Tableau Training in Chennai

If you are interested in learning Tableau Training in Chennai and willing to start a career on it, you are at right hands. Trainers of BtreeSystems are highly experienced to give you the best knowledge of Tableau Training. Being a successful and award-winning (Data Visualization and Data Analysis Award) Big data visualization tool Tableau Training is widely focused on Business Intelligence. Theoretical sessions would help you to some level. For elite clarification, we have included the most number of practical sessions in our Tableau Training which help you clear the certification exam.

About Tableau Training Course

What is Tableau?

  • Tableau is a fantastic tool from Tableau software which is the best for business intelligence and data visualization.
  • The analyzation module of Tableau will feature interactive visualization with the assistance of charts and graphs.
  • It simplifies the complex and unreadable formats into an accessible and familiar format.

Why Tableau?

  • It fits the multiple requirements and essentials of any organizations
  • Using Tableau, you can create easy yet effective visual dashboards.
  • Easy to connect with any data, irrespective to the time, place and could mix unstructured and structured data and also separate it.
  • No need any in-depth code.

Benefits of Tableau

  • It is clear and easy to visualize the data.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Clean and clear user experience.
  • No lard amount of data can be a thread to Tableau.

Highlights of Our Tableau Training in Chennai

  • Btreesystems is one of the Tableau Training institutes which provides excellent training for trainees of any background.
  • Syllabus of BtreeSystems is based on a thesis from the experts that help you learn advanced Tableau and its essentials in an effective manner.
  • Rich in terms of course content in affordable price segments.
  • Since the classes will be conducted by the experts who are associated with the topmost MNCs, you will get a clearcut picture of the syllabus.
  • One to one classes will also be taken.
  • No issues with the timing. We specialize in making tailor-made classes.
  • Theories and trial models will never make you an expert, but real-time projects do. Here you are allowed to deal with real-time projects.
  • We help you get Tableau certification.

BTREE SYSTEM – Key Features

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Industrial Experts

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Learning Outcomes of our Tableau Training

  • You will acquire a solid understanding of Data warehousing concepts, data visualization techniques, Adhoc, standard reporting and dashboard.
  • Business intelligence applications will be your sweet spot.
  • Real-time data help you understand the concepts like Analyzing, Formatting and calculation.
  • Develop dashboard and connect databases with no hassle.
  • Operate the tableau desktop and tableau public.
  • Establish the dashboard and worksheets during sessions.
  • Experience the google analytics.
  • Determine real-time application using tableau visual mapping techniques like an expert.

Section 1: Datawarehousing Concepts

  • What is DWH?
  • Characteristics of Datawarehouse
  • Difference between OLTP and DWH
  • Architecture of DWH
  • Various BI tools
  • Types of DWH
  • Types of Dimensional Data Modeling
  • Surrogate key
  • Types of Dimension


Section 2: Business Intelligence Concepts

  • BI application types (ad hoc, standard reporting, analytic applications, dashboards) and audiences
  • Specification of templates, applications and navigation framework
  • Development of applications and BI portal


Section 3: Tableau Desktop (Introduction)

  • Introduction Tableau
  • Connecting to Excel, CSV Text Files
  • Getting Started
  • Product Overview
  • Connecting to Databases
  • Working with Data
  • Analyzing
  • Formatting
  • Introduction to Calculations
  • Dashboard Development
  • Sharing
  • Data Calculations
  • Aggregate Calculations
  • User Calculations
  • Table Calculations
  • Logical Calculations
  • String Calculations
  • Number Calculations
  • Type Conversion
  • Parameters
  • Filtering Conditions
  • Filtering Measures
  • Histograms
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Sets
  • Treemaps, word clouds and bubble charts
  • Pareto Charts
  • Waterfall Charts
  • Bump Charts
  • Funnel Charts
  • Bollinger Bands


Section 4: Tableau Public

  • Publish Worksheets
  • Publish Dashboard
  • Publish Stories
  • Edit Permissions
  • Edit Content
  • JavaScript API Intro and Embed


Section 5: Tableau Advanced

  • Authoring for Interactivity
  • Data Blending
  • Basic Mapping
  • Advanced Mapping Techniques
  • WMS Servers
  • Polygon Maps
  • Background Images
  • Custom Geocoding
  • Cubes
  • Trend Lines, Residuals, and Forecasting
  • Statistics Calculations
  • Ben ford’s Law
  • Box Plots
  • Salesforce
  • Google Analytics
  • Extract API CSV to TDE
  • Connecting to Web-based Data Sources with the Extract API
  • Extract API Transforming Your Data
  • Analyzing Sales Data with Tableau
  • Tableau Online Security and Administration
  • Tableau Online Security and Administration
  • Tableau Online Updating Data to the Cloud


Section 6: Tableau Visual Analytics Training

  • Introduction
  • Laying the Groundwork for Visual Analysis
  • Getting, Cleaning and Classifying Your Data
  • Visual Mapping Techniques
  • Solving Real-World Problems
  • Communicating Your Findings


FREQUENTLY ASKED Tableau Training in Chennai QUESTIONS

What are the prerequisites to learn React JS?

  • Basic HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Basic Programming Concepts
  • JavaScript basic knowledge.

What Kind of Lab and Exposure Do I Get?

BtreeSystems provides the best lab and Wi-Fi, which gives you a better learning experience.

What are the prerequisites to learn Tableau?

Basics of SQL is high enough to masters the Tableau.

Who are eligible to learn Tableau Training in Chennai?

<li>Data Scientists</li>
<li>Business Analysts</li>
<li>And enthusiastic who are related to this field.&nbsp;</li>