UI UX Designer Course in Chennai

Best UI UX Designer Course in Chennai is comprehensive with course syllabus that prepares the students to be mastered in both UI UX design (User Interface and User Experience design) certification, which you will obtain an advanced understanding of numerous UI/UX topics such as Adobe Xd, color, typography, UI animation, Wire flow, wireframing, Guerilla Testing, Red routes, Iconography, Prototyping, interface design, HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language), CSS (Cascade Style Sheet), and so on. Get advanced-level training in design thinking and developing effective design solutions to improve user experience.

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Tools and languages covered

  • Adobe XdAdobe Xd
  • UI & UX Color ToolColor
  • UI & UX Typography ToolTypography
  • UI & UX Iconography ToolIconography
  • UI Animation ToolUI Animation

Overview of UI UX Designer Course in Chennai

This online UI UX training course will assist you in developing and validating a solid skill set in UI/UX design, for user experience, which is how a user engages with a website, application, software, or marketing platform. Effective UI/UX design can reduce web development costs, increase a company’s income, encourage users to engage with your content, strengthen consumer confidence, and increase the likelihood that customers will recommend your product to others in their network.

  • Our UI UX design certification is taught by professors and industry specialists to help you in offering the best UI/UX design training which is aligned with industry standards like Creative Thinking, Interactive Design, UX design, Guerrilla Testing, and other areas to prepare you for a successful future in ui ux certification with placement.
  • The need for UX/UI designers is predicted to grow in the coming ten years, rising by 14.9%. Starting salary in India typically ranges from Rs. 45,000 per month to Rs. 5.5 lakhs annually. As a leading UI UX design institute in Chennai, we prepare you by providing an in-depth understanding of research, tools, and strategies, and also help in the creation of an interface design.
  • BTree’s UI/UX designing certification training provides you with the designing skills which is necessary to unleash your inner artist with the best UI UX course syllabus, the greatest equipment, and hands-on training that provides the ultimate learning experience, and we are excited to introduce our latest and most captivating UI/UX Designer certification for individuals looking to develop their design skills. Our UI UX Designing course covers the understanding of the user’s identity through the creation of the designs with which they engage, making us the right UI/UX Designing certification.

Corporate Training Program

Enhance your employee’s skills with our learning programs and make your team productive.

The Learners Journey

we will guide you through the admissions process, counseling, live demo, assessment, certification, interview, and placement support. In addition, we will teach you how to handle UI/UX design interviews.

UI UX Training in Chennai

Curriculum for UI UX Designer Course

Introduction to UI & UX

  • Intro to UI & UX
  • What is Product designing?
  • Basic Design Process
  • Problem-solving
  • User Research
  • Paper Sketching
  • Low-fidelity wireframes
  • High-fidelity wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Visual design (UI)
  • User Testing
  • Basic principles of UI & UX
  • 5 Stages of the Design Process
  • Empathize
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • Test
  • What is the difference between UI & UX?
  • Standardized UI/UX process flow
  • Basic Industry Standards to be followed

Class Introductions

  • UX revisions
  • Introduction to UI Design
  • Branding & Graphic Design

Art movements & trends in UI

  • Neomorphism
  • Skeuomorphism
  • Flat Design vs Realism
  • Milestones in GUI

Mastering the pen tool

  • Illustrator practice by tracing visuals
  • Iconography practice

Designing with XD (with plugins)

  • Converting low-fidelity wireframes to High fidelity wireframes.

Colours & Typography

  • Choosing colors
  • Creating combinations
  • Anatomy of Type
  • Choosing Fonts


  • Semiotics
  • Icon grid
  • Case studies
  • Styles & variations in icons

Advanced UI

  • Hierarchy
  • Layout & Spacing
  • Designing Text
  • Working with color
  • Creating Depth
  • Images & Illustrations
  • Concluding thoughts

Atomic Design

  • Molecular structure of the design
  • Components & UI Libraries

Design Systems

  • Introduction to Design Systems
  • Case Studies

UI Animation

  • Micro-interactions
  • Principles for animation in UI

Project Management

  • PM Techniques
  • Managing a Design Project


  • Starting your design career
  • Contents
  • Quality
  • Audience
  • Identity

Portfolio Building

  • Students will be given 1 project to work, based on the instructor’s analysis.
  • Projects will have a strict deadline to make sure students get a hang of industry standards.

