Kubernetes Training in Chennai

BTree performs as top-rated Kubernetes Training in Chennai that offers classes taught by experienced trainers. Our course is a blend of theoretical and practical sessions. In this Kubernetes certification training, you will learn how to browse and utilize cloud workloads, as well as its components, dashboard, app deployment on the cluster, Pods, and best security practices, among many other topics, through hands-on projects and exercises. Our Kubernetes course is based on the official Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam. Become a CKA by enrolling in this certification course offered by the BTree system at an affordable CKA certification cost and guaranteed placement support after completion of the Structure-based course.

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Tools and languages covered

  • Docker AWS DevOps toolDocker
  • Architecture toolArchitecture
  • YAML tool YAML
  • Deployments toolDeployments
  • Deamon sets toolDeamon sets,
  • Configmap toolConfigmap
  • Volumes toolVolumes
  • RBAC toolRBAC

Overview of Kubernetes Training in Chennai

Our Kubernetes certification training program is extensive and totally career-focused. We provide the best CKA course with skilled professionals. BTree’s Kubernetes certification training in Chennai will help learners focus on improving and expanding their skill sets. This Kubernetes course will also include a series of MCQs, demos, and a Test-level Industry-grade project to help you prepare for the CKA exam.

Kubernetes has recently grown in prominence, and it is highly in-demand expertise among businesses. We covered a variety of topics in this course, including how to use the Docker Client, install and configure (on your laptop/desktop), package applications, automatically build and use your own Helm Charts, run stateless and stateful applications on Kubernetes, and much more. The purpose of this CKA training is for learners to get an in-depth understanding of the subject matter as well as when to use it in the workplace.

  • An open-source container orchestration system called Kubernetes is used to automate the management, scaling, and deployment of applications. Kubernetes is a Greek term that means “captain,” “helmsman,” or “governor.” Kubernetes was created by Google, but it is now managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. It manages applications with hundreds or thousands of containers in multiple contexts (physical, virtual, or cloud). This orchestration tool manages scale, failover, deployment patterns, and more.
  • It is used by both small businesses and large corporations these days, to achieve the efficiency and speed of Google. It has an extensive ecology that is expanding quickly. Services, guidance, and tools for Kubernetes are widely accessible. In 2014, Google released the source code for their Kubernetes project into the public domain. Over 15 years of Google’s expertise managing production workloads at scale are combined with best-of-breed concepts and techniques from the community in Kubernetes.
  • Because it was created on top of Docker, Kubernetes has gained a lot of popularity. Although containers have a long history in Linux and BSD versions, Docker made them very well-known by putting a strong emphasis on the user experience and by making creating and operating containers very simple. The popularity of containers was capitalized on Kubernetes, which made it simple to run (also known as orchestrate) containers on a cluster of compute nodes.
  • Another reason for Kubernetes success and widespread acceptance is that it does not significantly alter the software-running model. It was really simple to imagine a path from how we operated software previous to Kubernetes to how we could operate the software on Kubernetes. There are several benefits for developers and the operations team when using an orchestration solution like Kubernetes. Many people choose orchestration solutions like Kubernetes because they want scalable, high-performing apps that don’t encounter downtime.
  • BTree Systems is one of the top IT training institutions in Chennai that introduces students to numerous fundamental Kubernetes topics. This foundational information is built upon in the Fundamentals of Kubernetes course, which is designed to serve as training for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam. We work hard to make sure that everyone completes the Kubernetes training within the given timeframe.
  • We prioritize creative ideas, high-quality training, efficient sessions, and guaranteed placement support along with live projects and real-world situations so that students can put what they learn in class into practice under the guidance of our trainers to help them become skilled Kubernetes developers. The certification offered by the BTree system has no expiration date, so you can use it in the future as well. After the completion of this certification course at BTree, you will be able to understand the core Kubernetes concept.

Corporate Training Program

Enhance your employee’s skills with our learning programs and make your team productive.

The Learners Journey

We will prepare you for Kubernetes interviews, as well as other processes such as student inquiry, counseling, live demo, admission process, assessment, certification, interview, and placement help. We will also provide feedback, guidance, and support to you as required.

