We at BTree Systems provide the best Ui Path training in Chennai. Ui Path is a RPA tool that can train thousands of robots at the same time. It employs artificial intelligence-AI robotic manager that reduces automation costs. It is a technology tool that is designed for faster developments and come up with quick ROI.
At Btree Sysytems in Chennai, Adyar, we are committed to expert training at affordable cost. Our course is neatly structured to provide advanced proficiency for a beginner.

About the Course

What is Ui Path?
Ui Path is an internationally acclaimed software company that is involved in developing platforms for Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It has developed a tool in the same name for Windows desktop automation. It is the most popular among RPA tools. It helps in automating repeated tasks without the human intervention.
This RPA tool supports different types of users through its various editions. It comes with a easy to use drag and drop user interface. It comes with active community which is helpful in resolving issues. Various editions of Ui Path are Community Cloud, Enterprise Server, Studio and Enterprise Cloud.
It is easy to learn and robots can be created using this tool instinctively. It possesses a huge and vast library. It consists of hundreds of pre-built drag and drop actions. It comes with a centralized server in which we can store and encrypt credentials. Hence it is a safe tool to be used.

Benefits of RPA Ui Path

  • It is considered to be one of the fastest RPA tools currently. It employs robots to complete the tasks and can work four to five times faster than any other RPA tools.
  • It helps in scheduling the automation process. The organization employing Ui Path can complete the prioritized tasks within the deadline and thus can improve and enhance its efficiency.
  • It has to its credit the feature of multi-tenancy. This means companies can use same instance of Ui Path globally.
  • It uses an RPA platform that is designed for individual enterprise. Hence it offers both attended and unattended automation.

Airbus, HP, NASA, DHL and Autodesk are some of the companies that use this RPA tool.

Why Ui Path Certification in Chennai at BTree Systems?

BTree Systems provides Ui Path certification in Chennai at an affordable cost. Ui Path RPA Associate Certification and Ui Path Advanced RPA Developer Certification are the two certifications by Ui Path Certified Professional. We at BTree Systems provide training for these certifications.

All-inclusive course content

The syllabus is devised such that any student from a programming background would be able to successfully complete the course. Further every detailing has been added to our course. And the same is trained both theoretically and practically in a manner which is beneficial to the aspirants.

Professional Trainers

At BTree Systems our trainers are certified and dedicated to training. They come with ten plus years of experience in the IT industry. They are certified professionals who are efficient in teaching too.
There are thirty course hours and fifteen assignment hours.

Additional Services

The students will be provided the course content and globally recognized certifications once they complete the course. In addition to that we provide the services which include preparation of Resume, training for interviews, placement assistance along with industry exposure.

The Cost

At BTree Systems we charge modest course fees suited to all. The fee could be paid in installments. The cost we charge is industry compliant and is affordable.

Significance of Ui Path Certification

The certification is designed to assess the candidate’s skill in process, problem solving and knowledge in Ui Path Platform components.
The industry leading Ui Path certification helps you deliver high-value and impactful solutions in the RPA sector. By obtaining this certification for Ui Path developer from Associate to Advance the aspirants will be able to develop simple to complex robotic process automation solutions.
Ui RPA – is the associate certification while Ui ARD – is the advance certification conducted by the Ui Path.

Ui Path Training Classes

  • BTree Systems is an institute where we value your time and money.
  • Both week days and week end batches are available at our institute to suit your hectic schedule. And we are also flexible in our timings.
  • We conduct group classes for individuals and corporates.
  • There are also live online classes on request. This would be more convenient as the aspirants can clarify their doubts as and when it arises.
  • We also conduct courses in fast track. Aspirants with time constraints can utilize it.

After the completion of the course the aspirants can carry:
1. Industry leading Certificate
2. Full Course Materials
3. Free tools with life time access
4. The completed Project to add to your Resume and
5. Practical exposure to the industry

Ui Path Training cost

Any course in BTree Systems is affordable by everyone at reasonable cost. Our charges are based on the industry standards. And our aim is to provide the best coaching at fair prices.

Ui Path Course Highlights

  • Students can learn advanced programs, get hands-on experience in live projects and gain practical industry exposure.
  • Students are mentored by dedicated, certified and experienced trainers throughout the course.
  • Aspirants will go through both theoretical and practical sessions.
  • Thorough guidance is provided for Ui Path Developer Certification.
  • Advanced concepts and Comprehensive course structure that is been designed by the industry experts who are highly experienced.
  • Batch timings are flexible with weekdays and weekend classes.

