecting to various data sources such as SQL, etc.
  • Other Scripting Languages in Tableau:
  • Users can use Python or R to avoid performance issues and perform complex table calculations in Tableau. The user can reduce the load on the software by performing data cleansing tasks with packages using Python Script. However, Tableau does not support Python as a native scripting language. You can therefore import some of the packages or visuals.

Tableau career opportunity

  • A career in Tableau is rewarding; the minimum salary range is $106,000 per year, and the maximum is $158,000. The average compensation for the position in India is 500,000 Indian rupees. Just as the cost and demand for software continue to rise, so does the trend in professional salaries. The most in-demand ability is knowledge of Tableau.
  • There are numerous opportunities, and top companies have open positions on a regular basis. The following companies provide Tableau career opportunities in India:
  • Hinduja Global Services
  • Dell
  • Applied Systems
  • Dell
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Sony Electronics

Tableau developer role and responsibility

  • Creating visualizations for the data extracted using Tableau
  • Analyzing data to identify patterns and meaningful insights
  • Creating dashboards
  • Tableau Server Administration
  • Big data management
  • SQL query twisting to improve performance
  • Examining and resolving flaws in business processes
  • Identifying the key areas for automation to improve business processes
  • Creating reference documents or reports for the completed project
  • These are the fundamental roles and responsibilities of a Tableau Developer. There are some additional skills required to be a successful Tableau Developer.

Advanced Benefits at BTree Systems

Tableau Training and Placement Support
Interview Preparation

Our placement team supports in interview preparation process and will also help you with technical readiness with access to questions material.

Tableau Career Sample Resume
Resume Buliding

BTree has created and re-write more than 300+ job-winning resumes and job cover letters for our learners at no additional cost driven by the course fees.

Recently Placed Candidates

Name: Shree

Roll: Data Analysts

Company: Manhattan Associates

Manhattan Associates

I was literally eager to learn Tableau courses from the best Trainers as I wanted to be solid in this vast technology that is needed in the current market. Further, I have trusted and selected BTree Systems to pursue my Tableau training.  They not only bring the capabilities in learning the domain subject but also something more than that which is also necessary for today’s scenario. I can approach any time for any solution which is the best support I received apart from other institutions. The teaching contents and syllabus are well organized with brief knowledge and great depth of the subject with a live and interactive classroom that seeks the interest over the course and helped to get globally recognized Btree system’s Tableau course completion certificate.

Name: Cendrela

Roll: Software Developer

Company: Tesco Hindustan Service


Every great success starts with simple steps. The line resembles my training experience which I have gained at BTree Systems. Before every new session, trainers will have a small glimpse of previous studies that makes a quick recollection of the basics. On the other hand, the Tableau tools and fundamentals are recalled by our trainers. This platform gave me the best source on my professional aspects with a strong base of real-time project support. As a student of BTree Systems, I learned very much out of it with real-time experience. It is the right spot for elevating your knowledge to reach promotions on your job. I personally, thank my trainers and batch mates for showing excellence in the Tableau domain and supporting me to acquire globally recognized Tableau certifications.

Name: Vishwa

Roll: Software Developer

Company: Telematics4u India Pvt Ltd

Rane t4u

Yes, happy to be part of BTree systems with excellent Teaching & Explanation on my Tableau course within the course duration. The pattern of teaching and examples are very good and boosted every aspect required for a programmer. My best suggestion is to train classes in a way that each topic can be discussed systematically and repeated by students. As a student of BTree Systems, I have gained wide knowledge on learning the best Tableau courses.  At present, am independent and have the capability to run the programming tools efficiently with the in-depth knowledge that I have gained from the BTree Systems Tableau courses. I thank my trainers and my friend who suggested this platform for my career growth.

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FAQ for Tableau Software Training in Chennai

What is the total duration of this course?

  • Live and interactive sessions may roll-up your hours- yes, Tableau Certification Course will have a duration of 40+ hours.

What is Tableau?

  • Tableau is an analytics engine that aids users to develop an interactive dashboard through visual analytics. Data can be rendered into understandable, interactive graphics with these dashboards for non-technical analysts.

How many students have been trained as yet?