UI & UX Elements

  • 5 Major elements of UX design
  • Strategy
  • Scope
  • Structure
  • Skeleton
  • Surface
  • 5 Major Elements of UI Design
  • Language
  • Color
  • Images
  • Typography
  • Icons
  • Develop basic skills in creative problem-solving, innovation, and human-centered design through a fast-paced design thinking activity.
  • Importance of Prototypes, Feedback, and Critique.

Understand how to collaborate and communicate with Developers

  • Present designs and justify design decisions. (P)
  • Gestalt’s principle
  • Figure and Ground
  • Continuation
  • Proximity
  • Similarity
  • Closure
  • Symmetry and Order
  • Focal Points
  • What are Good UX and Bad UX?

User Research

  • What is research?
  • Kinds of user research
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Process Overview
  • Questionnaire
  • Conducting user interviews


  • Competitive analysis(P)
  • Affinity Mapping(P)
  • Card sorting(P)
  • Difference between Open cart sorting and closed card sorting
  • Setting KPI(P)
  • UX Vision(P)
  • Personas(P)

Defining problem and vision statement

  • Information Architecture (IA) (P)
  • Making flow diagrams – (Task flow and User flows)
  • Understanding navigation
  • Primary and secondary navigation
  • User Journey Mapping(P)
  • Paper sketching using user flows(P)

Adobe XD

  • Introduction to Adobe XD
  • Layouts and Grids in XD
  • Use of components in XD
  • Importance of Artboards and their dimensions
  • Basic shortcuts to increase productivity
  • Low-fidelity wireframes on XD (P)
  • Converting paper sketches into low-fidelity wireframes

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Mentors Profile of UI/UX design Certification

  • Our mentors will provide the student with the entire opportunity to explore the subject and learn from real-world examples.
  • They have deep knowledge of UI/UX design syllabus, as well as programming knowledge and other needed languages such as HTML, and CSS, and developing and maintaining database queries.
  • Each student receives individual attention from our trainers, who also offer complete UI/UX training with placement with a lot of hands-on practice.
  • Our mentor helps the applicant in completing their projects and even helps them get ready for the interview process.
  • Our mentor helps to clarify Student’s queries at any time.
  • Our mentors have all the necessary skills to reach a complete UI/UX Certification course.

UI UX Certified Experts

UI UX Industrial Projects

As a team, we encourage the students to think creatively, develop ideas, and develop more self-confidence. Up until the year 2022, we have undergone several significant projects. We have comprehensive hands-on training programs that can help candidates become highly qualified. We also expect each batch of students to present their ideas, and we support them in various ways to help them achieve the best results possible under the guidance of 100% experts. To know more details, you can speak to our project head at +91-7397396665.

Wireframe model Prototype

Wireframe model Prototype

Using the Figma tool to sketch and design a prototype and wireframes. You also learn how to design a device with other tools.

E-Commerce app

E-commerce app

E-commerce’s the most common project that is growing quickly. You learn how to build a new app and also create a unique UI/UX design.

Resolving a client’s problem

Resolving a client’s problem

We will collect and evaluate information and identify the problem that has to be solved Iteratively. drawing, testing, and generating solutions addressing the problem.

A SaaS website

A SaaS website

You’ll need more than only design skills to create a SaaS website. You must know employers’ concerns and address them on your website.

Key Features of UI UX Desigining Training

Real-Time Experts as Trainers

You will get the convenience to Learn from the Experts from the current industry, to share their Knowledge with Learners. Grab your slot with us.

Live Project

We provide the Real-time Projects execution platform with the best-learning Experience for the students with Project and chance to get hire.

Placement Support

We have protected tie-up with more than 1200+ leading Small & Medium Companies to Support the students. once they complete the course.


Globally recoganized certification on course completion, and get best exposure in handling live tools & management in your projects.