Kubernetes Training in Chennai

Curriculum for CKA Certification Course


  • Why docker
  • docker images container concepts
  • Creating Docker files
  • running containers
  • repository
  • image pulling
  • image tagging

Kuberne tes Architecture

  • Master nodes
  • Worker nodes
  • control plane
  • master components
  • worker components

Writing YAML file, pod creation

  • YAML file creation steps
  • pod creations
  • running in cluster
  • describe command

Replica sets

  • Replica set creations
  • pod scaling
  • labels
  • selectors


  • Create deployments using file
  • annotate
  • rollback
  • deployment strategies


  • Types of services
  • uses
  • Difference between services
  • Creating nodePort
  • Load balancers
  • clusterIp

Deamon sets Jobs

  • Deamon set creations
  • deamon set concepts
  • Job types

Configmap Secrets

  • Config map creations
  • secret creations
  • concepts


  • PV, PVC creations
  • volume provisioning concepts
  • Types of volumes[dir,Hostpath]
  • Lab on above volume concepts

Node Selector

  • Concept
  • file creations

Node affinity

  • Concept
  • file creations

Pod affinity

  • Concept
  • File creations

Taints and Tolerations

  • Concept
  • File creations


  • Creating role based access controls

Etcd Back and restore

  • Creating etcd backup and restoring them


  • Repo, Helm charts, releases
  • Creating deployments using helm charts

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Mentors Profile of Kubernetes Course in Chennai

  • Our mentors have more than 10+ years of hands-on experience and are specialists in the field of Docker and Kubernetes certification.
  • Our mentors have excellent theoretical and practical expertise and are working with leading MNCs like Google, Zoho, TCS, and IBM.
  • You will receive hands-on training from our mentors while working on actual projects.
  • By immersing students in interview preparation exercises and group conversations, our mentors at Btree will help students improve their resumes and increase their confidence.
  • Our mentors will give helpful advice as you begin working on real-world projects to improve your skill sets.
  • In addition to providing comprehensive training for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam with placement and plenty of hands-on experience, our mentor offers each student personal attention.

Kubernetes Certified Experts

Kubernetes Industrial Projects

Up to 2022, BTree Systems has launched a number of major programs. We consistently support students’ thoughts and theories so that we can try out new things together. To assist students to become highly proficient Kubernetes engineers, we provide Kubernetes training with placements assistance. We collaborate with students in a number of ways to ensure they get the greatest outcomes while being monitored closely. For additional information, please feel free to contact our project manager at +91-7397396665.

Kubernetes documentation

Kubernetes documentation

The best way to learn about Kubernetes is via its documentation tutorials. It covers all of the fundamental Kubernetes ideas, giving developers a head start in understanding the platform.

Kubernetes pod using YAML

Kubernetes pod using YAML

You will learn how to build Kubernetes pods in this project. A pod is an executing unit for containers that can run on a cluster node.

Setup of CICD Pipelines

Setup of CI/CD Pipelines

You will learn to set up a CI/CD pipeline to build apps and automate infrastructure in this project using tools like GIT, GITHUB, MAVEN, and many more.

Dashboard Access and Deployment

Access and Deployment

In this project, you will learn about the Kubernetes dashboard. It enables users to manage and troubleshoot applications operating in the cluster, as well as control the cluster itself.

Key Features of Kubernetes Training

Real-Time Experts as Trainers

You will get the convenience to Learn from the Experts from the current industry, to share their Knowledge with Learners. Grab your slot with us.

Live Project

We provide the Real-time Projects execution platform with the best-learning Experience for the students with Project and chance to get hire.

Placement Support

We have protected tie-up with more than 1200+ leading Small & Medium Companies to Support the students. once they complete the course.


Globally recoganized certification on course completion, and get best exposure in handling live tools & management in your projects.

Affordable Fees

We serve the best for the students to implement their passion for learning with an affordable fee. You also have instalment to pay your fees.


