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This Azure Data Engineering Training in Chennai at BTree will help you in developing your career in data engineering. We are recognized as the market lead in providing the best Microsoft data engineer certification in Chennai. This AZ DP 203 course will help you to advance in your cloud computing profession by certifying you as an azure data engineer. Our Azure data engineering syllabus covers both basic and advanced features of virtualization, developing and building data storage, automation, networking, data processing pipelines, storage, identity, security, data platform, data factory, and many more industry-relevant use cases.

You will master important data engineering skills in a high-engagement learning environment with this Microsoft Data Engineer certification in Chennai. Learn Azure data engineering course in Chennai from the top Microsoft-certified data factory professionals. Before enrolling in our azure data engineering training in Chennai, attend our free demo class and get free career counselling.

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Tools and languages covered

  • Big Data ToolBig Data
  • Spark ToolSpark
  • HiveHive
  • Databricks ToolDatabricks
  • Delta Lake ToolDelta Lake

Overview of Azure DP-203 Certification in Chennai

You will explore the different data platform available technologies and how a Data Engineer can use these technologies to benefit a business in this Azure data engineer career. Data has evolved, and the development of cloud technology has given firms new possibilities to explore. This Azure data engineer course will provide you with the knowledge and skill sets for the Az DP 203 Certification as well as prepare you for the DP 203 Data Engineering exam.

This Microsoft Azure data engineer certification program is designed for people who wish to advance their careers as Azure Data Engineers. This also includes real-time industrial use cases and project work to provide you with hands-on experience with data factory and data lakes, as well as how to implement them in applicable software pipelines. Master Az DP 203 course at BTree and get a globally recognized Microsoft azure data engineer associate certification.

  • An Azure Data Engineer is an expert who designs and implements data management, analytics, privacy, and security utilizing the whole stack of Azure data services to meet an organization's business goals which you will learn in this azure data engineering course in Chennai.
  • The holder of the Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer associate certification is responsible for the entire architecture of the data flow while designing, constructing, maintaining, and troubleshooting data pipelines that transfer data from its source to the proper storage place and make it accessible for analysis and reporting, they collaborate with data architects and data scientists The azure data engineer certification in Chennai will provide real-world business exposure by covering all topics from the basic to the advanced level.
  • Overall, an Azure Data Engineer's work is critical for businesses that rely on data to drive business decisions since they are responsible for ensuring that data is appropriately collected, saved, and made accessible for analysis and reporting.
  • There are various reasons why a company may want to hire an Azure Data Engineer or why someone might take an azure data engineer certification in Chennai, such as:
  • High demand: As businesses depend more and more on data to make decisions, there is a significant need for experts who can design and implement data management systems. Microsoft claims that during the past year, the demand for the Azure Data Engineer course has surged by over 100%.
  • Future advancement: Azure data engineering certification in Chennai can help you progress to jobs like Data Architect or Data Scientist, which offer opportunities for professional progression.
  • Azure is the most popular cloud platform: An increasing number of businesses are choosing Azure data engineer training in Chennai, azure is a top cloud platform, to store and manage their data. As an Azure Data Engineer, you will get the chance to use cutting-edge tools and acquire useful expertise that is highly valued in the job market.
  • Job opportunities:Data engineering is a fast-developing sector with a significant need for talented individuals. One may pursue a rewarding career in the IT sector by enrolling in an azure data engineering certification training in Chennai and gaining the knowledge and skills required to work as an Azure Data Engineer.
  • Flexibility: The opportunity to choose a career path that fits their interests and goals is given to those with the Azure Data Engineer certification by their ability to work in a variety of industries. Also, they provide a wide range of employment options, including full-time, contract, and freelance opportunities.
  • Overall, enrolling in Azure Data Engineer training in Chennai may provide people with a rewarding career path in the field, one that offers great earning potential, chances for professional advancement, and the ability to work with cutting-edge technology in a flexible environment.

Azure Data Engineering Corporate Training

Enhance your employee’s skills with our learning programs and make your team productive.