Affordable Fees

We serve the best for the students to implement their passion for learning with an affordable fee. You also have instalment to pay your fees.


We intend to provide a great learning atmosphere for the students with flexible modes like Classroom or Online Training with fastrack mode

Bonus Takeaways at BTree

Features of UI UX
  • Globally recognized UI/UX Designer Syllabus created by experienced mentors.
  • Clarifications in project-related and other advanced program experience.
  • BTree System takes the lead in monitoring the student’s requirements throughout the course with trained, experienced, and devoted trainers
  • We provide a combination of both theoretical and practical sessions to fully understand the UI/UX Course.
  • Most reasonable fee structure with an exclusive offer, half payment can be accepted at the time of admission, and an EMI option is also available.
  • Our certification is worldwide recognized and will add one credit to your resume.

UI/UX Certification

  • UI UX Certification training is one of the authentic certificates that prove the applicant has received an in-depth understanding of the ui ux Designer certification, the development process, and its key elements.
  • Adding this UI/UX Certificate course to your CV helps to prioritize your profile during the interview and opens the door to several job opportunities.
  • After completing the entire course as well as the assigned projects and assignments, you will get the final Advanced certification in the ui ux designer course.
  • Our certification is recognized by all major firms worldwide.

UI UX Certification

Placement Process

UI UX Interview Process

Course Registration

Our Team will help you with the registration process completely along with free demo sessions.

UI UX Job Openings

Training Stage

Every course training is built in a way that learners become job ready for the skill learned.

UI UX Classes

Job Opportunities

Along with our expert trainers our placement team brings in many job opportunities with preparation.

UI UX Course Fee

Placement Support

Get placed within 50 days of course completion with an exciting salary package at top MNCs globally.

Career Path after UI UX Designing Course

Annual Salary


Hiring Companies

Accenture CareerCapgemini Career

Annual Salary


Hiring Companies

HCL Career
Hexaware Career

Annual Salary


Hiring Companies

Tcs Career
Tech Mahindra Career

Available Training Modes

Our ultimate aim is to bring the best in establishing the career growth of the students in each batch individually. To enhance and achieve this, we have highly experienced and certified trainers to extract the best knowledge on ui ux Certification. Eventually, we offer three modes of training options for the students to impart their best innovations using the ui ux & course skills. For more references and to choose a training mode, Contact our admission cell at +91-7397396665

UI UX Online Training

Online Training

  • 40+ hours of e-Learning
  • Work on live UI UX tools
  • 3 mock tests (50 Questions Each)
  • Work on real-time industrial projects
  • Equipped online classes with flexible timings
  • 24×7 Trainers support & guidance

UI UX Classroom Training

Self-Pased Training

  • 40+ hours of UI UX classes
  • Access live tools and projects
  • 3 Mock exams with 50 Questions
  • Live project experience
  • Lifetime access to use labs
  • 24×7 Trainers & placement support

UI UX Corporate Training

Corporate Training

  • 30 hours of immense corporate training
  • Support through our expert team
  • 3 Mock exams (60 questions each)
  • Work on real-time UI UX projects
  • Life-time support from our corporate trainers
  • 24×7 learner aid and provision
UI UX Career Opportunities

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Additional Information

Brief on UI/UX design course

  • UI/UX design is two separate concepts that are frequently used interchangeably. Both are essential for an IT product or service. They different from each other. The User Interface (UI) design process is a core element of the user Experience Design (UX) process.
  • UX is an acronym for “User Experience,” whereas UI is for “User Interface.” They are frequently grouped since they are two closely connected professions that commonly work more closely. As more and more activities shift online, UX/UI design has increased in demand. Nowadays, almost everything requires some type of user experience consideration due to the “internet of things.”
  • The user-centered method of developing the aesthetics of a digital product is known as (UI) User Interface design. In short, they design the user interface of a website or application. User experience (UX) design is the process of designing a person’s experience when interacting with a product. The goal of user experience design is to make it easy, logical, and engaging to use these tools and services, whether online or real.