We intend to provide a great learning atmosphere for the students with flexible modes like Classroom or Online Training with fastrack mode

Bonus Takeaways at BTree

Features of Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes certification courses are designed by professional mentors and are globally recognized.
  • Guidance in project-related as well as other advanced program experience, Mentors are available to help you 24*7.
  • With skilled, experienced, and dedicated trainers, BTree System takes the initiative in monitoring the student’s requirements throughout the course.
  • To properly comprehend the Kubernetes training, we provide a combination of both theoretical and practical sessions.
  • We give the most affordable Kubernetes certification fees structure with a special offer, half payment can be accepted at the time of admission, and an EMI option is also available.
  • Our Kubernetes certification is internationally recognized, and it will provide you with one credit on your résumé.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator Certification

  • Earning Kubernetes certification helps you stand out from the crowd because it is not just a Kubernetes Certification list but is more than simply a certificate. Certification examinations measure candidates’ knowledge as well as their ability to actually operate Kubernetes, ensuring that those who get the certification are knowledgeable of all the necessary steps to complete a project successfully.
  • Acquiring a certification in Kubernetes enables you, as an IT expert, to build credibility not just with your business but also with the wider IT sector in general.
  • Get the best CKA course certification in Chennai with reasonable Kubernetes course fees for getting the Kubernetes online training and advancing efficiently with the necessary skills.

Kubernetes Certification

Placement Process

Kubernetes Interview Process

Course Registration

Our Team will help you with the registration process completely along with free demo sessions.

Kubernetes Job Openings

Training Stage

Every course training is built in a way that learners become job ready for the skill learned.

Kubernetes Classes

Job Opportunities

Along with our expert trainers our placement team brings in many job opportunities with preparation.

Kubernetes Course Fee

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Get placed within 50 days of course completion with an exciting salary package at top MNCs globally.

Career Path after Kubernetes Program

Annual Salary


Hiring Companies

Accenture CareerCapgemini Career

Annual Salary


Hiring Companies

Tcs Career
Tech Mahindra Career

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Hiring Companies

HCL Career
Hexaware Career

Kubernetes Training Options

Our ultimate aim is to bring the best in establishing the career growth of the students in each batch individually. To enhance and achieve this, we have highly experienced and certified trainers to extract the best knowledge on Kubernetes Certification. Eventually, we offer three modes of training options for the students to impart their best innovations using the Kubernetes & course skills. For more references and to choose a training mode, Contact our admission cell at +91-7397396665

Kubernetes Online Training

Online Training

  • 35+ hours of e-Learning
  • Work on live Kubernetes tools
  • 3 mock tests (50 Questions Each)
  • Work on real-time industrial projects
  • Equipped online classes with flexible timings
  • 24×7 Trainers support & guidance

Kubernetes Classroom Training

Self-Paced Training

  • 35+ hours of Kubernetes classes
  • Access live tools and projects
  • 3 Mock exams with 50 Questions
  • Live project experience
  • Lifetime access to use labs
  • 24×7 Trainers & placement support

Kubernetes Corporate Training

Corporate Training

  • 14 hours of immense corporate training
  • Support through our expert team
  • 3 Mock exams (60 questions each)
  • Work on real-time Kubernetes projects
  • Life-time support from our corporate trainers
  • 24×7 learner aid and provision
Kubernetes Career Opportunities

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Additional Information

What is Kubernetes container orchestration and what is it used for?

  • Consider the following scenario: you have 5-6 microservices for your application. These microservices are now placed in separate containers, but they will be unable to interact without container orchestration. So, much as orchestration refers to the combination of all instruments performing in unison in music, container orchestration refers to all the services in separate containers cooperating to meet the demands of a single server. Kubernetes orchestration enables you to create application services that span many containers, schedule containers along a cluster, scale those containers and control their health over time. Container orchestration is used to automate and manage processes like:
  • ● Provisioning and distribution
  • ● Configuration and Planning
  • ● Resource distribution
  • ● Container accessibility
  • ● Scaling or deleting containers depending on workload distribution across your infrastructure
  • ● Traffic routing and load balancing
  • ● Container health monitoring
  • ● Application configuration dependent on the container in which it will run
  • ● Keeping container interactions secure

Docker Swarm vs. Kubernetes: which is better?

  • Docker Swarm is a native, open-source container orchestration framework for clustering and scheduling Docker containers. These are the ways that Swarm and Kubernetes are different:
  • Docker Swarm is easier to set up but lacks a robust cluster, whereas Kubernetes is a little challenging to set up but provides the guarantee of a strong cluster. Docker Swarm does not have a graphical user interface (GUI), but Kubernetes provides one in the form of a dashboard.
  • For logging and monitoring, Docker requires third-party tools such as the ELK stack, but Kubernetes includes built-in features. Docker supports rolling updates but not automated rollbacks. Kubernetes can do both rolling updates and automated rollbacks.
  • Kubernetes is frequently the first option for commercial development teams managing microservice-based apps due to its vast community support and capacity to manage even the most complicated deployment circumstances.