  • Our students from various courses are around the globe with the best position in the current market. In that way, BTree Systems have recently undergone around 50+ batch students. Our students have been remarkably placed at MNCs and top-rated companies till the date of 2022 with unstoppable assistance from our placement and training services. We have a history of our alumni who are currently working at MNCs.

Can I get the opportunity to meet the trainer before joining the course?

  • Trainers and students make an effective learning atmosphere- We BTree Systems understand the learning aspects in broad and let the students to have a personal interaction with our highly-qualified trainers before your admission process with added free demo session. Once you are satisfied with the session and trainer, you can proceed with the admission procedure with 2 installment offers. For more details- contact +91-7397396665

What happens when I miss a session?

  • Yes, we have highly secured & quality recordings of each Tableau Certification course in Chennai class which are provided by BTree Systems. Which can balance the students’ classes if they have missed or have any concerns in the future.

After completing the Tableau course, what will be my degree of efficiency in the topic?

  • Tableau course trainers will build the best in you with the efficiency required for industry-ready during the period of certification. The aspirants will be supported by a globally recognized Tableau Certification Course, both technical and practical aspects.

What can I expect to gain from this Tableau Training?

  • The Tableau application can handle enormous amounts of data and generate reports without interfering with network speed. The Tableau tool is simple to utilize regularly. It may turn data into a straightforward graphic that your clients can understand.

Do you give any course materials after completing Tableau training?

  • Yes, Of course- we do provide a user-friendly design and lifelong access to Tableau Training tools and course content. We serve the best for the students even after the Tableau course completion.

Does the Tableau course have any prerequisites?

  • Tableau Training Certification and admission don’t require any prerequisites. Alert for freshers! Grab this in-demand course with BTree Systems and shine with global Tableau certification for high recognition.

Is a tableau course suitable for beginners?

  • Tableau is a quickly enhancing Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization solution. It is that easy for the freshers who are expecting to upgrade their IT skills for better career growth.
Tableau Interview Questions

BTree Students Reviews

Azure DevOPs Student Imran shares his Experience at BTree Systems

Aws Student SaiNath shares his Experience at BTree Systems

Python Full Stack Development Student Dilli Babu shares his Experience at BTree Systems

Testimonial Reviews

Priya Sarath
I have attended Tableau course training at BTree Systems with much support with the required Tableau tool with hands-on practices in accordance with the real-life project. Trainers who are exceptionally qualified will bring the best experience in Tableau Generated fields. I personally thank my Tableau Trainer who trained us efficiently on how to handle the Tableau tool. On the other hand, the Updated Curriculum with a Blended learning pace helped me to master the Tableau tool at ease and also helped me with Placement Assistance during the period of Tableau certification. Overall BTree Systems training is a good option for Tableau Training.
My overall training experience at BTree System’s Tableau Training was boundless. The updated Curriculum with Mixed learning helped me to master the Tableau tool with that ease. Also, the institution support as promised, helped me with Placement Assistance to the end of the course completion with MNC’s tie-up. Now, I have completed the Tableau Training and working in the best position in a recognized company. The flexibility and in-depth course handling give the best way for proficient growth. I finally, thank my tableau trainers who have supported and pushed me in my downs to get the globally recognized Tableau certifications from BTree systems support.
I have selected and successfully completed my Tableau Training at BTree Systems. Their training program was so flexible and in-depth with their latest Tableau course syllabus/curriculum. The Described teaching skills of the Tableau concept were so easy for the fresher to easily understand it in the first stance itself.  Great Job BTree Systems! Really suggested for aspirants who are looking for quality & professional training. I am 100 % sure that the Wider coverage of the Tableau Generated fields can elevate the students and working professionals who have undertaken the course- can be benefited highly. Thanks to the Tableau Trainer who has proficient skills and supported us to complete the Tableau certification in the given course duration.
The Tableau Course at BTree Systems was too efficient & quality and my Tableau trainer helped me in understanding the Tableau concepts at ease. Being a complete fresher in this Data Analytics domain, I was completely in fear of handling the syllabus. But they helped in learning strategies which are quite thoughtful and brought a smooth & easy learning pace. I will definitely suggest BTree systems for all the novices like me to take up the Tableau Course in Chennai. Now, I have gained lots of Tableau tools and skills that can lead me to access independently.
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