Curriculum for Azure Data Engineering Course

  • What is big data
  • What is Spark
  • Spark and its architecture
  • Introduction to Databricks
  • Azure Databricks Architecture
  • Azure Databricks Main Concepts
  • Azure Free Account and Free Subscription For Azure Databricks
  • How to Create Databricks Community __ Azure Databricks
  • Creating and configuring clusters in Azure Databricks
  • How to create Databricks Cluster, Notebook & quick tour on notebook options
  • Azure Databricks Databases and Hive Tables
  • Azure Databricks Databases and Tables
  • dbutils commands on files, directories, notebooks and libraries
  • Databricks Variables, Widget Types, Databricks notebook parameters
  • Azure Databricks CLI Installation
  • Databricks CLI - DBFS, Libraries and Jobs
  • Read data from Blob Storage and Creating Blob mount point in Azure Databricks
  • Reading files from Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2
  • Azure Databricks __ Read CSV Files efficiently in Spark
  • Read TSV Files and PIPE Separated CSV Files
  • Read CSV Files with multiple delimiter
  • Read Parquet files from Data Lake Storage Gen2
  • Reading and Creating Partition files in Spark
  • Delta Lake implementation.
  • Azure Databricks capstone project.

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Trainers Profile of Azure Data Engineering Course in Chennai

  • Our trainers can give the participants comprehensive guidance in this azure data engineer certification training since they have a deep knowledge of data engineering principles, methods, and technologies as well as 15+ years of experience using them.
  • We provide the students in this Microsoft data engineering certification in Chennai with the ideal combination of 75% practical and 25% theoretical classes with real-world projects and real-world examples since our trainers firmly believe in the method of blended learning.
  • As part of the azure data engineering certification training in Chennai, the trainer will assist students in developing professional resumes and boosting their confidence by giving essential information and conducting mock interviews.
  • Before enrolling in the live azure data engineer certification in Chennai, you can sign up for a free live demo of the azure data engineer online training or live training and talk with our trainer.
  • Our trainers provide simple, clear explanations of azure data engineering principles in completing their projects and resolving any inquiries the student may have in learning their azure data engineer certification training.
Azure Data Engineer Certified Experts

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Months EMI

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Key Features of Azure Data Engineering Training

Real-Time Experts

Real-Time Experts

At BTree, you will receive training from real-world professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with students. Call us and Book your Seat Now!

Live Project

Live Project

We make sure that every student receives hands-on experience by working on live projects and real-world case studies, which increases their chances of getting hired.

Placement Support

Placement Support

We provide mock interview questions PDFs and guaranteed placement assistance. We have worked with small and medium-sized organizations to help you start your career.



Get a global certificate that will help you become ready for a job in a high-demand industry and will boost the value of your resume.

Affordable Fees

Affordable Fees

We offer courses at a very reasonable fee structure. The course fee at BTree is not only reasonable, but you can also pay in installments.



We provide flexible scheduling to ensure that our students are comfortable while taking the course. You can choose any time that works best for you.

Bonus Takeaways at BTree

Features of Azure Data Engineer Certification
  • For freshers and professionals, BTree provided both classroom live training and azure data engineer online training.
  • The azure data engineer certification path offered by BTree is the best since it complies with industry standards and internationally recognized Az 203 certifications.
  • We also provide free offline demos of our azure data engineer certification on the weekends, along with career counselling.
  • We provide the best Az DP 203 course in Chennai on Azure Data at a decent cost, enabling everyone to fulfil their dream of being a data engineer and giving you the most value for your money.
  • Half-payment and 3, 6, and 12-month EMI options for credit and debit cards are available during the azure data engineering certification training in Chennai.
  • Our placement team will assist you in getting an azure data engineer job at a big MNC when you successfully complete this data engineer course with our updated data engineering syllabus.

Azure Data Engineering Certification in Chennai

BTree provides the best azure data engineer certification training with Az DP 203 certification that is internationally recognized. Obtaining a Microsoft data engineer certification in Chennai certifies your expertise in developing and running data solutions on Azure, which can boost your job market reputation and employability.

Azure Data Engineer Certification training can help you develop your career by opening up new work options or qualifying you for advancements within your current firm.