What in Kubernetes are nodes and pods?

  • There are nodes for Kubernetes in each cluster. Nodes might be actual or virtual machines. Kubernetes manages app deployment on any substrate, regardless of what the app is running on. Kubernetes even enables the restriction of certain containers to bare metal or virtual machines.
  • Nodes are responsible for running pods, which are the most fundamental Kubernetes objects that can be made or controlled. In Kubernetes, each pod represents one example of an application or active process and is made up of one or even more containers.
  • . All of the containers in a pod are started, stopped, and replicated together by Kubernetes. To conform to the intended state given by the user in the pod specification, pods are generated and deleted on nodes as necessary.

What are the advantages of Kubernetes?

  • Kubernetes has risen in popularity over the past few years, and it is certain that this trend will continue in 2023. There are several advantages to using Kubernetes. The following are a few advantages of using Kubernetes.
  • Automated activities: Kubernetes has commands that handle most of the heavy lifting involved with application administration, enabling you to manage day-to-day operations. You can ensure that apps always execute the way you intended them to.
  • The abstraction of infrastructure: When you install Kubernetes, it manages computing, networking, and storage on your workloads’ behalf. This allows developers to concentrate on their applications rather than the underlying environment.
  • Service health monitoring: Kubernetes regularly monitors the health of your services, restarting containers that stop or stall, and only making services available to users when it has confirmed they are operating.
  • Ability to Run Almost Anywhere: With Kubernetes, you can use almost any container runtime with almost any form of infrastructure. You may use Kubernetes whether your workloads are on-premises or in the public cloud as long as the host operating system is current, generally a 2016 or newer, version of Linux or Windows.

What are the Kubernetes administrator’s roles and responsibilities?

  • As a Kubernetes Administrator, you will play an active role in administering a Docker EE-based Kubernetes cluster, containerizing apps, and promoting container usage throughout the enterprise via automation and teaching. Your responsibilities as a Kubernetes administrator will include:
  • ✔ Managing a Kubernetes platform based on Docker EE.
  • ✔ Strive for ongoing development of the manufacturing environment
  • ✔ Redesigning old apps in preparation for container deployment
  • ✔ Persuading other teams and broader Engineering organizations to follow best practices for containerization
  • ✔ Automating environment provisioning: creating some Ansible scripts and deploying environments utilizing containers.
  • ✔ Creating automation workflows that completely integrate with Docker environments.
  • ✔ Troubleshooting problems, engaging relevant personnel and pushing issue resolution with an emphasis on minimizing customer impact.

What is the salary of a Kubernetes administrator in India?

  • The profession of Kubernetes Administrator has grown in popularity over the years, with salary packages reaching new heights. As a result, it has inspired many others to pursue this career path. A Kubernetes Administrator makes 9.6 LPA on average in India. Depending on experience and skill level, the wage range increases.
  • In India, a beginner Kubernetes administrator varies from INR 2.7 Lakhs to 23.9 Lakhs annually (about 22.5 K per month). Depending on your level of experience, the average salary for a Kubernetes Administrator at the immediate level with 4 to 9 years of experience is 10.9 Lakhs. The maximum yearly salary for a Kubernetes administrator is 23.9 lakh rupees (about equivalent to 2.0 lakhs per month). These statistics show the demand for this position on the market as well as its promising future.

Kubernetes vs Alternatives

  • Before you follow the crowd, it is always a good idea to take a chestrator you select. Other options have emerged as containerization has grown more widespread, although they could be pricey and difficult to use.
  • The productivity of your team could increase if you find the ideal containerization orchestration for your requirements. Kubernetes is very robust and provides zero downtime, rollback, scalability, and container self-healing when compared to competing for container orchestration platforms.
  • Kubernetes is not only adaptable enough for container management on numerous forms of infrastructure (public cloud, private cloud, or even on servers, as long as the hosts OS is a version of Linux or Windows), but it also functions with almost any sort of container runtime (the program that runs containers).