Scopes of UX/UI designers in the AI World

  • Nowadays, you cannot build an impactful website without UX/UI design, as industries like artificial intelligence (AI) are growing and becoming more and more important. There is a need for designers or experts that have specialized in UX UI. UI/UX designing is one of the top most in-demand skills among recruiters. There are opportunities for a UI/UX designer job as you gain knowledge and experience.
  • • Growth and chances
  • • The growth of companies that concentrate on design
  • • Creativity and innovation
  • Growth and chances: More experienced and skilled UI/UX designers are in demand, and there are plenty of opportunities forthcoming as the market is growing. The research implies that people use mobile devices often. It is sufficient to show how well a user experience designer does their job.
  • The growth of companies that concentrate on design: Many design-based companies have grown up as a result of the apparent growth in the design trend (Coca-Cola, Gucci, Nike, Pepsi, etc.). These firms are now big draws for many people interested in a career in UX. The design stands out since it is fitting for the company. As the importance of design increases, so will the demand for professional UX designers, because design usually concentrates on what a user wants.
  • Creativity and innovation: Every new technology generates additional ideas and innovation. There are several niche markets available to UI/UX designers, allowing for innovation and creativity.

UI vs UX designer

UI design UX design
Visual design. Interaction design
Choose colors and typography. Charts with user pathways.
Mockups, graphics, and layout. Wireframes, prototypes, and research.
  • Creating a product that people enjoy often involves both excellent UI and great UX. For example, you can create a banking app that looks nice and is easy to use (UI). It doesn’t matter how wonderful the software looks if it takes too long to load or takes you to go through several panels to transfer money (UX). Most probably, you won’t like to use it. Both UI and UX designers play critical roles in the product development process.
  • Your interests and goals will determine which you decide to pursue. User experience design can be a good fit for you if you enjoy solving issues, enjoy versatility, and are interested in technology. Consider a career in user interface design if you have a keen aesthetic sense and are a creative thinker. Both UI and UX design are high-paying and in-demand professions.

How do UI and UX design work with each other

  • Creating a product that people enjoy often involves both excellent UI and great UX. For example, you can create a banking app that looks nice and is easy to use (UI). It doesn’t matter how wonderful the software looks if it takes too long to load or takes you to go through several panels to transfer money (UX). Most probably, you won’t like to use it. Both UI and UX designers play critical roles in the product development process.
  • Your interests and goals will determine which you decide to pursue. User experience design can be a good fit for you if you enjoy solving issues, enjoy versatility, and are interested in technology. Consider a career in user interface design if you have a keen aesthetic sense and are a creative thinker. Both UI and UX design are high-paying and in-demand professions.
  • We’ve looked at the distinctions between UX and UI; now let’s look at how they work together. You may be thinking about which is more vital, but the truth is that they are both important!
  • As you can see, UX and UI work hand in hand, while there are thousands of instances of amazing products that lack one or the other, think how much more successful they could have been if they excelled in both. In today’s competitive industry, having both elements correctly are critical. Whether you want to be a UX designer or a UI designer, it’s helpful to understand both. Furthermore, successful products require the knowledge of both UX and UI designers. It particularly impacts UI designers in the must collaboration process
  • • Create and follow a style guide. This helps to achieve overall branding and visual language consistency.
  • • Establish and enhance methods for how the design team collaborates with other sections of the company.
  • • Conduct research and competitive analysis to have a deeper understanding of the target clients and the market in which the product will complete.

UI/UX designer roles and responsibilities

  • As previously mentioned, UI and UX designers perform separate responsibilities. They both require information from one another in order to fulfill their responsibilities. Considering:
  • UX designers concentrate on the user’s experience with a product. The goal is to create things that are useful, easy to use, and interesting to use. A UX designer’s common responsibilities may include
  • • Creating user identity for target customers.
  • • Designing prototypes and wireframes to fine-tune the appearance of the finished product.
  • • Building user journey maps to examine how a customer engages with a product.
  • • Working with stakeholders, user interface designers, and developers.
  • UI designers create the graphical sections of mobile applications, websites, and devices—the aspects a user directly interacts with. A UI designer strives to create visually appealing apps and websites that are also simple to use. A UI designer’s common responsibilities may include
  • • Selecting color combinations and typography.
  • • Arranging page layouts.
  • • Designing interactive components like scrollers, buttons, toggle switches, drop-down options, and text boxes.
  • • Generating significant wireframes and layouts to demonstrate how the final design will appear.
  • • Collaboration with developers to convert ideas into workable products.