Who can take up this course?

It is estimated that by the end of 2020, 40 per cent of the companies would have adopted an RPA tool and the job market for Ui Path is estimated to grow by $1 billion. Hence IT professionals, Application developers, RPA Developers and Support Representatives can take up this course for further progress in their career. Students, fresh graduates can also take up this course for better jobs in the industry.

Pre-requisite for this course

Anyone in their basic level of programming language and with reasonable logical and reasoning ability is eligible to join this course.

Ui Path Certification Career Opportunities

This age is the era of technology where every operation is getting automated. Hence there is a great demand for robotic process automation based jobs. Ui Path is an emerging technology and it is not just the technological organizations that employ Ui Path developers but irrespective of it, almost all organizations ranging from Healthcare, Security, Finance, telecommunications to e-commerce employ Ui Path certified candidates.
After the student completes the Ui Path certification he/she can become a Ui Path developer – 75% job openings are available, RPA Process Analyst, RPA Ui Path Lead, Automation Engineer, Ui Path Solution Architect – 15% job openings are available and for Senior RPA Ui Path Developer – 20% of job openings are available.
Accenture, Collabera Technologies, IBM India, TechMahindra and CapGemini are some of the companies that provide placements for Ui Path developers.
The pay for Ui Path trained candidates is 3.5 lakhs to 4 lakhs per annum for freshers and 4.5lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum for experienced in India.

BTREE SYSTEM – Key Features

Training from
Industrial Experts

Training from
Industrial Experts

Training from
Industrial Experts

Training from
Industrial Experts

Training from
Industrial Experts

Training from
Industrial Experts

Objectives of Ui Path Training at BTree Systems in Chennai

  • To be conversant in RPA works and its components.
  • To gain complete theoretical and practical knowledge in Ui Path Studio and orchestrator.
  • To design automation strategy using queues, bots and orchestrator.
  • To design front-end and back-end bots.
  • To make the aspirants practically ready to fix and solve any issues.

Section 1: Introduction to RPA

  • What is RPA?
  • Explanation of RPA Tools
  • Future Scope of RPA
  • UIPATH – a leading RPA tool

Section 2: Details of User Interface

  • Gaining knowledge in the Ribbon
  • How to use the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Basics of Workflow Designer
  • Concepts of Main Panel
  • Concepts of Activities Panel
  • Concepts of Library Panel
  • Getting to know the Project Panel
  • Getting to know the Outline Panel
  • Details on Output Panel
  • Working on Project Panel

Section 3: Types of Workflow

  • Flowchart and its types
  • What is Sequence?
  • How to use the State Machine?

Section 4: The different types of Variables

  • What is a Generic variable?
  • What is a Text variable?
  • What is a Number variable?
  • What is a Boolean variable?
  • What is an Array variable?
  • The different Date and Time variable
  • Knowing the Data Table in detail

Section 5: Introduction to Recording

  • Definition of Recording
  • Various types of Recording
  • Basics of Recording
  • Managing the Desktop
  • Managing the Web
  • Handling the Citrix

Section 6: What are Control Flow Activities – in detail

  • What is an Assign Activity?
  • Delay Activity and its functions
  • While Activity and its functions
  • Do While Activity and its uses
  • If Activity and its uses
  • Working with Switch Activity
  • Working with For Each Activity
  • What is a Break Activity?

Section 7: The different Input and Output Methods – in detail

  • What are the different Input Methods?
  • What is Default?
  • How to Send Window Messages?
  • How to Simulate Type/Click
  • What are the Output Methods/Screen Scraping?
  • What is Full Text?
  • Definition of Native
  • Definition of OCR
  • Uses of Microsoft OCR
  • Functions of Google OCR

Section 8: The Selectors and its types

  • How to get Simple Selectors?
  • How to generate Dynamic Selectors?
  • How to pass Variables in Selectors?

Section 9: Data Scraping in detail

  • How to extract the structured data from web page to Excel sheet or CSV file?

Section 10: Excel and PDF Automation – An Introduction

  • How to Read and Work with rows of Excel?
  • Doing Looping in Excel
  • How to write in Excel?
  • How to work with PDF files?

Section 11: Handling Email Automation

  • Managing Outlook Email Activity
  • Handling IMAP Mail Activity
  • How to get a POP3 Mail Message?
  • How to handle Exchange Mail Activity?