What is the Kubernetes service, and its different types?

  • Because pods are flexible and may be created and destroyed on demand, we need a new abstraction to manage the application lifecycle. Even if the pods that execute the containers that make up an application aren’t themselves persistent, the application itself is still considered to be a persistent entity and should be treated as such. To achieve this goal, Kubernetes offers an abstraction that is referred to as a service.
  • In Kubernetes, a service is an abstraction that describes a set of conceptual pods within which an application is running as well as an access policy for these particular pod types. A means to locate certain pods are also provided by Kubernetes services. The following list includes the many Kubernetes support services:
  • Cluster IP: It makes the services reachable exclusively from within the cluster and exposes them to the internal IP of the cluster.
  • Node port: It makes the services accessible at the static port on each node’s IP address.
  • Load balancer: It offers services externally by utilizing the load balancer of a cloud provider. It creates the service needed to automatically route traffic to an external load balancer.
  • External name: By returning the CNAME record by its value, it directs the service to the contents of the external field.

What is the use of Kubernetes in DevOps?

  • Building, implementing, and growing enterprise-grade DevOps pipelines is made possible by Kubernetes’ wide range of features and capabilities. Teams may also use it to automate the manual procedures related to orchestration. This kind of automation would be very helpful for any organization wanting to boost output and quality.
  • Developers may build infrastructure on-demand using Kubernetes’ self-service catalog capabilities. This covers cloud services that are made available by open-service and API standards, such as AWS resources. For consistency of compatibility and security, these services rely on the settings that operations members permit.
  • The main goals of Kubernetes were to solve the problems that developers have in an Agile setting and automate procedures for a smooth workflow. Therefore, operating a CI/CD pipeline in a DevOps environment using Kubernetes is suitable.

Advanced Benefits at BTree

Kubernetes Training and Placement Support
Interview Preparation

Our placement team supports in interview preparation process and will also help you with technical readiness with access to questions material.

Kubernetes Career Sample Resume
Resume Buliding

BTree has created and re-write more than 300+ job-winning resumes and job cover letters for our learners at no additional cost driven by the course fees.

Recently Placed Candidates

Name: Anand

Role: DevOps Engineer – Kubernetes

Company: Infosys


I was absolutely new to Kubernetes. I never imagined that I would take things up so quickly. The instructor I had was outstanding. The examples he gave seemed to be more realistic, and the hands-on exercises in the sessions were excellent and challenging. The projects I worked on in the classroom were really helpful to my success. I receive sincere support and assistance from the HR team they helped me get a job as well. In short, BTree is an excellent choice for Kubernetes certification. Thank you BTree system for everything.

Name: Fareen shah

Role: Kubernetes Engineer

Company :Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra

I was working in the IT field, but I was highly interested in the certified Kubernetes administration exam, so I chose to take CKA training in chennai at BTree. Here, everything was taught via examples, and the curriculum included practical training. For the interview process, they also provide me with practice interview sessions, and I picked Tech Mahindra for the high package. Today, I think that enrolling in this course was the wisest decision I’ve ever made. A heartfelt thank you to the team for assisting me with my Kubernetes training and placement and for all of their assistance during the training.

Name: Gautam Gupta

Role: Kubernetes Administrator

Company: Microsoft


I had a great time taking BTree’s Kubernetes CKA certification course. The trainers were all very supportive, after two years of unemployment, I first hesitated to enroll in a training program, but they gave me some technical refresher training, and they also give me soft skills training which helped me boost my confidence and pass the interview. Now I am hired by a respected company that offers a decent pay structure. I would without a doubt recommend this course to anyone looking for Kubernetes online training. I would like to thank the BTree system for such a wonderful experience.

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Hiring Partners

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FAQs for Kubernetes Certification in Chennai

How do I sign up to take the course?

  • You can chat with us on a course’s website, call us at +91 7397396665, or find us on one of our social media sites, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also send us your queries at info@btreesystems.com.

Does the BTree system assist with student placement?

  • Yes, we have close ties with Amazon, Infosys, Cisco, HCL, Wipro, Accenture, Microsoft, TCS, Tech Mahindra, and other top MNCs. Our institution provides a specialized placement assistance staff for each and every one of our courses. Our staff also helps students create resumes and job site profiles to stand out from the competitors.