The DP 203 course in Chennai aligns with above mentioned data engineering syllabus and assists you in landing the best azure data engineer job at the leading MNCs. Furthermore, we will get you ready to pass the exam with high grades. Overall, earning Btree’s Azure Data Engineer certification in Chennai may be a great investment in your career, giving you the skills, knowledge, and credentials you need to succeed as an Azure data engineer.

Azure Data Engineer Training Certificate

Azure Data Engineer Certification Options

Our ultimate aim is to bring the best in establishing the career growth of the students in each batch individually. To enhance and achieve this, we have highly experienced and certified trainers to extract the best knowledge on Azure Data Engineer Certification. Eventually, we offer three modes of training options for the students to impart their best innovations using the Azure Data Engineer & course skills. For more references and to choose a training mode, Contact our admission cell at 044 – 4560 5237

Azure Data Engineer Online Training

Online Training

  • 45+ hours of e-Learning
  • Work on live Azure Data Engineer tools
  • 3 mock tests (50 Questions Each)
  • Work on real-time industrial projects
  • Equipped online classes with flexible timings
  • 24×7 Trainers support & guidance

Azure Data Engineer Classroom Training

Self-Paced Training

  • 45+ hours of Azure Data Engineer classes
  • Access live tools and projects
  • 3 Mock exams with 50 Questions
  • Live project experience
  • Lifetime access to use labs
  • 24×7 Trainers & placement support

Azure Data Engineer Corporate Training

Corporate Training

  • 30 hours of immense corporate training
  • Support through our expert team
  • 3 Mock exams (60 questions each)
  • Work on real-time AZ DP-203 projects
  • Life-time support from our corporate trainers
  • 24×7 learner aid and provision

Placement Process

Resume Buliding
Resume Buliding

We have developed over 200+ resumes with the assistance of our experts at no additional cost, assisting our students in getting jobs at reputable firms.

Interview Questions PDF
Interview Questions PDF

Our placement team will assist you in the preparation of the interview as well as the technical process by providing you with the interview questions PDF.

Mock Interviews
Mock Interviews

We help students in developing the confidence they need to face an interview by giving relevant knowledge and mock interview sessions.

Job Portal Registration
Job Portal Registration

Our placement team brings opportunities by partnering with 20+ job portals to provide our students with their dream jobs in major MNCs.