Who does a UI/UX Designer work collaboratively with?

  • One of the advantages of working in UX/UI design is that you get to engage with a wide range of people while building digital products and services. There is enormous satisfaction in getting together with people of all skill sets and perspectives and delivering something wonderful together. The UI UX Designer works with Product Managers to collect and analyze user requirements.
  • Product managers are in charge of the strategy and roadmap, as well as the vision of the product. The roadmap is a strategy for where the product will go, and it is up to Product Managers to design and select features that will be included in the roadmap. Using storyboards, process flows, or sitemaps, they use their expertise to demonstrate design concepts. Additionally, they create widgets for tabs and menus in graphic user interfaces.

How do things function in UI design?

  • An application’s graphical layout, including buttons, display layout, animation, transitions, micro-interactions, and other elements, is referred to as its user interface (UI). UI, in short, is all about how things seem. The following formats are included in the UI design:
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI): How users interact with a system’s aesthetics and digital control panels is reflected in GUI design. The desktop of the computer is an example of a GUI.
  • Voice-controlled Interface (VUI): VUI design focuses on voice-based user interactions with systems. VUIs include digital personal assistants like Siri for iPhones and Bixby for Samsung mobile devices.
  • Gesture-based Interface: This is commonly utilized in virtual reality (VR) and other gesture-based designing contexts involving user participation in 3D space.

How do things work in UX Design?

  • The design of UX (User Experience) is concerned with how people interact with the technology. UX design covers logical navigation as well as how fluid and simple the experience is. In short, this sort of design promotes a positive user experience. Here are the basic steps to get an idea of the UX process
  • Interaction Design: It is concerned with how users can execute activities quickly and easily by utilizing a system’s interactive components (page transitions, animations, buttons, and so on).
  • User research: Conducting detailed research, collecting feedback and suggestions from new or current clients, understanding end-user demands, and making design choices based on these factors are all part of user research.
  • Information architecture: The arrangement of information and content that users require to complete their duties is referred to as information architecture. This requires a UX designer to comprehend the link between several sets of materials and present them in the clearest manner feasible.

Advanced Benefits at BTree

UI UX Training and Placement Support
Interview Preparation

Our placement team supports in interview preparation process and will also help you with technical readiness with access to questions material.

UI UX Career Sample Resume
Resume Buliding

BTree has created and re-write more than 300+ job-winning resumes and job cover letters for our learners at no additional cost driven by the course fees.

Recently Placed Candidates

Name: Vaishali

Role: Graphic designer

Company: Amazon


One of the most enjoyable moments of anyone’s professional life is working for an MNC. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with some of them. Let me share a few of my favorite moments. I’ve often wondered what my favorite work is for large MNCs. But because of my lack of confidence, I was turned down by big firms. My friend recommended the UI/UX course at BTree System because she knew it would help me achieve my ambition of being a graphic designer. I registered for the course, and it helped me first by boosting my confidence and then by providing mock interviews that helped me succeed in the interview.

Name: Sachin Nehete

Role: User Experience designer

Company :TCS


My goal was to get hired by a reputable organization with a positive brand image so I was worried and afraid that will I be able to accomplish my goal. I enrolled in this UI UX Certification with BTree Systems, and they assisted me with the interview and placement process and I was finally chosen to work as a User Experience designer at TCS. When I started working and had to deal with various project situations, the projects completed at BTree were quite helpful.

Name: Puja Sharma

Role: UX Researcher

Company :Accenture

Accenture Recently

I want to share my previous interview experience. I had two interviews, but I was never able to get above the technical phases. After enrolling in UI UX Certification Course, they provide three days of training to help us to ready for the interview. They accurately detail everything and share their experience, both of which helped me land my job at Accenture. I worked on a project that increased my success and assisted me in landing this position.