What are Kubernetes' main components?

  • Etcd: etcd is a key-value store that is spread across several nodes and serves as Kubernetes’ main data store. It remembers the state of the Kubernetes cluster and duplicates that state. In order to get etcd up and running, you will first require a Kubernetes cluster, after which you will need to set up the command-line tool so that it can connect with the cluster.
  • Control plane: Components of the control plane are responsible for making global choices about the cluster (for example, scheduling), along with detecting and reacting to events that occur inside the cluster (for example, beginning a new pod when a deployment’s replicas field is not met). Components of the control plane may be executed on any computer inside the cluster.
  • Kubelet: An agent that is executable on every node that is part of the cluster. It guarantees that containers are always working within a Pod. The kubelet is responsible for ensuring that the containers that are specified in the PodSpecs are operating and in good health. It does this by using a collection of PodSpecs given through a number of methods.

How can I access the exciting offers that I am currently searching for?

  • You can get in touch with us via chat or by calling us at +91 7397396665 for further information, and we will get back to you with the greatest deals and discounts that are accessible to you at the moment.

Who is my mentor and how did they get selected?

  • Our trainers have over 10 years of expertise in course-related technologies. We’ve trained over 3000+ students in the last year, and our institute’s teachers are qualified professionals with good Academic achievement who are now working for leading global corporations.

What type of certification will I get, and how long will the certification be valid?

  • After successfully completing the course, you will be given a certification from the BTree system that is recognized worldwide and valid for a lifetime.

Is Kubernetes the ideal choice for fresher?

  • The Kubernetes Training that BTree offers gives recent graduates not just an in-depth study but also practical experience working on real-world corporate projects. Here, real-world examples and intensive mentoring make the Kubernetes learning path simpler. It offers a promising career path to people who are just starting out, as long as they are interested to learn and have practical experience.

What payment options are available, and can I pay for my course in Installments?

  • Yes, you can make payments in installments. The methods indicated below may be used to pay for both in-person and online training, and an email receipt will be automatically delivered to you.
  • ● Visa, Mastercard, and debit cards
  • ● Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay
  • ● cash, and checks

What if I am unable to attend the course?

  • At BTree, you will get individual attention. If you missed a class, our experienced teachers will set down extra time to meet with you and go over the topics you missed. Additionally, if someone is unable to attend the batch, we will reschedule them for another batch that works better for them.

Before enrolling in a training course, is it possible to meet the trainer?

  • Before starting a course, students can meet with the trainer. You can decide if you want to join BTree Systems or not by taking our free trial class or trainer consultations.

Why should I join the Btree system?

  • To make learning more interesting, BTree Systems offers both live online training and classroom learning. Our placement team will assist you in securing a position at a leading multinational corporation. During our training sessions, you’ll get to work on actual projects to acquire experience. With no-cost EMI options, we provide the most affordable Kubernetes certification cost for students.
FAQ on Kubernetes Interview Questions

Testimonial Reviews

Soundarya Kaushik
I got to know about BTree through Google and went in to inquire. I was pleased with their hospitality and impressed by their demo sessions. Then I enrolled in the Kubernetes Program. I suggested it to my friends who were interested in learning about the trending data visualization tool. The seminars were quite interesting, and the practical examples provided were really relevant to the IT sector. Thanks to the whole team, I am now a certified Kubernetes Developer, earning a good salary with a company of my choice.
Ravi Kumar
The Kubernetes developer training at BTree was recommended to me by a friend. Excellent curriculum for career advancement. This is a truly great initiative to keep people informed about the latest technology and to increase their knowledge as a result. In addition to that, this is a wonderful chance for individuals to advance their professions. “I suggest BTree for Kubernetes training in Chennai with placement assistance.” Special thanks to my teacher who helped me understand every aspect of Kubernetes and helped me get an official certification.
The excellent learning environment for IT courses. My Kubernetes training was provided by knowledgeable instructors who guided me through each step of the curriculum and ensured that I was able to pass it with flying colors and get my certification. Additionally, the placement staff was really helpful and timely in providing the necessary information. I would like to express my gratitude to the whole team for assisting me in not only passing my certification but also securing a job as a Kubernetes engineer. Thank you very much Btree.

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