Additional Information

  • • Azure Data Factory is a Microsoft Azure cloud-based data integration solution. It orchestrates and automates data transit and transformation from multiple sources to destinations. Data engineers can use Azure Data Factory to create, schedule, and manage data pipelines that move data from on-premises or cloud-based sources like SQL Server, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Lake Storage, Oracle, MongoDB, and others to destinations like Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, and a wide range of other databases.
  • • You can simply convert, clean, and improve your data using built-in activity or custom code by creating data transformation workflows in Azure Data Factory using a drag-and-drop interface. Also, you can utilize This data Factory to keep tabs on the condition of your pipelines and send out notifications when something goes wrong.
  • • In order to manage and organise the transfer of data across many systems and locations, Azure Data Factory is an important tool for Azure data engineering; learn more about it by enrolling in our azure data engineer certification in Chennai. This makes it simple to combine data from several sources into a single, centralised data platform for analysis and decision-making.
  • • Cloud and data engineers both help their companies by performing a range of duties. Their responsibilities are determined by the demands of their firm and the kind of engineering they do. For instance, a data engineer may carry out research to find the most effective methods for data storage and retrieval. They could then create databases that satisfy such demands.
  • • A cloud engineer may create cloud computing platforms for various business divisions. To make sure the systems continue to work, they also keep an eye on usage trends. Enroll in this Microsoft data engineering certification in Chennai to increase your worth and receive a credential equivalent to the Microsoft dp 203 certification. Data engineers are usually employed because their talents are more frequently needed in the organisation, even though both cloud engineers and data engineers need strong analytical capabilities to thrive in their roles.
  • • They spend a significant amount of their time analysing data sets to seek trends, patterns, and insights. Learn how to build robust ETL pipelines, analyze data at scale in the language of your choice, and do all of this inside a single, integrated experience in our azure data engineering certification training in Chennai.
  • • The need for azure data engineers in the market is already quite high and is anticipated to grow over the next several years. You can work as a data analyst and a data scientist in one position as an Azure data engineer. The management of massive volumes of data, which has become crucial to many firms, requires the assistance of data engineers.
  • • By enrolling in azure data engineer training in Chennai, you'll boost your commercial viability and increase your employment options. Companies need competent data engineers to build and manage data infrastructure, construct data pipelines, and guarantee data quality and security as a result of the growth of big data and the rising need for real-time insights.
  • • Moreover, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing's explosive expansion have opened up new opportunities for data engineers to assist businesses in using these technologies and integrating them into their data systems.
  • • The need for azure data engineers has been continuously robust over the last few years, according to numerous job market statistics, and job listings for data engineers have been rising dramatically year over year. The great demand for azure data engineers' expertise is shown in their relatively high salaries. In general, it is projected that there will continue to be a strong demand for individuals with the Azure Data Engineering course as more businesses use data-driven decision-making and look for new methods to leverage big.
  • Data engineering services are available from both Azure and Amazon, enabling companies to create, manage, and analyse their data in the cloud. Between Azure data engineering and Amazon data engineering, there are a few distinctions to consider:
  • Services provided: both systems provide a variety of data engineering services, including data processing, data storage, and data analytics. Azure, however, offers superior tool interaction with Microsoft products.
  • Pricing: Both platforms have complicated pricing plans for data engineering services, but generally, Azure is slightly more expensive than Amazon for some services.
  • User interface: Azure provides a more user-friendly interface that makes managing and deploying data engineering services easier. AWS, on the other hand, has the potential to be more sophisticated and can need higher technical knowledge.
  • Security: Both platforms have robust safety features in place.
  • Azure provides both PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Azure is a highly powerful service because of its parent company. Microsoft provides infrastructure support on a level with a few other companies. Overall, Azure data engineering is projected to increase in the future years as more organisations embrace cloud-based solutions for their data storage and processing needs, the growth of Azure data engineering is anticipated to continue in the years to come. Having Microsoft data engineer certification in Chennai can help you advance your career.
  • The following is a list of the responsibilities that data engineers are supposed to perform:
  • Working on the data architecture: They plan, develop, and manage data structures systematically while also keeping them in line with business needs.
  • Collecting data: The correct data must be collected from the appropriate sources before they can start working on the database. After developing a set of methods, data engineers save the processed datasets.
  • Automate Workflows: Data engineers examine the data to discover processes that can be automated to eliminate the need for manual interference.