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FAQ for UI/UX course

Is UI/UX design worth learning?

  • It is worth it, UI UX design course is rising in demand as more and more firms establish themselves online. This course can help you become a professional designer and increase your job chances in top companies.

Who should enroll in this UI/UX design course?

  • Anyone with a Bachelor’s degree is eligible.
  • Web Designers/ developers.
  • Product Designers
  • Anyone interested in pursuing a career in UI/UX Design

What types of training are available for this UI and UX Design Course?

  • This UI UX designer course is available in both Online& offline Training, it will not affect your real-life schedule in this way. On the other hand, it is beneficial for beginners who want to pursue a career in UI/UX design course.

Where can I schedule a free demo session?

  • You can reach us at +91 7397396665, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What if I miss the class?

  • BTree Systems provides recordings of each lesson, which you can study as needed before the next session. BTree Systems’ Flexi-pass offers you access to all or any classes for 90 days, allowing you to schedule sessions at your convenience.

What are the available payment options?

  • Payments for both online and classroom training can be made using the options mentioned below, and you will automatically receive an email receipt.
  • Visa/Mastercard Debit Card
  • Online Banking
  • Paytm, PhonePe, and Google Pay
  • Cash/Cheque (Not for Online Training)
  • EMI option is also available

Does the BTree system provide placement assistance after completing a course?

  • Definitely yes, we provide all of our students with placement assistance. strong relationships with over 500+ Top MNCs, like Amazon, HCL, Wipro, Accenture, Microsoft, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, etc. We also offer soft-skill support to boost students’ confidence by arranging mock interviews and group discussions.

In 2022–2023, would UI UX design still be a beneficial career path?

  • Yes, it is a beneficial career option in 2022-2023. Customers and businesses are both becoming digital. One of the most in-demand skills right now is UI/UX! There is a growing need for UX designers. One of the top 50 careers to have in 2022 was UX design. The need for UI/UX designers is constantly increasing. As a result, the need for UI UX designers and related experts is likely to skyrocket in the future years.

How long will the certificate be valid?

  • You will receive a course completion certificate from BTree Systems that is valid for lifelong after you have completed this UI/UX design training in Chennai.

What types of projects are a part of this training?

  • As part of the training program, BTree provides you with the most recent, useful, and high-value real-world projects. You can put the knowledge you have gained into a real-world business. This course includes a variety of projects that put your knowledge, practical experience, and learning to the test, preparing you for the workplace.
  • In the fields of high technology, e-commerce, marketing, sales, networking, etc., you will work on really fascinating projects. After completing the projects, your abilities will be equal to six months of demanding industry experience.
UI UX Interview Questions

BTree Students Reviews

Azure DevOPs Student Imran shares his Experience at BTree Systems

Aws Student SaiNath shares his Experience at BTree Systems

Python Full Stack Development Student Dilli Babu shares his Experience at BTree Systems

Testimonial Reviews

On the advice of a friend, I’ve enrolled at BTree Systems for ui ux designer course in Chennai. All the requirements of the market were included in the training program. The Trainers’ technologies were also quite effective. All of my questions would be expertly clarified by my trainer. Without a doubt, I’ll tell my other friends about this learning resource as well. My overall experience here was amazing. My trainer was approachable. He was genuinely polite and was easy-going enough to clear all of our concerns. In addition, the entire syllabus was covered during the training hours. My sincere thanks to my instructor. I am happy that I chose the best institute for ui ux Certification Training!
Vilvam Kumar
I had a great time at Btree during my UI/UX design training. All topics listed in the course curriculum were covered within the course time. We developed a deep understanding of fundamentals. My trainer was so patient that I could ask about my concerns more than once and still get them resolved. In addition, the support team is now assisting me with my placement process. Choosing Btree Systems for training was a wise move for me.
The best atmosphere and the most organized staff will be provided at BTree Systems. They offer a 100% training and placement institute in and around Chennai. It has provided flexible scheduling work and is associated with specific features that uplift them to stay ahead. I’d want to thank our batch trainers for their help and efforts. I liked UI/UX course training and want to thank every staff member of BTree for making my learning experience special.
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