Section 12: Managing the Orchestrator

  • What is a Dashboard?
  • What are Robots?
  • What are Processes?
  • The concept of Jobs
  • The concept of Queues
  • Learning Schedules in detail
  • Handling Transaction


Why should I join BTree Systems?

BTree Systems is an institute where we train candidates for IT and Software courses. We provide the students with the required infrastructure. We at BTree systems are equipped with all kinds of infrastructure and expert trainers who possess rich experience. Our trainers are accomplished IT experts. We provide methodical training, certification guidance and job assistance all at affordable fees. Click Here to know more.

How many students have been trained so far?

BTree Systems have trained hundreds of students so far. All of them have been placed in leading MNCs with handsome salary.

Can I meet the trainer before joining the course?

Yes, we encourage the candidates to meet the trainer before joining the course. You can also book a free demo class at the time of enquiry.

What if I miss a session?

If a candidate misses a session he /she can attend that particular class in any other batch. Or we’ll reschedule that particular class on some other day according to your convenience.

Is there any pre-requisite for this course?

A basic knowledge in programming is required for this course. Anybody with this pre-requisite can learn the course. Click Here for pre-requisites.

Is Ui Path tool provided with the course?

Yes. The Ui Path tool is provided with life time access.

Is the Ui Path course tough to learn?

The Ui Path course is not difficult to learn. With basic knowledge in programming the course should be easy for those who are interested.

What would be my level of proficiency in the subject after course completion?

After the completion of the course you can attempt for the certification exams. Our trainers help you clear the exams with high percentages. Thus you can be confident of gaining a high level of proficiency based on the exam you appear for. The level can range from Associate to Advanced.

What are the job opportunities for me after I complete the course?

There is a greater demand for the Ui Path certified developers. After completing the course successfully candidates can get placements in top paying MNCs and organizations. Click Here for job opportunities.

Will I be supported with placements?

Yes. BTree Systems is equipped with job referral programs. Through the programs we provide placement support for the candidates who have successfully completed their training with us.

What is the mode of payment for the fees?

Fee payments could be made by installments for particular courses through cash, cheques and bank transfers.

Ui Path Interview Questions

  • What is RPA?

RPA is automation where a system does a human action by completing rule based tasks. Automating the business process through a robot is called RPA.

  • What are the four phases of RPA life cycle?

The four phases are: Analysis, Bot development, Testing, Deployment and maintenance.

  • What are the types of work flows in Ui Path?

Sequences, flowchart and state machine are the three types of work flows in Ui path.
Sequences – will help switching between the activities seamlessly and is a small type of project suitable for linear processes.
Flow Chart – helps building complex businesses, connects activities in more than one way and helps presenting multiple branching of logical operators.
State Machine – During execution, when a machine uses certain number of states for automation it is called state machine. When an action is triggered it switches from one state to another.

  • Mention the difference between attended and unattended bots.

Attended bots – It is usually triggered by the user through user events and works on the same workstation like a human user. Processes can only be started from a robot tray and cannot be done using orchestrator. They cannot run under a locked screen.
Unattended bots – It is responsible for remote execution, scheduling, monitoring and providing support for work queues. Apart from possessing the capabilities of attended bots it can automate any number of processes.

  • Tell the difference between test automation and process automation.

Test Automation – It is the automation for testing purpose of an application. It is used to get the pass/fail results of the tests.
Process Automation – Automating a process without human intervention is called Process Automation.

  • Define Package manager in Ui Path.

It is the functionality that enables the user to download libraries, frameworks, activity packages, wrappers etc. These features are available in the manage packages window.

  • Explain how to automate database?

First install Ui Path.database activity from manage package. In the activity properties provide all the details of the database you use.

  • Tell the difference between thin and thick client?

Thick Client – refers to the automation tasks done on desktop applications.
Thin Client – refers to automation tasks done on a browser.

  • Emulate the differences between switch and flow switch in Ui Path.

The Switch activity has a dictionary of cases and an expression. It evaluates the expression and compares it with the list of activities and its associated keys to find a match.
The flow switch activity works similar to a flow decision except the restriction for the true and false branch. Each arm of a flow switch activity is called a flow step.

  • Define exception handling in Ui Path.

It is the error handling action in Ui Path. The activity offers four options that are Try catch, Rethrow, Terminate work flow and Throw.

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