  • Perform Industry Research: Data engineers do industry research to solve any problems that can come up when solving a business challenge.
  • Develop Your Skills: Data engineers do not rely just on abstract database theory. Regardless of the programming language they use, they must possess the skills and expertise to function in any development environment. They also need to keep updated on machine learning and associated techniques, such as k-means, decision trees, and random forests.
  • Model Building and Pattern Recognition: To extract historical insights from data aggregation, data engineers use an advanced statistical model. Moreover, they create predictive models where they use forecasting methods to learn about the future and get insights that may be put to use.
  • • The database, which might be SQL Server, Oracle DB, MySQL, Excel, or any other data storage or processing software, is one of the many sources of data that data engineers extract and collect. In order to make this data valuable and help other departments like marketing, sales, finance, and others increase productivity, they then apply algorithms to it.
  • • An organization's analytics are under the control of data engineers. Your data is given velocity by azure data engineers which you will get to learn in this azure data engineer certification in Chennai. Companies struggle to reliably predict indicators like fraud, attrition, and client retention at the moment. Data engineers, for instance, may assist an e-commerce company in determining which of its items will be in more demand in the future. Similarly to that, it can enable them to target various buyer personas and provide their clients with more specialist services.
  • • Az 203 certification can handle and use big data as the world changes it to provide precise forecasts. azure Data engineers may enhance machine learning and data models by offering tightly controlled data pipelines.
  • • The DP-203 certification is a Microsoft credential that attests to a person's proficiency in developing and carrying out data solutions using Azure Data Services. Data engineers, data architects, and developers who create and build data solutions utilizing Azure services like Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Azure Blob Storage are the target audience for the certification.
  • • Candidates who pass the Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate certification exam will receive the DP-203 credential, which acknowledges their knowledge and abilities in developing and executing data solutions using Azure services. Enrolling in this azure data engineer certification in Chennai will help you master the subject and prepare for the Az 203 certification test. All test subjects, including data storage, processing, integration, security, and monitoring and optimization of data solutions, are covered in our azure data engineering course in Chennai.
  • • Data professionals can show that they are skilled at managing Azure Data Services to build and deploy scalable, dependable, and secure data solutions by achieving azure data certification in Chennai along with dp 203 certification. This azure data engineer certification training will boost a person's professional advancement and job market competitiveness.
  • • The growing requirement of organizations to analyze and manage massive amounts of data has resulted in a rise in enrollment for azure data engineering courses in Chennai. Even during the epidemic, azure data engineers were paid well. A data engineer is a professional who is in charge of planning, developing, and managing data infrastructure. They are in charge of making sure that data is dependable, secure, and accessible.
  • • The pay of a data engineer depends on their qualifications and experience. The average azure data engineer salary in India is 6.5 lakh rupees per year. The salary of the senior data engineer might be considerably higher. The range, however, might change from 4.3 lakhs to 15.0 lakhs yearly. An intermediate data engineer in India with 4–9 years of experience may anticipate receiving a salary of ₹13,20,000 per year.
  • • An advanced or senior data engineer with 10 to 20 years of work experience makes an average compensation of ₹21,40,00 per year. It's important to understand that a variety of factors affect how much a data science engineer makes. Skills, experience, work function, firm, and even location are among the important factors. The pay for a data engineer will thus vary depending on these criteria.
  • It is helpful to have a fundamental knowledge of some important concepts, which you can acquire in this course of Az DP Azure data engineer certification in Chennai, in order to comprehend the concepts of Microsoft Azure Data Engineering. Following is a list of the features provided by Microsoft Azure Data Engineering:
  • Data warehouse: It can be used by a company to support the company’s decision-making by collecting and evaluating vast amounts of business data Microsoft Azure, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and other instances of data warehouses are just a few that are currently in use.
  • ETL: Data extraction, transformation, and importing are all parts of the ETL procedure. It is the key procedure for data replication. Data is extracted from different sources and staged as part of the ETL procedure.
  • Data Monitoring: Data engineers must make sure that information moves consistently and effectively from source to location. Data monitoring is the term for this.
  • Security and privacy: At each step of the ETL procedure, the data must be secured against exposure and breaches. Data Protection is the term for it. It is a crucial prerequisite for the ETL procedure.
  • Deployment: Reports, logs, and other data are introduced into a platform during distribution so that they can be evaluated in an organized way for useful insights.
  • Analytics: Data visualization techniques used in data analytics include graphs, bar charts, pie charts, and histograms. Based on this knowledge, businesses can then make effective decisions.
Azure Data Engineer certification Career Opportunities

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I was working as a Cloud Data Engineer at a small firm when I came to know about this azure data engineering course in Chennai from a relative who was working in a huge MNC and earning a lot of money. I recall attending a demo session and feeling nervous and anxious, but after enrolling in this Microsoft data engineer certification in Chennai, my confidence improved. They not only focus on the data engineering syllabus, but they also ensure that we pass the interview, get placed, and achieve our dream job. I am quite pleased and would recommend it to everyone.

Azure Data Analyst Associate



I’m glad I took the azure data engineering certification training since it enabled me to apply for a position as an associate data engineer at HCL. Everything I learnt at BTree throughout this az dp azure data engineer training in Chennai was valuable, from mock interviews to projects that I performed during the course that benefited me when I joined the firm and started working. This Microsoft data engineer certification in Chennai has given me such a solid understanding of the subject that I am confident that I will easily pass the Az DP 203 certification exam. I appreciate my trainer and the BTree system for providing the finest azure data engineer certification in Chennai.

Associate Data Engineer



Hello, my name is Nivedeeta, and I’d want to share my experience with BTree since I am grateful to them for assisting me during my Az 203 certification in Chennai. I was a student when I joined this adf certification course, and as a result, I had to alter timings so frequently, but they understood my situation and gave me flexible scheduling as well as recorded videos. I am grateful to my trainer for always being positive and encouraging. The placement staff assisted me with my placements and resume development. I also receive soft skill training from my trainer in addition to the dp 203 courses in Chennai. Thank you BTree for giving the best azure data engineering training in Chennai with placement.

Azure Data Engineer

Nivedita Dutta

Azure Data Engineer Career Opportunities

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FAQs for Azure Data Engineering Certification in Chennai

  • As long as there is data to handle, demand for azure dp 203 data engineers will be strong. Enrolling in the azure data engineering course in Chennai will undoubtedly help your career take off since, according to Dice Insights, data engineering was the latest trending career in the technology market in 2019, beating out computer programmers, web designers, and database architects.
  • Undoubtedly yes, we work closely with several big global companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, HCL, Tech Mahindra, Honeywell, Adobe, Deloitte, Google, Wipro, and Mphasis. For every course offered at our institution, a dedicated placement support staff is available. Our staff also provides assistance to students with their job site profiles and resumes so they may stand out from the rest of the applicants.
  • BTree provides the Azure data engineer certification in Chennai, which is equal to passing the Microsoft Azure DP 203 certification exam. You will be given all the knowledge and abilities necessary to perform Big Data Engineering on Microsoft Cloud Services after completing this azure certified data engineer training. With the help of this Microsoft azure certification data engineer course, you'll be able to handle more responsibility in the Azure administration field and get the azure DP 203 certification in Chennai.
  • In order to work as a Data Engineer, no special college degree is needed. A bachelor's or master's degree in mathematics, computer science, applied physics, statistics or any other related degree. Even if you don't have the required educational qualifications, our Data Engineer course will help you get started in your profession.
  • BTree offers you the most recent, beneficial, and worthwhile real-world projects as part of the azure dp 203 certification in Chennai. These projects include designing a data solution architecture that collects data from IoT devices and analyses it using technologies, creating a data framework that supports mobile and web apps using the Azure Cosmos DB multi-master replication prototype, and many more as projects are included in this azure data engineering training in Chennai.
  • You can reach us via phone at +91 7397396665, email at, or live chat on any course particular page to learn more about the Azure Data Engineer training in Chennai. Our customer support staff can answer your questions regarding the azure dp 203 certification.
  • At the moment, azure dp 203 data engineer talents are in demand. You could meet the requirements for positions as a data engineer, manager of a data warehouse, database administrator, business intelligence analyst, or even a data architect. Sign up for the Azure Data Engineering course in Chennai by taking the first step.
  • The available payment methods are mentioned below. An email confirmation will be sent to you immediately after you pay the registration fees for azure data engineer online training or live training. Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, cash or check, online banking, a Master card, a debit card, a credit card, or an EMI option are all options of payment methods.
  • After successfully completing this azure data engineer certification in Chennai, BTree Systems will provide you with a lifetime azure dp 203 certification.
  • Each small batch of azure data engineer online training is limited to 20–25 students. There is also the alternative for learners to study alone rather than in a batch or group.
FAQ on Azure Data Engineer certification Interview Questions

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434 reviews
I recently took an excellent Azure administration course. I want to thank my trainer for helping with CV preparation and providing interview tips. Everything he taught was practical. We appreciate Btree systems providing a skilled professional trainer. I am really pleased with the top quality of your training services.
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I chose BTree Systems for my Python for Data Science course because I was impressed by their vast curriculums. The best academic course I have taken was this one. I currently earn an excellent wage as a Junior Data Engineer at a multinational company. I’m glad I went to the training, and the instructors were excellent.
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Hadoop courses and training are not difficult to learn. If you find a Best Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai like BTree Systems in Chennai.
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I have done big Data Hadoop course in Btree systems. The coaching was so good and completely hands on. Faculty is very good and technically very strong. Best part is, they have trained with many real-time use cases and completed the course with a demo project. I will strongly recommend Btree Systems.
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